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Alendronic Acid

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  • sue94147 1

    Risedronate & Lansoprazole

    Hi, I broke my femur in Novemember & after various test told I have osteoporosis of the hip.  I've been taking medication to get my Vitamin D Levels up & now been prescribed the above.  As I had a duodenal ulcer years ago & peridicaly took zantac I am worried about side effects of the above.  A

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  • kath84594 2

    Stomach pain

    I started taking Alendronic acid on Saturday as have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Nearly 48 hours later I'm suffering with chronic stomach pain is this a normal side effect? Please help

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  • kathleen65757 6

    Vitamin K2

    On TV today in Australia a German professor came on and talked about how we cannot get sufficient of this vitamin any more. We would have to eat a kilogram of old cheese every day to fulfill our daily requirements of vitamin K2. The benefits are impressive. Not only does this vitamin aim the

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  • jean5419 2

    Been prescribed Alendronic acid 70mg

    I am 62, had an early menopause (started age 34).  Have had 'disc' operations, suffer with arthritis and osteoporosis.  My lastest bone scan showed a significant increase in loss of bone density, especially in my legs.  My GP prescribed AA 5 weeks ago but I have been frightened to take it after

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  • kathleen65757 6

    Should we be doing our own research?

    We should ask questions. We should work with our doctors to achieve the best health outcomes for us. We would not knowingly do something that is harmful to us yet we trust that a drug will do no harm. But some drugs do harm. We need to weigh up the risks versus the benefits. What is right for one

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  • anne64773 2

    Is there a herbal or natural alternative to alendronic acid

    I have been taking Alendronic Acid for 2 years after breaking my femur and was diagnosed with Osteoporosis, I know drugs have side effects but I was not told about coming off them and the effects, getting some problems with it and would love a herbal or natural alternative I am 65 soon. My recent

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  • kathleen65757 6

    Is osteoporosis actually without symptoms?

    I have felt some weakness in my back. I tire easily and have to rest after standing in particular. There are other issues with my back such as bulging discs, mild scoliosis and arthritis.  I am walking with rests and I am at 15 to 20 minutes daily weather permitting.  Comments welcome from people

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  • Victoria1959 2

    From Victoria

    Just had a prompt form the Patient Summary folks saying the forum has been quiet.  Trust that is good news. Well, four and a bit months off AA and with the few days of relatively Springish weather (that in the UK Anhaga), was thinking the long winter might have been a mini SAD episode.  I'm off to

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  • Victoria1959 2

    Victoria - Update - Some News

    I hope everyone is doing the best they can. Wrenched my back again, shifting sofa so I could change the throws, tunr the cushions etc.  Good job, but lower back didn't like it!  Not as bad as last time, but hot water bottle in order. Met up with a family friend, I went to her house, she lives

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  • jane 07218 1

    PMR and vitamin d deficiency

    i have been diagnose with the above after having painful legs etc. I am on 15mg of prednisolone and also alendronic acid. I had a call from my doctor saying I should go to the dentist before taking any more. I started to look into side effects and am now worried about taking it. I have not had a

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  • Victoria1959 2

    Personal Independence Payment

    Last year, went to Council Offices to talk about tax, I was really not at all well or with it (I have explained on the Alendronic Acid discussions the side effects I had), the council worker I spoke to said 'you should apply for PIP'.  So I did, and was refused. The letter informing me of this was

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  • karen01345 2

    Sore throat, congestion, tinnitus for 4 weeks on alendronate

    I've been on alendronate for osteoporosis for 8 weeks now -- about 4 weeks ago I started with a stuffy nose, sore throat, shakiness and figured I had the flu.  But the sore throat and stuffy nose and some tinnitus has now been going on for 4 weeks -- it could just be a long running cold but has

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  • Kitty6264 2

    Off the Alendronic acid!

    Started this medication in October 2016, December stated to feel unwell - light headed to the point of stopping driving, diarrhea, stye in my eye on two separate occasions. A week after stopping the effects disappeared. I am waiting on a appointment to see the bone consultant - God knows what I

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  • fern 2


    Can anyone give me info on the above named drug? I was recently diagnosed with Osteoporosis and attended a referral clinic yesterday. The doctor recommends I take a 5mg dose intravenously yearly for the next three years. I suffer from COPD and acid reflux so I feel I am on enough daily medication

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  • Guest M

    Alendronic Acid and side effects - useful reading

    Thought it may be of help to get matters in perspective. Do look at the site at **** on bonehealth and osteoporosis. Wish I had read more before I started taking the drug. I have now stopped it, convinced that my joint and tendon problems, racing heart and general and increasing awful feelings of

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  • Victoria1959 2

    Alendronic Acid

    Dear all, just to let you know, 6 weeks off the tablets.  Hesitant to advise, I have swapped cow /dairy milk for alternatives, like coconut, or almond milk.  Anyhow, here's something hopefully raise a smile or two.  Did you hear about the magic tractor?  It went down the lane and turned into a field.

