Allergic Rhinitis

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I've suffered with allergic rhinitis for over forty years and it seems to be getting worse.  I suffer severe sinusitis and polyps too.  The congestion also causes eustachian tube dysfunction, post nasl drip and headaches due to sinus all in all not nice !!

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    I sympathise with you, as I suffered from allergic rhinitis-sinusitis for over 50 years, before finding a miracle cure in Evening Primrose Oil.

    Please read my recent posts, and my original post Sinus Infection-An Effective Treatment dated 15 th February 2016.

    EveningPrimrose Oil desensitises the nervous system, so that it does not react to normal irritants. It is not a drug and does not affect mental ability. It has no side affects. One 1000mg capsule daily is usually adequate to overcome the problem. The capsule takes affect in about 4 hours and lasts a further 24hours. 

    Give this treatment a try, and be as surprised as I was with the results.

    Kind regards Ray.

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      Hi Raymond,

      Thank you for that information on Evening Primrose Oil.

      I used to take a daily supplement years ago as it was

      recommended in the press to help with menopause

      problems....not too sure it worked for that though.

      I take daily supplements: Multivitamin, 100mg Omega 3

      extra Vit D and Luetin Gold for eye health.

      I'll certainly give it a go again to see if in fact it does help.

      Thank you


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    What actions and/or medications have been tried thus far over those forty years?

    Were any medication side-effects an issue?

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      Hello Richard,

      I see my ENT consultant twice yearly, due to severe ETD.  He had to microsuction my left ear last Tuesday.  He found a tiny hole and suctioned out all of the mucus that was clogging my ear.  This problem is caused by constant congestion and allergies.

      What I have been recommended to use:

      Daily NeilMed Nasal Rinse, which I'm finding

      good as it clears most of the mucus.

      I use Flixonase Aqueous Nasal Spray, which

      is steroid based twice daily.  When I get really

      blocked up which usually is only at night time

      when I lie down I use Otrivine nasal spray which

      is a decongestant.

      This problem is horrible, but after all these years

      and contracting Bacterial Meningitis becaue of it

      I am now learning to live with it....just can't stand 

      it when my ears block up.  I also take a Citrizine

      antihistamine when needed, which helps with


      No known side affects with me.


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      Nothing to add on medication other than :-

      +! on Citrizine (anti-histamines have certainly improved over the  years).

      Mast Cell Stabilisers have less unwanted side-effects than Steroids but are not so fully effective.

      If steroid nasal spray not helping significantly that seems unusual.

      Have you identified the problem allergen(s)?

      Taken steps to minimise exposure to them?

      Investigated food intolerance links (see Dr Brostoff's book)?

      Afterthought : could the nasal rinse be washing out the steroid?

      This is probably going all over old ground !!!

      Good  Luck and Sympathies

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    Hi.i use :

    Evening Primrose Oil.

    Citrizine (when Chew one tablet work better)

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      Regarding the Nasal Rinse, no, I do it first thing in the mornings, then an hour or two later use Flixonase.  I've had allergy testing taken a few times now with it only showing up cats, dogs, tree mould and house dust.  The later, no matter how clean one is will never eradicate house dust, on a sunny day in-doors we can see it in the air.  My ENT consultant told me there are thousands of things outside that potentially could be causing my allergies.  I think at last I've got on top of the congestion....sure it's seasonal !!  Chewing a Citrizine, never heard of that one.  Will definitely buy Oil of Primrose though.


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      "I''ve had allergy testing taken a few times now with it only showing up cats, dogs, tree mould and house dust.  The later, no matter how clean one is will never eradicate house dust, on a sunny day in-doors we can see it in the air."

      Sounds like myself pretty much all the allergens create a problem.

      Presumably dust mite PROOF bedding is being used?

      To counter air borne allergens mechanical Air Filters can be quite noisy but OK in day-time.

      We use a number of silent air sterilisers in key rooms.  Takes a few days to clear the air.

      Avoiding perfumes and other air borne unhelpful vapours?

      A major turning point for me after having been forced to retire at the age of 49 due to severe eye/nasal/sinus issues was the discovery of a primary intolerance to Salicylates in food and medicines, thanks to Dr Brostoff's book.

      Took many months of keeping a food diary to locate that problem with symptons cropping with a 36 hours delay.  Salicylate intolerance is somewhat unusual, the more usual culprits of course being wheat, milk, and so on.

      If trying elimination diets, be sure to maintain sufficient nutrition.  Don't eliminate all the suspects at one time!!

      Good Luck and don't despair.

