Allergic Rhinitis destroyed my life

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I have been suffering with it for the last 5 years, constant nasal pressure and congestion, mainly in the right nostril ,no other symptoms like runny nose or eyes or cough etc . 

I have done septoplasty to correct deviated spetum ,it didn`t help 

I used all kind of nasal inhalers without help ,recently started immunotherapy ,which is like light at the end of dark tunnel but no immediate result what so ever 

Is there a forum specifically for allergic rhiniits where you can learn about experience and tragedy of others 

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    I have had Ryhinitis just over two years now. I thought at first it was just seasonal, as it started in April 2013. Bit it did not improve, by September I also had start Asthma, not having ever smoked, I was pretty brasses off.

    i have the dripping nose however with mine, and the sinus pain which you experience.  As Ryhinitis isn't life threatening, don't think it is taken seriously by doctors. But this is a very miserable condition. However your situation is baffling with no mucous. I do hope someone on this site can help.

    regards Maureen

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      asthma can happen to anyone regardless of having ever smoked or not. My mum had it, it's really awful. Combined with rhynitis, I can't even imagine. You are absolutely right, while asthma is something which is taking seriously by doctors, rhinitis is not. They think it's just a bit annoying, and we can get on woth our lives, but we all know that's it's not true. I have been  reading a lot for years about it and all I can find at the end, that there is not enough research, more needed. So there you go, it comes back all to $$$$. I wish all politions would suffer from it, maybe they would fund more research.
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    I've got very similar symtoms as yours, and mine started about 5 years ago as well. I didn't have septoplasty, but I had middle turbinectomy. Didn't help! wasted $4000!

    My nose clears more or less during the day, but at night times and when I sleep, I always have one side blocked, but sometimes both sides gets stuffed up. 

    Tried everything as well, like steroid or saline sprays, rinse, diet change, you name it, didn't help.

    What I figured out after reading and researching rhinistis for years, that temperature and humidity influence tcan cause congestion. 

    When I had my surgery back n 2012 my nose was fully blocked, no air passed through, none. I lived in a city which was very hot and humid, tropical climate. After the surgery I though that it will clear up after a few weeks, maybe a month, but didn't. So I decided I experiment, and travelled to far away places and stayed there for a few weeks. And guess what! What a change it was! My nose got cleared up, not fully, but was able to function normally. I hated that idiot ENT who tried to convince me that this congestion is due to my allergy to dust mites. Really?! no dust mites in Sydney, or Melbourne, Europe or Asia?!

    So after being pretty sure that humidity is one of the major factors, we moved.

    I have been living in a much dryer climate for a year now, and though my nose never got fully congested, I'm still experiencing stuffed nose every night, and sometimes during the day.

    I've seen recently an ENT in a public hospital, who after looking into my nose with that little camera concluded that I have enlarged inferior turbinates and I could benefity from a turbinectomy. Another  surgery. But said, can't guaranty it will work! well that was very helpful! A 15 min consultation, I wasn't really convinced, so I am going to see another specialist soon. I'm not holding my breat, probably will advice the same.

    I'm terrified having another surgery because what I was reading about ENS.

    Have you also had turbinectomy or just septoplasty?

    My cousin also had septoplasty not long ago, didn't work for him either.

    What are you allergic to?

    Also what you should know, that the tests are just for the very common things, but you could be allergic to something which is not included in the test.

    I don't think allergy is the main cause of your problem, because you don;t have allergy reaction all the time and your nose also stuffs up regardless of being exposed to those allergens or not. But if you are exposed to those allergens, it certainly won;t help and makes it even worse.

    I tried immuntherapy for a few month, didn't work obviously, cause it was for dust mites. There is no such thing as immuntherapy for humidity.

    Have you seen any other specialists? 



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      Care4health ,

      You are describing my case ! 

