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For at least 6 months I have been having occasional pain after eating.  I thought I was related to breads for a long time, but I was able to rule that out on my own.  Then two months ago the pain started getting really bad.  I finally called the doctor, I put it off because I didn't want to go over a stomachache, and I had blood work done that came back normal.  I had a gallbladder ultrasound done, normal.  HIDA scan, normal.  Now my doc wants me on Omeprazole for two weeks and see how I feel.  If it doesn't work then I get an EGD.

My ejection fraction was 80%.  The doctor that read the test states that anything greater than 35% is normal.  What else could I think be? I don't want to take a pill everyday.  I refuse to be dependent on a pill (unless it is nesscesary to life).

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    Maybe the doc expects your pain is from acid reflux that is what the RX IS for. It's important to take the pill every day it will help if it's acid reflux or GERD. if you let the acid come up from the tummy without taking meds to control the acid, eventually you will have a much more painful and complicated condition. See the side bar here on Patient UK.GERD.

    See if the pills for acid reflux help give it a few weeks. 

    DRs have to rule out different diagnosis according to test and scans as they go. There are many things that could be causing the symptoms your experiencing.

    Gallstones is so *****+++ painful you cannot breathe or move and the pain runs from FRONT right chest to back under ribs . It mimics a heart attack. 

    Perhaps to to look up symptoms for gallbladder attacks which are stones in the bladder or check symptoms for acid reflux or GERD. 

    Would help you get a better idea of why the meds were prescribed for you. 

    ITS painful either way and it takes time and following the dr diagnosis wil help,you get better or continue for diagnosis.

    We we are on a forum to help with our experiences & pain and symptoms and I don't know you past health history or what meds or supplements you are currently taking.


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      My gallbladder ultrasound showed no stones.  My tolerance for pain is not exactly normal.  I have spina bifida, scoliosis and Neurofibromatosis. I have had five emergency surgeries for neurofibroma hematomas.  That means five times I had a tumor attach to a blood vessel and cause it to rupture and result in internal bleeding.  The first time the area, my lower back, stretched to the size of a soccer ball under my skin in 24 hours, the second was in the same area and stretched to the size of a football in 12 hours. I had one grow to the size of a softball in four hours and press on my sciatic nerve.  I have also had skin graft surgery to help heal a wound from those two hematoma surgeries.  A couple years ago I dealt with occipital neuralgia, that was more painful than the skin graft surgery.  My doctor knows all this and doesn't rule things out just because I say it isn't painful.  He knows my pain scale is not the same compared to pain others have been in.

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      Thank you for your health history and explainations on the trust in your doctor & relevancy to your pain tolerance. Tummy ache was the current pain posted and meds prescribed I pill per day. 😬

      The med history we both have in common with severe chronic pain. Although all the not the swelling and blood vessels, other serious issues .

      I have suffered from aklosing spondylitis. Scoliosis, herniated discs degenerative arthritis in back and Galstones were the worst of all pain I experienced, even child birth. Stones were caught in bile duct.

      Referring only to the tummy pain ie; possible acid reflux the meds that were prescribed for you may help ur tummy. The main comment was you don't want to take a pill daily, but if you have GERD or acid reflex not many other options other than change of diet. A scope can help give a definitive diagnosis for GERD.

      Perhaps to follow your docs prescription & advice GERD could get better if anti acid meds are prescribed. The doc simply must rule this out if these acid reducer meds prescribed helps you feel better then mabe that is a possible solution for your tummy aches. It can be very painful.

      I am not a doc nor did I have your medical history. Simply responding to the question, suggesting to take meds which was the question asked. Since you don't want to be dependent on a pill I don't know what else to try to treat acid reflux other than liquid acid reducers. 

      In my experience the RX prescribed by ur doc works well for me for many years.😊

      Have a good day.👍


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      If the pills do help and it is an ulcer or GERD, I have no problem with the idea of changing my diet, except giving up my two cups of coffee on kid days.  I teach preschool and coffee is kind of a requirement whenyou spend eight hours a day with 18 four year olds.  I would be willing to try coffee that more gentle on my stomach.
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    Yea.... that's the problem with doctors. Everyone has a different opinion. My GP said that anything over 35% was good, my GI said that anything between 35-75% was good anything above 75% is bad (mine was 98%) and my surgeon said that he's heard of anything above 75% being bad but it had since been discredited. I had surgery for my gallbladder to be removed and have been great ever since (2+ months ago). Have they only done an ultrasound and HIDA scan? Have you had an upper GI or an endoscopy? That would rule out acid reflux as well as ulcers, which is most likely why they're doing a trial run of the PPI (they did that to me in the beginning too). I would do the trial run to see how things go, and if it doesn't help then find another doctor that recognizes overactive gallbladder as a real problem. This day and age, you'll most likely be taking a pill every day at some point (cholesterol, blood pressure, vitamins) so might as well start now if it works smile

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      Endoscopy will be ordered if the two weeks of PPI doesn't work.  If my doc doesn't do anything after the EGD, then I will look for a GI.  The tech doing my HIDA seemed surprised that it took 53 minutes for the initial tracer to get through my gallbladder and into my small intestine.

      I have no problem with taking a pill if it is to keep me alive, but other than that I just didn't not like the idea of having to take medicine of any kind.

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