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  • anne05078 3

    Allergic Rhinitis

    I've suffered with allergic rhinitis for over forty years and it seems to be getting worse.  I suffer severe sinusitis and polyps too.  The congestion also causes eustachian tube dysfunction, post nasl drip and headaches due to sinus all in all not nice !!

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  • SpenceK 2
  • Moneybishbosh 2


    Does anyone else suffer from Anomisa and what are your symptoms and what treatments have you had.

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  • allergy82347 1

    Allergic Rhinitis destroyed my life

    I have been suffering with it for the last 5 years, constant nasal pressure and congestion, mainly in the right nostril ,no other symptoms like runny nose or eyes or cough etc .  I have done septoplasty to correct deviated spetum ,it didn`t help  I used all kind of nasal inhalers without help ,

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  • James Woon 1
  • marcus606976 2

    Suffering every night with hayfever

    I dont know what to do. Every night I suffer with a runny nose and sneezing, and I have tried most things. Steriod nasal spray, air filter, allergy sensitive pillows, anti histamine tablets, vacuming mattress with the Dyson mattress vacum cleaner and I still wake up with this. Even just after

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  • lenny18022 1
  • De Igwe 2


    Hello to all, Can someone tell me how they manage this very unpleasant condition? I have been suffering from this condition for the past 14years. i am really downcasted. I have been to hospital uncountable number of times and taken different drrugs and sprays, but no relieve. I will be happy if

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  • gaurav09311 2
  • umers 2

    Dust & Pollen Allergy

    Hi all. I hope all of you are in great health. I have been diagnosed with Dust and Pollen allergy. My nostrills get blocked and it becomes hard to breath. Specially at night time, one or both nostrils get blocked. So I have to use Spray for opening my nostril. I went to allergy center in May,

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  • gustavowoltmann 1

    Sleeping with allergy

    Hello! I'm allergic to dust and, recently, I had lots of problems only during night time. I can't breath with my nose while sleeping and because of this I snore and my wife can't sleep with me. I tried everything: from natural remedies to antihistamine but still haven't found a solution! Please,

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  • linda72262 3

    What helps with tinnitus?

    Hi, i had a terrible cold and sinus infection - sinus infection not quite gone yet - and am experiencing major tinnitus - mostly in one ear.  I've always had some tinnitus as a result of an inner ear infection years ago, but this is awful. Anyone have some positive stories about overcoming this

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  • itchyeyes 1

    Hay fever in February?

    I've been suffering with hay fever like symptoms early in the year for about 10 years, (I am 52). This year it started about two weeks ago (If memory is correct, it seems a bit earlier this year!) with blocked sinuses and very itchy eyes. Having all windows shut doesn't help. Going out does not

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  • thi20955 4

    hay fever

    I have chronic Rhinitis. Each spring, I suffer bouts of sneezing and runny nose. Feeling sick and tired. I used to take Phernergan but it knocked me out . I try many kind of hay fever nasal spray as well as medication but doesnt work. I also don 't like the tablet for hay fever for I will become

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  • ursulauc62 4
  • libralady13 5

    Allergic Perrenial Rhinitis

    Hello I was diagnosed with this earlier this year having suffered on and off for years.  I thought it was possibly silent reflux as in addition to the sneezing and nasal problems I also lost my voice throat clearing and throat mucus. I had a throat scan in March and was everything ok and got the

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  • JoeAnxiety 2

    Does anyone else experience dry mouth and excessive saliva?

    Does anyone else experience periods of dry mouth and/or excessive saliva? I suffer from health anxiety, but I also have GERD and Allergies. Lately I've had periods where my mouth was very dry which makes it difficult to swallow. I also have periods where it feel like saliva is accomulating in my

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  • liz00338 1
  • alvin70124 2
  • amy201191 1


    Wondering if anyone has had the same as it's been ruining my life since I was about 5. When I was smaller I used to call it my 'sickly sore throat', now I've been diagnosed with chronic rhinitis I've realise this is the initial trigger. It will start with an excessive allergic reaction (I know I

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  • hanna94624 2


    Okay so maybe I'm exaggerating with the title but my allergies are just making me feel so ill all the time. It's even harder because everyone else thinks that "oh they are only allergies so you're not actually ill" but they are honestly making me feel so worn out. They give me sinus headaches and I

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  • abegail 2
  • Mmagot 2

    Will azelestin do this?