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      Hi Richard,

      I will try and get hold of that book.  I paid a lot of money for Air Purifers, all to no avail.  Also I purchased the EarPopper to try and clear blocked ear, also didn't work.  What works for some, doesn't for other, so like you've said, trial and error.  I've got air purifers in every room.  Never heard of Salicylates, so will have to Google it.  Never wear perfumes, which is a shame.  However, can't smell and taste anyway, those senses went years ago and only come back for a couple of months at the most after being on just goes to show that it's congestion and polyps that cause the loss of both.  I have to try and shrink the polyps now with the Flixonase.  Happy to say for the past couple of nights I've been able to sleep , so something is working at the moment.  I have just finished a course of antibiotics thinking I may have a sinus bacterial infection.  I always have a pack in my cupboard after suffering bacterial meningitis, to protect me.  (only take as a very last result though) now I'm taking Acidophilus to try and put back the good bacteria that the antibiotics have killed off.  Always take a daily Yakult and live yogurt for healthy gut.  To build immune system I also take, only from time to time Echinacea, for immune.  I sound like a hypocondriac, don't I ? however, if we don't look after our own health, who will !!  The only problem I suffer is the ETD, Sinus issues from time to time and allergies.  A lot of people far worse off.  All relative though when anything groans on and on and drags us down.


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    Anyone suffering from Asthma,  Allergies, Rhinitus and Sinus, try the Cisca Salt Pipe from Amazon.  I have just been on to the Cisca Salt Pipe website and there you'll find a woman talking about the pipe.  I'm in the UK and I think I will purchase one of these at the price of: £29.99 p&p is free....anything is worth a try to aliviate these problems !!

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    hi.i have allergy for 4 years.

    tried all tge medcine.

    just probitioc help me! you can test

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    I originally posted the following on the thread begun by Garnet888. It may be relevant to your problem; if nothing else it may give you pause to consider a wider scenario.

    I am now a crinkly who has had similar allergy/intolerance issues for more than 50 years. My allergy history may be of interest ...

    Around pubity I started to suffer with 'hayfever' - that is unpleasant reactions to pollen, especially from grasses - which made me repeatedly sneeeze hard (until my nose would bleed), made me wheezy and caused me sweat (fever). Year on year this became worse and extended beyond the main pollen season. By mid teens I stayed indoors for much of the summers - sometimes staying in bed beacuse the symptoms were so debilitating. Being somewhat distracted I messed up academic exams.

    Before 'A' levels I sought help from the NHS who tried somewhat crudely to test me for allegens. Mostly the test allergen spots put onto my skin caused large wheals that all blended together. No progress was made. Life continued its downward slide!

    Getting to and through College was a trauma. By this time I learnt to love alcohol and the deterioration spiralled. Allergic rhinitis/sinusitis became common place .... you'll be getting the picture?

    In work I had a colleague with similar problems and no positive outcome from NHS treatments who pestered me for possibly two years to visit a particular homeopath ( not a quack but a 'proper' doctor doing medical research) based in Southampton but also who practiced at Harley Street - which, at the time, was easily accessible to me. Eventually, very sceptical, I attended the London clinic. It was the best thing I ever did for my general well being!! 

    Afer a lot of discussion, a strange and slightly primitive looking electrical aparatus was physically connected to me and comparison made with dozens of material sample slides that were slotted into the machine. Within half an hour the doctor had identified a number of common foodstuffs to which I AM intolerant or allergic. I left with strict diatary exclusion orders that I stuck with for about two months before returning for another consultation. By this time life had taken a very different turn - no headaches, the sinuses were clear, my breathing was so good I could run again, my skin was clear; my mood was very much more bouyant. I was almost a new person!

    FOR ME the primary exclusions were processed sugars and related dairy produce (lactose has similar effects and is a very common allergen) plus to a lesser effect coffee, chicken, corn ... and the list goes on.

    I lived with my total exclusions for 35 years and enjoyed a very healthy life.

    Following early retirement from a successful career I decided that I should be able to re-introduce and control alcohol and sweet puddings. To begin I allowed ten pints of beer in the first year. This gradualy slid to the point that I have been drinking two pints a week and regular puddings, still a relatively small amount, that has made some of the allergy symptoms return with a vengeance. I have sneezing fits, almost continual headaches, problems with my eyes. I recently frightened myself when, with pint in hand, I went into an almost hypnotic state and started insulting a good friend - totally lost it!

    I am now back on my exclusions diet going through detoxification.




    Best wishes from an old but experienced fart.


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