      That is exactly what I went through 

      I am allergic to dust mite ,initially I did all type of inhalers ,saline rinse ,nasal strips what you have it ,then the ENT offered septoplasty and lower Turbinectomy ,I was disperate ,I was going to remove my nose if that would be the cure ,I did it ,no help ( surgery cost 10000 $)

      Then I did immunotherapy for few months ,no help ,I was very misearable to point I only used to sleep 2-3 hours a night  

      I did ,holistic ,Indian ,herbal medicine ,no help ,no dairy products ,no help etc ...

      I visited city on ocean ,then realized my allergy got better somehow ,which made me think that humidity plays a major role in my nasal congestion so I hoped on a car and traveld across the west of united states for a month where humidity would low to find the best place that help my allergy ,

      evantually I found south Califronia ,where I got settled for a year ,my allergy got better, I would say by 50 % ,as you said I d have nasal congestion but not as bad as before, so I was able to sleep 5-6 hours a night .

      I have conculeded that humidity is not responsible for nasal membrane congestion ,it just makes it worse ,so because dust mite is every where

      you are going to have certain amount of constant congestion ,let  s say your nasal passages are constantly blocked by 25 % ,high humidity would make it goes up to 70 % .

      Unfortunately I couldn`t afford living in Califronia so I am back to where I used to live ( high humidity environment )so I am back to being misearble ,that is why I hit the allergist clinic again and asked them to reinitiate immunotherapy .

      Another way I am invesitgating now to tackle the humidity is to find a device that provide cool air (directly ) in to nasal passages like a nasal  canulla  which should lower the affect of humidity on nasal membranes and prevent it from swelling up at night .

      I think we have similar problem and we should stay in touch to help each others ,I pm you my email address . 



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      I have also been looking for some device which would lower humidity, but so far I could not find anything which was effective. I had a dehumidiier, also a air purifier, sometimes they were running both at the same times. But because the humidity is so high, these little electric machines can't handle it very well, + you would need to have it in every room if you really wanted to make some difference. 

      At one stage I was looking at machines for sleep apnea, because with some of these machines you can regulate the temperature and humidity. But no doctor would prescribed it for me, so I was not able to get it to try. 

      I also think that the sudden change in the weather (maybe the air pressure?) can cause the congestion. 

      Unfortunately no reasearch has been done, or very minimal, and certainly no proper treatment for it  has been developed. 

      I'm glad that I'm not the only one who comes up with this theory.

      But with your case I would really make some effort and move out of there or at least for a few weeks, so your body can get some rest. Otherwise it will just get worse. 

      Have you consultued with any other specialist? I'm due for an appointment ina few weeks


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      "surgery cost 10000 $" wow that's a lot!!!! Why can't these doctors take some responsability!

      It's like taking your car for repair, and the guy would just say, well, we coudn't fix it, the oil is still leaking, but pay for the repair, Would you? Of course not! This should be the same with doctors. Don't do a proper job, why pay? 

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    I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis since 2010. It started when I was 16. I don't know how it all started. I was exposed to early morning fog. May be that is the reason. But After that triggering event it has become somewhat perennial and I also had DNS (Deviated nasal septum). This problem triggered sinusitis and I am always exhausted. I became very weak. My endurance and elwill power significantly reduced overtime. My studies were messed up. My grades declined to 60% from 95% . I tried all kind of medications. Modern medicine(Nasal sprays,Antihistamine drugs) and homeopathy and even Ayurveda. Nothing worked for me. So I was left with the last option to go for a surgery to correct my deviated nasal septum. I signed up for it and got the date for the surgery . But I came across so many people's experience and that surgery won't work. So I left it.

    Although people may think it is a light problem but it is actually not.

    There is no effective treatment for this till date. I referred my sister's Medical books to understand the disease. But there is very less knowledge about why this happens and how to control it.

    Somebody please find a solution to this please. You will get Nobel prize for your discovery it is for sure. Even if it won't you will be blessed by millions of patients.Let's hope someone someday will discover a good treatment for this.

