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Disc Prolapse

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  • NYRedBulls 1
  • aim2016 2

    Herniated discs and A and E trip

    So after my recent post about my 3 herniated discs i sadly had to go to A and E today because i simply could not stand my pain anymore... after being seen and examined they told me they couldnt do anything untill i see my consultant and that they believe surgery is a must but im worried about the risks...

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  • aim2016 2

    Herniated Discs

    Hi guys... im 25 and in march i moved into my first place with my partner both working full time everything going great. After a few weeks i started experiencing back and at work some strange leg twitches.. went to see a doctor to be told ive pulled my back give it another 2 weeks or some. I knew it...

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  • c4013 3

    HI NEW HERE! C Spine heinated discs unmangeable pain advice

    Most of my c spine C34567 is severely dengenrataed and 2 of my disca are herniated and i have bad compression at  c5 c6 c7 .I am in a lot of pain my symtoms were misdiagnosed for 3 years!!! found out in May this year, by this time pain unmangeable. You dont know what a relief it was to find out,...

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  • kaylzb16 1

    Bulging discs and nothing is working to help the pain!

    I have 3 bulging discs. I am on gabapentin 4 tablets 3 times a day and at physio. The pain has moved and is now going down my right leg to my ankle and can't get any relief especially in a night time. My GP has referred me to a neuro surgeon (I think that's what they are called) and waiting...

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  • donna97909 3

    Don't regret having back surgery

    Well am 8 weeks since having my surgery and the improvement is so good I would say am 80 percent better then I was . I do get some nerve pain and pain in my back but not nothing like it was . Went to see physio yesterday and he said I got to start doing this now . His gave me stretches to do and said...

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  • ray36632 1

    Since my back problem I'm not the same.

    I am waiting for my MRI results and am off work with the problem. The thing is since the problem I don't drink! Not that I'm a heavy drinker but even a couple of pints with friends on a Saturday seem a mission. I'm not in pain now but alcohol don't taste the same, also I'm looking...

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  • don25191 3

    Pain much worse lying down at night

    I have a significant disc extrusion at L4/5 which is causing me considerable pain in my lower back, right buttock and right calf. Sometimes the pain reverts to my left side. During the day I can cope using painkillers and walking but at night the pain is acute---once I get settled in bed initially it's...

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  • donna97909 3

    How long

    I had my operation just over 4 weeks ago , how long does it take for the nerve pain to recover. I have no pain in my back , just the nerve pain in my leg still in pain . I know recovery a slow process, I don't go back to hospital till the 12th July . So just thought I ask anyone that can give...

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  • donna97909 3

    Sorry more advice

    Well 5 weeks since operation , last week was having pain in me leg. Now last 2 days I have pain in me back . Yes I done little bit more round house but don't think I over done it . Yes done little bit of bending but not a lot . I just not sure what I can do now in way of doing things round the...

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  • sandra00237 2

    Chronic Back pain

      Hello I want to share with you this lifetime changing way for managing pains from disc prolapse, sciatica and spinal compression, a traction system for the entire spine called DETENSOR, it consists of a traction bed system and a therapy mat for intensive traction treatment. The traction bed system...

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  • michael05507 3

    Back pain returned after microdiscectony

    Hi all I had an L5 S1 microdiscectomy on the 17th June 2016 (10 weeks ago). I had a large hernia and leakage from the disc and had sciatica and weakness in my left calf muscle. After the op, at first my recovery was really good. Pretty much no back pain at all, and strength coming back steadily to my...

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  • Guest M

    Microdiscectomy surgery worked like a dream for me !! I ...

    Microdiscectomy surgery worked like a dream for me !! I am 26 years old and started with back pain in April 2005, and was initially diagnosed with sciatica. This was 7 weeks before my wedding. Not ideal at all, I was in vast amounts of pain, particularly down my right leg. I was left with a limp and...

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  • sally32857 2

    4 surgeries still not fixed

    Hi, I'm 25 years old I had a microdisceptomy in 2013 L4/5. Seemed to fix the problem until June 2016. Since then in the last 6 months I've had 3 further disceptomys. I'm still having pains in my lower back and affecting my left leg, to the point where I can only do so much before been unable...

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  • katiehl1985 2

    What to do next?!?

    Hi All, I have a prolapsed disc in the L4/L5 region, scoliosis and side effects of sciatica down both legs. I have seen chiropractors, Oestoeptahs, I have had steroid and epidural injections in my spine, I am on daily slow release morphine tablets, and I cannot walk for more that 10 minutes straight...

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  • donna97909 3

    Need advice on benifit plz

    I been off work awhile and just got a letter from my employer ssp1 ... I don't even know what to do never claimed in my life . Am 3 weeks since back operation , don't even know how long I be off for . Still getting slight pain in my leg . Just generally fed up , how long does it take for claim...

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  • julie93078 2

    Post microdiscectomy surgery muscle spasms

    Had straightforward (right side) L5/S1 microdiscectomy 10 Sep 2014, . Was a bit stiff and wound quite painful, but sciatic pain gone. Had a week feeling greatish (as well as can be expected!). However almost a week to the day of discharge woke up in early hours with excruciating cramp across muscles...