    I've had horrible post nasal drip to the point where it felt like I was drowning almost for a month now. I started using azelestin once a night and in two days my throat is free of mucus but now I'm clearing my throat a lot. Is this because the azelestin dried up the drip and my throat is just raw

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  • Moneybishbosh 2


    Has anyone been been referred to a private hospital with a more positive response than you have to live with the condition and having no smell or taste.

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  • PeteDam 2


    Hello All,My elderly mother has been suffering (1 year) from a bazaar condition which the ENT’s termed Idiopathic Vasomotor Rhinitis, which means they really don’t know. The symptoms oddly start when she drinks water: Post nasal drip, then clearing of throat, coughing, and a feeling as if something

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  • manoj00686 2

    problem due to rhinitis and post nasal drip

    i have been suffering from chronic cough since 5 years. most of the time i have throat clearing feeling and white sticky mucus coming from from nasal. i have seen my problem to so many ent's and gp's and used nasal sprays n medication but the problem is not resolved . octors says its rhinitis and

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  • Moneybishbosh 2

    Rhinitis loss of senses

    Does anyone suffer from loss of smell and taste with their rhinitis as well as an itchy nose. I hate not being able to taste my food anymore or smell everyday things. Help I am so fed up with this illness any tips.

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  • deborah38975 2

    Natural remedies for Hay Fever?

    Does anyone know if hay fever symptoms can be eased with natural remedies? I read something online about it and I wanted to give it a try but not sure this is the best solution? I refuse to take tablets knowing that they can increase the risk of dementia and alzheimer's! Thanks

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  • james22350 1

    chronic congestion help

    I woke up one morning with nasal congestion that has not left me since. the allergist I saw says im allergic to a number of different things and thinks thats the cause. I have had allergies all my life but never chronic congestion. Also my eyes are normally irritated from allergies but im only

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  • lyn2016 1

    Tools that Detect Levels of Pollen Count

    Hello does anyone know if there are tools that detect levels of pollen count in an area? I just recently suffered from this condition, and I do not like medication of any kind. I am thinking of developing a way to detect pollen count levels and alert sufferers to consider alternate routes. I  would

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  • richard40025 2
  • Mmagot 2

    Are allergies worse in the hot heat?

    So I made the mistake of not taking my nasal steroids until the middle / end of July and I'm miserable with the allergies. I always have taken an allerga but I don't think that's enough cause I have such a bad sore throat and lots of post nasal drip causing me to clear my throat a lot. Yesterday it

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  • Guest M

    Medinose for hay fever

    Does any hay fever sufferer out there have any experience with Medinose (or the like)? Medinose is a phototherapy treatment which is thought to alleviate the inflammation of nasal tisssues. It consists of a powered device with prongs. These prongs are inserted into the nostril and give off a

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  • magiugiu88 2

    Complete Nose Congestion and Blockage, Non-allergic Rhinitis

    I have been diagnosed with non-allergic rhinitis at 14 (I am 28 now), but so far it had only been many sneezes mostly in the morning, runny nose and little else.  Since February I have been having incredibly strong nasal congestion, it does NOT just feel like a blocked nose, but as if something

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  • seren33449 2

    Rhinitis turns out to NOT be rhinitus but histamine issues

    Heya,  I posted here last year, I was at the end of my teather.  I had been diagnosed with non-allergic rhinitus despite allergy symptoms, I was given some medication which didn't work and that was it!  Nothing I seemed to do helped.  Well I started seeing a dietician in January for reasons

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