All footwear makes S1-L5 disc prolapse hurt more?!

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I've noticed since around 5 months ago that when I wear footwear the pressure it puts on the back of my ankle and on/around my nerve causes me to feel a lot more pain in the ankle itself making it hard for me to walk up hills and anything that isn't flat, also means I can not walk for long before the pain extends into my calf, and we all know how much that hurts. Then into my the middle of my thigh and eventually into my lower back, come this point i've gotten in bed and dosed up on tablets again hoping for a miricle.

At the minute I have a pair of nike air trainers, the one with the bubble under the ankle, these are the best pair I can find that offer adequate support but the problem is still the same, If i try to wear actual shoes, something formal it hurts even more, because they are a lot less supportive. 

Although I have noticed when I am around the house bare footed it does not nearly hurt as much as when I am wearing shoes?

anyone else familiar with this? I'm not sure what I can do to help this, I can not afford to go to see a private chiro and anything like that because my problems have stopped me from working, and I only left college 4 months ago so I have no savings what so ever...

If you know anything I can do to help this pain please reply to this thread I am getting very desperate and I can not contact my Gp until monday who is not very helpful at all, but he is all I have until I finally get to see rheumotology regarding my MRI results. 


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    Sounds like your ankles might be falling in. Have a look at yourself walking in the mirror. Do your ankles fall in towards the center??? If so,  good orthopaedic insoles could help, I got some for 40euro.

    I'm in a very similar situation to you. I'm only 24 but I've been suffering with back pain for 11years. I finished uni last year and begun further education straight away so I am also broke! I put off physio for years dew to the cost and bad experiences. When I would go I found it painful and it made me worse. Some would tell me I had a weak core and give me stretches and exercises to do, it always hurt and made it worse, others would tell me to lose weight (I'm a size 14 but I eat healthy and I used to do yoga and Pilates which made it worse, and I  can't exercise for now dew to pain now and damage in my spine), Physio should NEVER EVER hurt, if it does, just change physio!!!

    Just like you, When the sciatica would get bad I would just take pain killers and live in hope! sad

     DON'T DO THAT!!!

    Find a good physio. Expect to spend a good bit on getting better, but DEFO don't put if off, it will get worse and you will end up spending a lot more time and money on getting better in the long run. I've already spend over 1K on getting better in the last 6weeks and will have to get a loan off family and friends to continue, I know it will be worth it in the end, But i am on a list for surgery and I find it hard to see an end to it, and I worry about how my education will suffer as I am unable to attend, finance is also a huge worry.

    Unfortunatly, I'm in the 'too little too late' category, and orthopaedic insoles could have saved me so much money and pain. I finally found a good physio. She diagnosed me with hyper mobility (basically I'm double jointed). My ankles turn in when I wear shoes with no support, this in turn caused my hips to fall down on my spine causing a lot of damage. My mri showed up 3bulging discs, one of which has a large prolapse. I have lost sensation down my leg and I'm having mild issues with the water works. I am used to being in pain, but the pain I have experienced in the last two months has been the worsted I've ever experienced. Despite the strength of the painkillers and valium the pain is still there all the time.

    All I can say to you is get yourself sorted before you get to this stage, it will be worth it!!!!

    I'm using insoles called 'bio advanced'. My physio gave them to me. They were only 40 Euro. They help a lot. These might help you a lot. Like you, (back when i was able to walk) I found walking up hill really painful and normal work shoes a pain in the ass! Don't do any activity that makes it worse!!!

    I really Hope you find something that helps you get better!!! back pain sucks!!! It's especially difficult when finances hold you back!!! If you can't afford physio once a week, maybe go once a month. Chat with them about your finances. Ask them to give you a discount

    Also, if it turns out you have a prolapse disc, just rest. Stay in bed or lie on the floor for 3weeks until the sciatica is gone and use LOADS of hot water bottles.. oh and don't sit or drive!!!! 

    PS, most doctors are sh*te when it comes to back pain, they will tell you to keep going, but listen to your body, if your sore rest!!! smile 

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      I also forgot to ask you about taking pain killers? I know you said you take them when it gets bad and just hope but are they the only times you take them?

      I always take 2 in the monring when I wake because that's when i'm at my worst, but don't really take anymore in the day, the pain is telling me to, but when I take them I don't know If i am over working myself or doing more damage then good. Like you say Listen to the body, when I hurt more than usual I stop, but with tablets I don't know how far to push?

      Would really appreciate your opinion on this!

      Thanks air very helpful!


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    Thankyou air, I've been searching and asking so many people and it made me feel like it was just me that experianced this pain with footwear, My left foot falls in yes, but my right does not, I'm making a lot of conscious choices and actually walk looking down to try and keepit as natural as possble. Luckily because i'm not working atm I will get my physio for free, That is the only good thing coming from all this pain!

    I will definatly look into some posture corrective souls to see if they help, I have another consultancy this coming monday so i shall mention it to them too, hopefully they will be able to help me out and maybe supply some medical souls or corrective footwear!

    thankyou for the insight!

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    Hey, sorry for your pain, i have l5/s1 prolapse and now wear only sketchers on my feet. Instant relief, once you get a pair of these mate, you'll never wear anything else, good luck.
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    Hi there, newbie here, i've had horrendous sciatic pain in right,last 3 toes,calf back and buttock due to botched keyhole surgery!!!. Needless to say,like you,i and many other people have strggled to find footwear to help with pain for 20 years next january. I've tried dozens of different trainers with some small success. But i 100% agree with joe52881 that sketchers have been,and still are,the best footwear i've found !!!. Okay my pain is chronic but at least i get some half-decent relief with these. I've never been able to afford expensive trainers but at £22-£25 pounds it's worth every penny!!!. I would be gratefull to read your reply once you have worn them. GOOD LUCK! smile.
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      Hey I'm gld to hear they help but because of the nature of my job I cannot unfortuantly wear them so since have put up with the pain of wearing formal shoes... sad

      Most days now there is no pain but when i've had a lazy day It's unbearable 

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