All brain tumor symptoms but MRI comes back “normal”?

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I am 15 years old and i have had severe migraines for about 5-6 years now. At first they only occured once or twice every two months or so, but as years went on they got more and more frequent. My primary doctor sent me to a Neurologist and they said the cause was puberty. So for 4-5 years we waited for my menstrual cycle. About 3 months before i started, my migraines were uncontrollable. I had them everyday for 2 months straight and missed the second half of first semester (freshman year of highschool). I was sent to UCSF for an MRI and a mixture of medicine to break the migraine. They gave me a “migraine cocktail” and it was Benadryl, Compazine, and Toradol. Immediately as they put it in my IV i started feeling like couldnt breathe, as if i was breathing gas. Nothing was exactly painful, but i started coughing a little and the nurse left my room. Then it got worse, the coughing had subsided and i felt really dizzy, my arms got so heavy they didnt even feel like i was moving them and i couldnt focus on things so my parents called back the nurse and she was asking me questions and i couldnt speak and finally she just said something along the lines of just lay down. So i layed down and i was a bit uncomfortable, i felt really uneasy and was quite nervous about my reaction to this medicine but was too out of it to react. I went to sleep and took about a 2 hour nap and woke up to go to my MRI. I was very tired, most likely from the Benadryl and was still feeling some of the side affects. I was all ready for the MRI and they had given me earphones to listen to music but as soon as the MRI started i fell asleep. So i thought it was a bit weird that i had a reaction but the reason i am worried about what else it could be is because of WHAT my migraines are. Everyone expected it to be my period, that started they didnt get better. Then it was glasses, those didnt help either. I dont respond to any meds they give me. When i have a migraine i ususally dont suspect it beforehand. The pain is usually on on my right side around my temple area and it goes down until my ear. It is not “ice pick” or “tension” it is more like pulsating, like when you hurt yourself and it started throbbing. I started noticing around October that my speech was getting worse. I would slur my words when i spoke and would make up words thinking they were words in the dictionary. Yes, i know what you are thinking, this happens to everyone, but it started happening abnormally often. I wouldnt be able to pinpoint an exact thing i would only be able to describe it no matter how simple. My family and friends started to notice too but never thought too hard. After that i started noticing a loud ringing in my ears, not constantly but out of no where it would ring. This used to happen but not this much or this bad. I get nausea and vomiting subsiding my migraines, as most do (i think). I often start a thought or story and completely lose it. For example i could be talking about something that happened yesterday and will completely forget what im talking about. That goes along with also not keeping a good focus (this could be from so many things) i will start doing something and get completely distracted. I tend to forget a lot of things like where i put my phone, when i took off my shoes at, when my backpack is etc. And with all of this, my MRI came back clean. I just dont understand what it is, and no medications prescribed to me have worked and the next thing they want to try is an injection and the base of my head. If anyone has ANY input or questions please tell/ask!!!

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    Hi Melissa,

    First of all, as you have had an MRI and it came back normal, you can be sure you have not got a brain tumour, as it would have picked this up straight away.

    The next thing is the symptoms of migraines vary a lot from one person to the next and so does not follow the exact same pattern.

    Your symptoms are more unusual I agree, but they are still classes as migraines and something your drs should be trying hard to manage.

    May I ask do you get and weakness down one side of your body at all? Does one side of your face become weak? I ask this as you mentioned your words come out slurred sometimes.

    These are all symptoms that I get from time to time and the condition is called hemiplegic migraine.

    Best wishes

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      Hi. Next time i get a migraine i will be sure to pay attention to other parts of my body as, i am usually caught up with the pain i dont realize if my body is numb or weak. Thank you for your reply!!

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