I am suffering with Lower back pain but no MRI and no Treatment from NHS

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Hi . I have been in pain for four years. I got lower back pain and was seen by Gp and spine specialist. Taken MRI one year ago that shows Degenerative disc disease (L4, L5 and S1). I am 39 years old female. I was told to take pain killers. I keep taking Naproxen and Co-Codamol for last three years. Last year I went to Physiotherapist and Rheumatology department. They just advised me do some exercises and pilates. I used to be working hard and always exercises. They said you need to continue exercises and said your core is too weak. I tried to do exercises but every time ended up with more pain. Even I can't sit. sitting is impossible. I also use plastic bag for pee and loo often.

Now last two weeks are horrible as I got severe pain left side of my pelvic area. I couldn't even stand. when I called NHS 111 and asked them to send someone to see me at home, they said they couldn't provide home visit as I am young. Also, they asked me to go A&E by bus if I can't sit but can stand on bus. It was a torture. They even don't realise how I feel because can't stand. Bus stop is away from our house. how could I get there as we live on heel area.

Although, I went A&E sitting on a back seat in a taxi with more pain. After long waiting, I was seen by gp at primary health clinic. That gp asked me why I was sent to him because he would just give me advice. He said I need to contact my gp and he will refer to specialist. Also, he told me that pain killers could be harmful, I shouldn't take them for my whole life. He said I need to ask specialist to have another MRI and if any surgery required.

I called my Gp next day but never got through as phone kept ringing. After three days they answered my call and asked me to come surgery as they can't come to my home. I went there and gave me more strong pain killers. I am tired of my painful life. No way to get rid of this pain.

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    i know exactly what you mean. i too have DDD L3,4 & 5. i have had this now for 6 years and seen consultants up and down the country as i could not believe i could be left in so much pain. the consultants say that there are people with MRI scans the same as mine that dint even know they have this condition i find this very hard to believe given the lack of quality of life i have. the NHS will not be keen to do a further MRI just one year after your first one. i would definately ask about steroid injections or epidural injections if there is no medication that is helping you. you need to fight your corner when you get an appointment even when you think you have no more fight left in you. i take amitryptaline & naproxen which sometimes helps a little bit. keep asking for different medication you just might come across one that helps a little. keep fighting, dont give up. do your homework and find a consultant in your area that specialises and then request to see that consultant. you have every right to do this . we should not be left in pain as bad as this. take care

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      Thank you for your advice. now I got new medication Amitriptyline and other acid reflux capsules along with Naproxen. You are right we have to fight to get a better treatment. Thank you and take care.

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    I have the same thing plus osteoporosis and arthritis and scoliosis. I am basically partially disabled. I gave up trying to get help as none lasts or works. I went down the route you tried and even had bowen treatments. I am in Australia. I think back issues are put in the too hard basket. Disc degeneration is an old person's disease so you are young to have that. I turn 75 on 22/12/19 so an old lady compared to you. I have no answer for you except to keep trying because of your age.

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    Hi. Have you been referred to your local hospital to see the pain team?

    I ended up seeing them for three years and finally gave had to go privately as was told I had DDD but in A and E (five trips in the last year?) I kept being told DDD is normal at my age. Regardless of age they disregarded discogenic pain.

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      Hi Susan. I was in severe pain until this January. Then we went to India as a friend of my relatives had same problem like me, I think more than me and he is now fine after some surgery but everyone case is different.

      I had a MRI scan front and back of my pelvis at that hospital in India, I was surprised to see their scanning machines and other equipments as all were more advanced than here. That doctor explained me everything. I was advised to get a steroid injections to ease my pain between L4 and L5 . I was so confused to get treatment there as it's expensive. I believed Indian doctors are greedy if they know we are from abroad. When I asked those people who got treatment from that doctor after changing so many doctors, I got to know he is the best doctor and that's why his fee is high. Although I went to other doctors in my city to get advice, some of them also recommend me that specialist doctor. One day I got severe pain again and I had to get an urgent appointment. Next day we went to hospital. I thought it's just a steroid injection so it's easy but I was wrong. The procedure was quite long as it's performed in Operation theatre. Local anaesthesia was also used. They inserted tiny camera inside my back to see the exact place of L4 and L5 where I'd be injected. I had some pain that time but with in three days I was pain free. I couldn't imagine how excited I was to go everywhere with my family and friends there.

      But yes this wasn't permanent solution. I was told to do some exercises and this injection effect will work for me maybe for three months or maybe more than two years. As I was told to get a minor surgery if I want. And also was advised not sitting on the floor.

      Now, I am fine so not thinking of any surgery.

      Last week I went to my GP for my mum and he was surprised to see me and asked me how this happened as I was standing there with good health. I told him whole story and he then said my thought was same regarding your condition that you need this steroid injection treatment but NHS has some rules so they can't do anything. They will do that same procedures if you felt numbness in your lower back area or they will do the same if you lose control or partially paralysed. My Gp also told me it's easy to get same treatment in private clinic here. I couldn't believe that as you can't trust on NHS. That means NHS doesn't care how bad your pain is and how bad your situation is. As I was in severe pain for three years including four -five months in bed. If I was told by NHS that they are unable to give me that treatment what I deserved. I would have received that treatment from private clinic and I wouldn't have lost my confidence and job as well. I thank my parents who helped me a lot. It's quite long writing but I thought you will get an idea what to do next. I am fine now but never thought when upon our return we have to face this Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

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      Sorry to hear about your problems. The NHS is amazing as it is free. Therefore there is only so much that it can do, which we have to understand and appreciate.

      I am going for surgery privately as they can offer a new technique not widely used in the NHS yet, but I have always appreciated what the NHS has done for me.

      You could of been referred to the pain team in your local hospital here? Anyway as long as you are out of pain that's the main thing.

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    Hi guys ! I am now pain free after many years. Thanks to all who helped me during my difficult time. a Big thank to my mother who was standing by me everywhere.

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