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Disc Prolapse

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  • kaylzb16 1

    Bulging discs and nothing is working to help the pain!

    I have 3 bulging discs. I am on gabapentin 4 tablets 3 times a day and at physio. The pain has moved and is now going down my right leg to my ankle and can't get any relief especially in a night time. My GP has referred me to a neuro surgeon (I think that's what they are called) and waiting for an

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  • don25191 3

    Pain much worse lying down at night

    I have a significant disc extrusion at L4/5 which is causing me considerable pain in my lower back, right buttock and right calf. Sometimes the pain reverts to my left side. During the day I can cope using painkillers and walking but at night the pain is acute---once I get settled in bed initially it'

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  • donna97909 3

    Operation ahead advice please

    Well injection didn't work , went in gabatine for nerve pain which has helped me get on with some daily life went back to work 2 weeks ago and yes I struggled a lot and can't do anything when I get home as am in so much pain . Went hospital yesterday and the disc is still out , no point doing

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  • michael05507 3

    Back pain returned after microdiscectony

    Hi all I had an L5 S1 microdiscectomy on the 17th June 2016 (10 weeks ago). I had a large hernia and leakage from the disc and had sciatica and weakness in my left calf muscle. After the op, at first my recovery was really good. Pretty much no back pain at all, and strength coming back steadily to

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  • Andyfreemanuk1 2
  • jackielmc 1

    Bulging disc C5C6

    Hi all, I am a newbie to this so bear with me, I have had 3 MRI scans since 2008, 1st one carried out as this was due to pain in right shoulder down my arm at first, was given Rx of diclofenac, told it was frozen shoulder. I then developed a stiff neck with some pain in right shoulder muscle. 2nd

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  • Guest M

    Slipped disc and Sciatica

    Im glad i found this site, I too have had problems with slipped disc and sciatica for nearly 3 years!!!! It all started in November 2004 woke up on a sunday am in excruating pain down my right leg. Husband took me to emergency doc and they gave me low dose valium and painkillers. I work in an

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  • Pauchuk 1

    Herniated disc..

    Hello. About 1.5 months ago I had a strong pain in nerve that comes from back to feet (sciatica). I did magnetic resonance and diagnosed - herniated disc 5mm.  2 weeks I was in pain, after that I found some stretching excersises that helped me.  I decided to visit professional doctor. He told me

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  • donna97909 3

    Well guess my road ahead is that little bit longer

    Well I had injection 2months back and I still had some nerve pain . So went to doctor and am on gabatine which helps a lot so I went back to work and done 3 shifts and am I feeling it from me back to down me leg . Also I went back to hospital and have got to have another mri scan as the

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  • Guest M

    pain seems worse now after epidural

    Diagnosed with 2 slipped discs and artheritis, april 2007, 2 weeks ago went in hosital and had epidural injection, the relef was instant, but alas now 2 weeks lata the pain seems to be worse, also skipped a period, which i have read is side effects from the injection, definatly not pregnant, thank

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  • sally32857 2

    Advice please

    Hi, I'm 25 years old and I've had my fourth L4/5 revision surgery last week 21/03/17. I was just wondering how long you wait until you start exercise Walking. I've been told to do minimum walking 5-10 mins a day for the first 3 weeks. I'm feeling great 6 days on, and I feel like I could do

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  • sam1980 1

    Gp reluctant not to give me injections

    What injection would they suggestate for a disc protrusion. As I've heard about injections,but my gp is reluctant not to give me why I can't understand . At moment on trupan patches but getting allergic reactions and medication don't help . Can someone please anewer my question .

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  • julie93078 2

    Post microdiscectomy surgery muscle spasms

    Had straightforward (right side) L5/S1 microdiscectomy 10 Sep 2014, . Was a bit stiff and wound quite painful, but sciatic pain gone. Had a week feeling greatish (as well as can be expected!). However almost a week to the day of discharge woke up in early hours with excruciating cramp across

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  • donna97909 3

    Would like to than everyone that's gave me adivce

    Hey everyone , a update on me well I had the injection . Which I felt didn't work , went back to doctor and they put me on gabatine, I have such a new. Lease of life days without pain . If I do its like 3 percent I had me meeting at work and can go back on the 5 April. I can't express how happy

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  • Scotland disc 2

    L4/L5 awaiting surgery -advice/tips please

    Hi This is my first time on this site. I have been off work for 4 months with severe pain (was in hospital for a week at end august) in agony -severe leg pain. MRI showed broad based prolapse at L4/L5 and was started on range of medication (gabapentin, dihydracodeine, paracetamol), was sent home on

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  • grahammolyneux 4

    C1/C2 Odontoid

    3 years of agony and after I forced them for new MRI and new issues other than the prolapsed discs I already new about I am now told that the Odontoid peg/process has eroded to tje point of being "PRECARIOUS" I don't think that happened Search on the Internet shows all the symptoms

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  • whyalwaysme19 2

    Disc herniation for 14 months now can't take no more

    Hi everyone , i've had L4/L5 disc herniation now for 14 months while i was in spain i slipped on some concrete steps fell straight onto my back im heavy also so it hurt very badly 14 months down the line and i cannot walk my whole spine and back has turned hunch back and when i walk my body is

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  • Zackey03 2

    Bulging disc C6/7. Suffered for 2 months.