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  • josh36969 1

    Esophagus burning and taking Fosamax as directed, what should I do?

    My mom is taking Fosamax , she is taking it exactly as directed and is still getting terriible burning in her esophagus. She is really suffering. She says there are no alternative medications she can switch to. Are there any remedys she can take to help ease the burning in her esophagus? Supplements,...

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  • denise101 1

    Worries about alendronic acid

    Hi everyone.I am new to this forum.I started taking Alendronic acid for the first time yesterday.I have had a bone density scan which shows i have oesteoporosis.I am 59 years old,considered myself quite fit until last June,I have read the side effects of these tablets and what other people have put

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  • Victoria1959 2

    Alendronic Acid and Osteoporosis

    I've been following this discussion for a few weeks.  A lot of people seem to tolerate Alendronic Acid fairly well, obviously people writing here don't.  Can I suggest that people reading this post contact the National Osteoporosis Society?  They have sent me a useful lot of information.  I am

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  • angela192 3

    Monthly tablet

    Been prescribed Ibandronic Acid, once monthly.  As I have to take other medication first thing in the morning for blood pressure, taking this drug is a bit of a pain and am wondering is there any food you can eat that helps osteoporosis ?   I take Vitamin D every day and magnesium and I have

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  • sherry29159 3

    Anyone on the AA which is given annually?

    I started on the tablets but didn't like the rigmarole involved taking them. My rheumy doc suggested I take the equivalent drug by an infusion done annually. I had this about 4 months ago and all seems fine. But I have suddenly started getting itchiness which he thought could be a side effect of

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  • rebecca17348 2

    Alendronic acid and joint pain

    I have been taking alendronic acid for two years and just a month ago began having pain on top of my right foot at the joint of the second metatarsil, (toe).  Has any one else experienced this?

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  • kathleen65757 6

    Core exercises to help back with osteoporosis

    People with osteoporosis in the lower back as well as arthritis and issues coming off herniated discs can apparently benefit by improving strength in their core as the front and back are connected. This is one: Pull belly button into your backbone while lying down with legs bent. If you are doing

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  • Kitty6264 2

    Light headed

    I have been taking aldendronic acid tablets since October this week I have started to feel light headed - could this be the acid tablets?

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  • Clare1001 3

    A Acid & effect on bone regeneration post orthopaedic op?

    Hello I have been taking Alendronic Acid since March for PMR I will likely need a  Knee Replacement and fusion of mid-tarsal joint in my foot in the next 5 & 2 yrs I am wondering how long it takes for normal bone regenerationto to return to normal  after stopping AA. Will it affect the healing

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  • humpalumpa 2

    alendronic acid

    Hello Peeps, i have recently been diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica and have been taking steroids ie Prednisolone for over eight months now, i have also been given a calcium tablet to take and more recently been put on Alendronic Acid , and herein lies my problem , i am suffering terribly with

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  • ash92848 2
  • olwen2 2

    concerned about Alendronic Acid

    I have been diagnosed with polymyalgia 6 weeks ago and have been told to take Alendronic acid I have put off taking it but spoke to go yesterday and she advised me to start taking it because of the  effect of the predisilone on my bones I'm 72 yrs old been reading up on this drug again tonight and don'

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  • rebecca27751 1

    Has Alendronic Acid burnt my throat? Please help! :(

    On Saturday 11th June I took my very first dose. Was a bit didn't drink enough water with it but didn't realise I needed to. fast forward to Friday 17th. Started to feel like something was stuck in my throat and it was scratchy when I swallowed. Not realising the link, I took my

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  • kathleen65757 6

    Building muscle to help support my back

    Mostly I rely on warm pool for my exercises but am trialling two at home ones to help build back muscles. The first one is watching my posture, standing up straight, putting shoulders back but relaxed, and pretensing I am showing off a lovely necklace. The second one is using light weights and

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  • Guest M

    Dental problems

    Having suffered severe tooth ache, I went to my dentist to be told that the offending tooth would have to come out. Asked if I was on medication, & if so what, & replying Alendronic Acid, I was told that the tooth could not be taken out, as\" there is a risk of the bones not healing &...

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  • joanne67730 2
  • sherry29159 3


    Hi can you tell me if these infusions have side effects? Also I hear they are only given for three years. Why is this?. Many thanks

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  • isonbeatrice 2

    Alendronic acid for osteoporosis

    It might be useful to people newly-diagnosed with osteoporosis to know that some patients tolerate alendronic acid so much worse than others that taking the drug is like ingesting poison. For other people, bewilderingly, the drug is fine, the side effects minimal. I was prescribed the once-weekly dose,...

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  • angela1805 2

    Sore throat problem

    Having taken an Alendronic Acid tablet  once a week for 4 years exactly in the way prescribed without any real problems, I stopped taking it in February as I developed a sore throat together with a "burning" sensation in my mouth. This problem is still continuing four months afterwards - has anyone

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