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I had fall couple of months ago fracturing wrist and hip, had to have thr, and have degree of osteoporosis.  Worried about recorded side effects of alendronic acid, having previously had peptic ulcer and teeth problems.  Have been trying unsuccessfully to get appointment with an endcronologist for further advice and would be interested in other peoples experiences in meantime.  Also whether alendronic acid can be taken same time as magnesium and vit K2 which I was recommended.

Incidentally had my accident in Spain - Spanish hospital in Malaga very good, but you need to have relative to look after you, as nurses only nurse!      

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    I hear you Geraldine. I take the vitamins but could not bring myself to start AA although I even filled the script.

    What were the results of your bone density test. Mine are pretty bad but that did not push me into taking the Meds.

    Vitamin K2 is another good vitamin to take because it helps put the calcium on the bones.

    I worry about swallowing AA and getting it caught and the repercussions from that!

    I go to the pool for exercise as I cannot afford to fall. I also use a wheeled walker. 

    Teeth are a good reason to think twice about taking AA.

    I hope this helps.

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      Thank you Kathleen.  Before I had my accident in Spain when I broke the hip and wrist I had already started taking AA.  It was only after I eventually returned to England, I read the forums and the rather scarey list of possible side effects.   I am now wondering whether to give it up, and just go on the vitamins, my T score is -2.5 "significant fracture risk".  Wish it was easier to get an appointment with a specialist to discuss pros and cons, will see what dentist says tomorrow. I am also very nervous about falling again, as its quite frightening being so dependant on others.  I use a crutch when out, but haven't dared tried swimming yet!  Good luck to you.  
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      I do not swim as such but do exercises in the water.

      -2.5 is barely osteoporosis. Mine is -3.4 average with -4.3 at the base of the spine.

      Maybe it is more about whether you fall than the numbers! Interesting!

      That is why I use the wheeled walker inside and outside.

      Would you consider doing that?

      Geraldine, I wish you luck in sorting out what is best for you.

      I am in Australia by the way.

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      Thank you Kathleen for your encouragement.   Personally I don't really understand how numbers work, only the comparision to when I last had a scan 3 years before.   The accident was a wake-up call I suppose and besides being restricted in what I can now do, its also made me much more conscious of my diet and how I go - previously used to rush around everywhere!   

      At the moment I am trying to manage with either a stick, or a crutch on stoney ground, but that might change.   I am in England, I think were I in Australia I would be much more inclined to go swimming!   Indoor pools do not have the same attraction!   

      Good luck with your progress.   

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    Hi geraldine, I have been taking AA for afew months now and havent had any noticeable side effects. Before AA I was taking risedronate, but that didnt stop me getting compression fractures in myspine!! Personally I am willing to take the drug if it helps prevent future fractures, like all drugs AND vitamins its really a personal choice. I will say if taking AA had prevented my compression fractures and the intense pain I have had for nearly six months, I would have taken it. You dont have to fall to get fractures, all I did was lift a watering can and bang it happened!! I am still waiting tosee an endrocrinologist but I have been told by my GP not to hold my breath, its taken nearly four months to get a follow up app with the ortho consultant, as it would appear osteoporosis is not high on the treatment agenda in the NHS. I would recommend the national osteoporosis societies website for information and advice on living with the condition, very helpfull. Take care but dont get paranoid!!
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      Thank you very much Barbara, its good to hear from someone who hasn't had disastrous side effects!   As you say its a personal choice, everyone reacts differently, and I suppose you tend to hear the failures more than the successes.   I had an appointment with the dentist this morning, he says the few teeth I have left are in reasonable shape and he's not worried, so have decided to stick with AA.   My experience with trying to get appointment with endrocrinologist echos yours.   And funnily enough I joined the National Osteoporosis society this morning.

      I had my accident whilst on holiday in Spain, previously being fairly fit and healthy for my age, although had only the month before been diagnosed with osteoporosis, so this is all new to me.   As the lovely Spanish surgeon said to me - you must be positive and believe you will get better.   Good luck with your back pain, I certainly hope the AA works well for you too.  

      All the best    Geraldine    

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      Hi Barbara, I'm a 70 year old male with osteopenia nad osteoporosis.  I have regular back pain and am interested to know how you found out that you had compression fractures in your spine.  I haven't been able to find this out because there doesn't seem to be much information about this within my sphere of looking.  I may be searching for the wrong thing of course!
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      Hi Aristotle, its a long story but I will try and keep it short!! After MANY visits to my GP, I was sent for a CHEST X ray!! although I did keep saying it was my back that was painful, X ray was clear and I continued to be in severe pain. Eventually I collapsed at home, my husband called an ambulance as he thought I was having a heart attack. I wasnt. The hospital X rayed my back, and that is when I found out about the compression fractures. I was then referred to an osteo consultant, that was in October and I didnt get an MRI scan untill Nov. In the meantime we paid for a private MRI scan, this showed the extent of the fractures but also put my mind at rest from the bone cancer scenario. Seeing the NHS consultant tomorrow, Im not holding out much hope for further treatment as some of the fractures are near my spinal column so an op would be too risky, but we will see. Im still in pain most days but it has lessened, after nearly six months!! All I can suggest is ask for a back X ray and take it from there, keep taking the painkillers!!
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      Thanks for the reply Barbara, it sounds as if you had a really bad time of it.  I'll take your advice and see if I can push the Doc to look a bit further into things before I get to to the really bad stage.  In the meantime, I'll just keep taking the pills and avoid too much spinal pressure.  Hope that all goes well for you.
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      Hi, saw consultant today. He couldnt understand why I have had to wait so long to see him!! Anyway, he wants me to have another DEXA scan and to see the endrocrinologist he also couldnt understand why my GP hadnt arranged this and could only appologise. SO I will see my GP again next week, and push for the above and yet again take it from there, best wishes and push for all the tests you can get, thats my advice.
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    I've been taking them now for 2 years because of the prednisolone I have to take for PMR and have suffered no side effects at all that I know of. 

    i also take calcium and vitamin D3, eat lots of veggies and fruit and eat oily fish as recomended by the doctor.

    Teeth seem OK, jaw's OK.

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