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  • jim12346 2

    L4 L5 Decompression Discectomy Success Story

    Hi, I am writing this post in response to the hundreds of horror stories that I have read on these many forums. I am a 36 year old mate who had a L4 L5 decompression discectomy 4 weeks to the day. A bit about me then, as I said I am a 36 year old male, 6 foot 2 and althletic build. I have served in...

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  • donna97909 3

    3 days since operation

    On a good note I have no pain in me leg at all that seems to of gone which is such a positive thing. The pain in me back I can't say is pleasant and trying get comfy is a mission on its own . Trying get the pain killers right helps , trying not to take them in less I really need them . Managed...

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  • gemma42538 2

    Cramp in my calf after spinal surgery

    Hi all I'm 26 years old and almost 9 weeks ago I had surgery on my back to remove a prolapsed disc that was squashing my sciatic nerve. They also mentioned some bone removal. Before the surgery I had numbness in my left calf foot and toes. Ever since having the surgery I have some feeling back on...

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  • Scotland disc 2

    4 weeks post op

    Hi everyone I haven't posted for some time but thought it was about time I posted an update - as you'll see from title I am now 4 weeks post op! For anyone who hasn't read my previous post here's a short recap: After years of back pain which I was always able to work through I was...

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  • jackie22007 2

    Prolapsed disc L5S1 Pain unbearable

    hi I have had sciatica for 4-5 months and pain has been awful. Numb down leg and foot (left side). I have no ankle reflex and now lost some sensation in genital area and bottom. I was admitted to hospital last week and had MRI scan which shows prolapsed disc, however was advised I did not need emergency...

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  • donna97909 3

    Day of operation

    Well the day has finally arrived for my operation. After nearly 9 monthe of pain . And this week of the worse pain I ever been in . The time has come , am trying stay postive but I have to say I am petrified. The coming round from operation and not knowing what pain I be in , guess it just the unknown....

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  • aikironin 2

    Disc's of doom, honest advice from experience

    Hi all, I'm new member & would like to make some constructive supporting comments to any who have this most frustrating injury. Back ground:  I'm a member of L4/5 herniated disc club, & have been for over 24 years now. I was 23 when a scan showed the problem, too young at...

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  • elijah92473 1

    Slipped Disc L4/L5, L5-S1

    Hi there, My story: Had a slipped disc roughly 1 year ago from now (June 1st 2016) on the left side. The pain start kicking in right away and a very pain one. Oddly, the pain doesn't exist so much in my back? The pain came sharply in my left butt like at the Piriformis Muscle that area? So I couldn't...

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  • donna97909 3

    Surgery soon never been in so much pain

    Had a slipped disc for over 8 months , I went back to work with help of taking gabapetine. And it help the 4 hours I was at work . Well on Friday I think I done to much coz the pain I am I'd unbelievable. Went to urgent care on sat and they gave me morphine and said that I irratated it. I have...

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  • james82082 3

    Round 2!

    So in January 2016 i had my microdisectomy. All went well. Due to the severity that my root nerve was crushed, i was told it would be a year before i know how i will be. After 6 months i began to get pain again. This has slowly gotten worse and in jan my GP agreed we should have an MRI scan as ive gone...

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  • don25191 3

    Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion

    I have just returned from seeing a surgeon at my hospital and he has decided to operate on my slipped disc using a new type of surgery called Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion (XLIF). This involves keyhole surgery from both sides of the body and an implant is placed between the vertebrae. It is then held...

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  • tam43778 2

    Result of evoked potential test

    Hi I have suffered with tingling in my left foot for over a year and have associated heaviness and weakness with my left leg. I had an MRI which showed a disc prolapse at t6-7 and t9-10. I have had an EP test and received a letter today saying "cortical responses poorly defined bilaterally and this...

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  • hawk289 2
  • lynsey830109 2

    Prolapsed disc what next?

    I've suffered for the last 8 years (since I was pregnant with my youngest) with degenerative disc disorder, but after being a real idiot and doing too much diy I have ended up having two separate days in one hospital and two 4 day long stays. I have had to MRIs now this year but the last on I had...

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  • mikefitz2185 2

    discectomy 22nd Dec

    Hi All, I had open discectomy on the 22nd of Dec although the leg pain and pins and needles have reduced, I used to be bad every day now it's just 3/4 days a week and tbh if the surgeon promised me this before the op I would of snapped his hand off, the problem I'm got still is a walk to one...

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  • barty321 2

    Doctor won't send me for an MRI. Is this usual?

    Hi, I hope what I'm about to write makes sense, it's a long story and I'm on strong pain medication at the moment!!! I had back problems a few years ago. I was in agony after a sneeze! The doctor said it was a buldging disc and a gave me Tramadol and Prozac and I had some physio and it was...

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  • kathleen65757 6

    Two bulging discs

    i know how it happened. I sneezed and felt like my back broke. I sneezed again and the same thing happened. This is not recent. It happened about two years ago. i tried three things: physiotherapy...the physio said she could fix it easily and it would take theee weeks i tried a Tens machine lastly, a...

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  • louise5027 3

    Advice on correct treatment

    I'll try to keep to keep this brief. Diagnosis prolapse L5/S1 having physio 3x week involving tens machine/ heat pads/shortwave therapy/ultrasound and mechanical vibration, along with medication. This all seems to be working so far. Today I had a manual massage that for want if a better word was...

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