    As of now the best thing we can do is avoidance of allergens.

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      Have had 3 septum ops. None of them worked. Suspect did more damage than benefit. One has to remember that of all senses smell is the most wonderful of all. 
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    Allergy 82347 & Richard 42536

    As a chronic Rhinitis-Sinusitis sufferer for over 50 years, I can well understand your problems.

    Please read my post of 9-2-2016, Sinus Infection-An Effective Treatment, which mirrors your problems.

    I found that I needed to move to a drier climate to avoid high humidity problems. I could predict weather changes days before they occurred, just like the humble frog. 

    Also I was extremely allergic, and my sinusitis was affected by many plant pollens, food allergies, and cigarette smoking, to name but a few.

    I tried all normal treatments-antihistamines, Sinus tablets, nasal sprays, nasal drops and inhalants. These all had some beneficial affect, but the problem was continuous with no cure until I discovered Evening Primrose Oil. One 1000mg capsule daily was a miracle cure for my problem.

    I still avoid obvious problems such as ;

    High humidity. I live in a dry climate.

    Foods. I avoid obvious problems such as nitrates and M.S.G.

    Cigarette smoking. I find it necessary to completely avoid smoking areas.

    If I cannot fully avoid these problems I take an Evening Primrose Oil capsule daily.

    I have now been free of this problem for about twenty years and a not recommend it more highly for anyone with an allergy problem, such as hayfever, rhinitis, and sinusitis.

    Try this treatment, you may be as surprised as I was.

    Regards Ray.


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    Cannot offer a simple one step solution.

    The usual presciption Steroid Nasal Spray has presumably been tried and caused more problems than it solved?

    For me the breakthrough in various allergy related problems was the link to food intolerance, which I had not expected.

    Try reading Dr Brostoff's 'Food Allergy and Intolerance' if you have not already read, and very carefully eliminate one food group after another.  Be sure to keep a diary of food eaten and symptons, and if intolerance is the issue, the symptons should appear about 36 to 48 hours AFTER the offending food is eaten, or after prolonged intake.

    Be sure also to eat a well-balanced diet as far as practicable to keep healthy while conducting the experiments.

    For me the food group which was giving problems was Salicylates, but the more usual better known culprits are Dairy, Wheat, etc.

    All Best

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    Cutting out all diary products from my diet (including all foods containing milk) completely stopped my rhinitis and throat problems. Even my skin looks better.

    I've been on all kinds of nose sprays and even capsules for acid reflux but nothing stopped my rhinitis. I have not been able to breath through my nose for years and have been constantly clearing my threat for years.

    I stopped all diary products and I used Soya Milk (which tastes similar to cows milk) and diary-free butter. Within a week I was feeling better, within two weeks I was completely symptom free. I had an ice cream and I was so blocked up that I couldn't breath.

    Try cutting diary from your diet see if it works.

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    I am from asian country and examined my body for several years also studied a little bit of nursing abroad. I also had septoplasty several years ago. A little improvement but not completely cured. In my country, there is a immune therapy which is expensive method for normal people but it could help a lot. I have allergy to mites seriously but normal time my nose doesn't react to mites. I will list what I can't do to protect my nose from sensitive reactions.

    1. no dairy products.

    2. no eating after 7 pm.

    3. eyes and nose are connected. If you use eyes much then nose becomes sensitive.

    4. not eating too too much. It trigger short of blood around your nose then it triggers a sensitive reactions. 

    5. Sleep after eating also makes your nose sensitive. nor sure about the reason.

    6. reading too much makes your eyes tired.

    7. lf you feel blocked nose when you lie down, it might be your inner skin is already bloated for some reason and if you lie down your blood goes down thus making your one nostril narrow from a lot of blood there. 

    8. I used oriental medicines often and it helped a lot. Nature is the best. Eat vegetables. It helps a lot than coke or snacks.


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