    Hi everyone, I suffered from so much pain the last couple of months. I injured myself at work and ended up having bulging disc on c6/7.  Can anybody tell me if the bulging disc can heal naturally? I just notice after 2 months of severe pain and all of a sudden the past week I felt less pain that

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  • dutchboy 2

    L4 L5 prolapsed pain going up back

    Hi My wife has been diagnosed with L4 L5 prolapsed disc and has had 2 steroid injections which haven't worked she is awaiting surgery and has the nerve pain down her leg but the pain is now going up her back is this another disc going any advice would be appreciated Thank you

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  • Lovetennis 1
  • tam43778 2

    5 prolapsed discs

    Hi I'm new on here and have just got the results of the MRI of my spine, neck and brain and could do with any information people have. In brief 26 years ago (I was 14) i had a prolapsed disc at L4-5 which was pressing on my sciatic nerve and i had surgery to relieve it.  All was well until i was

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  • cathy17098 3


    My history is that since being hospitalised in 2007 with paralysis from disc protrusion in L3/L4 and L5/S1 I have had ongoing pain with periods of being totally dibillitated.  I have just returned from an appointment with my orthapeadic consultant to recieve my MRI results.  The results are showing L3/

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  • dutchboy 2

    Confused on what to claim ssp and which surgey

    Hi My wife has just had her follow up appointment for 2 prolapsed discs L4 L5 which are causing leg problems as well, they have offered her surgery to help the nerve problem for the leg but can I get some advice on which surgery is best. And she is now on Statuary Sick Pay but it's so confusing

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  • don25191 3

    Pins and needles

    I have sciatica caused by a disc extrussion at L4/5---confirmed by an MRI scan. I have pain mainly in my right buttock but more recently I'm experiencing pins and needles in my right leg all the way down to my toes and to a lesser extent in my left leg as well. I'm aware that pins and needles can

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  • sjy72 2

    Compression Stockings!!

    Hi all.. Silly question but how long do I keep these compression stockings on for? I had a discectomy/decompression on my L5/S1 17 days ago. It went I'm having a dreadful aching pain all down the back of my leg.. which they think is nerve damage! But I've not been told how long

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  • Lovetennis 1
  • jane60697 1

    Ruptured disc

    I ruptured my L5 S1 two years ago and have been in and out of hospital since then and had two lots of spinal blocks which helped me no end The pain has returned the avengence its depressing me what do I do have the op ???

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  • morning 74 2

    I am really thankful

    This site has been really helpful to me over the last painful months. I suffered a herniated disc 4 months ago after yrs of abusing my back. I broke my coccyc  years ago and thought all my problems were from there. I also found over the yrs walking relieved my pain but it finally caught up with me

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  • sally32857 2

    Advice please!

    Hi, I'm 25 years old, in 2013 at the age of 21 I had a microdisceptomy on my l4/5 as the disc had buldged. In June 2016 the disc had moved again, I was oeprated on in November 2016 a disceptomy which after an MRI later in the month showed it hadn't worked and the disc moved back. I was then

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  • jim12346 2

    L4 L5 Decompression Discectomy Success Story

    Hi, I am writing this post in response to the hundreds of horror stories that I have read on these many forums. I am a 36 year old mate who had a L4 L5 decompression discectomy 4 weeks to the day. A bit about me then, as I said I am a 36 year old male, 6 foot 2 and althletic build. I have served

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  • brianthesnail 3

    steroid injection. .will it work?

    Hi guys Simple well do steroid injections have a thoracic herniated disc at t6/t7,and allthough the discomfort is manageable it's the associated symptoms that aren't The main one is stomach problems, however I don't get acid reflux or

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  • donna97909 3

    Gonna lose my job becoz of this , what a joke

    Am gonna lose my job coz of this slipped disc. I have a very hands on and manual job that involves lifting . They already said after 6 months they can let me go , I am extremely mad I actually wanna scream me head off I can't deal with this it's a joke. Injection didn't work at all and am back to

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  • donna97909 3

    Advice please

    I know I keep writing on here but I seem I get a lot of advice . I had the nerve block done yesterday , and I got pain in the bottom of me leg which may I add I never had before and it's making me limp. Also I got all these strange feelings in me leg also have bit pain in me bum and back . I get

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  • brianthesnail 3

    thorasic disc herniation symptoms

    Hi guys              after many months of locating a cause for my left side radiating discomfort it was discovered i have a herniated(thorasic) disc at T6/T7 ... i also have some at the lumbar region however my doctor says its the thorasic disc,s that are the problem              however the

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  • donna97909 3

    Don't think it's worked , devastating

    Well it's been nearly a week since I had injection , everyday I still been in pain not a lot I have to admit. So thought today I go out and do shopping with me partner , even though it took a hour less then normal . I am in a lot of pain now all down me leg and me back is killing more the left

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