Vertigo and rhinitis

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I have suffered from rhinitis for about 12 years now.  I have used 4 different steroid nasal sprays.  They all reduced my symptoms for a short space of time but then became useless.  Now, I get a lot of sympathy from my GP but that's about it.  It's a year round thing and not just seasonal.

This morning I had a really bad dizzy spell when I got out of bed.  i also had one yesterday but it was mild.  When I went out I realised that I was walking like I was drunk.  My balance was terrible.  Consequently I went to a walk in centre and was told that there is a lot of fluid behnd my ears.  I am also very tired and have been for weeks.  They gave me some anti emetics.

I was told that if the vertigo doesn't go away or comes back I must see my GP for tests.  Mind, I'm dubious about whether he'll give me them! 

So my questions are has anyone else experienced this and what did your doctor do about it?

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    Rhinitis is always year round, it is hay fever or allergies that are temporary. Not a good idea to use the nasal sprays every day even if they help. You may have silent acid reflux which causes it to come up into your nose and gave you the fluid behind your ears.
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      Is that the same as a hiatus hernia?  My Mum had one of those.

      The doctor I spoke to today seemed to think it was the post nasal drip from my rhinitis that caused the fluid build up but I expect that this was an educated guess on her part

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      They are different but similar symptoms. I am waiting to get z proper diagnosis of mine. One thing that puzzles me is that when I bend down I get a sharp pain - a stitch - in my right side, which I never had before. It is more likely maybe that stuff from stomach comes up into the head than other way around strange as that might sound with gravity.
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      That's interesting.  I've recently started getting sharp pains just under my ribs on my left hand side but I haven't linked bending down or anything to them.  I have a hernia on my left side and just thought that those pains were due to that.  I'm slowly falling to pieces!!
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      Sorry, got confused there, the hernia is on my right hand side, not my left.  It's an incisional hernia, not a hiatus hernia
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    Hi Lesley,

    Vertigo is caused by imbalance in vestibular system which is situated in the inner ear. As you have a history of chronic rhinitis and use of steroidal nasal spray, you need to get investigated by your ENT (Ear Nose Throat) physician. If the cause of your vertigo is of ENT origin, then only anti emetics will not help. You must visit your ENT physician and check for the actual cause for vertigo. Apart from this, if rhinitis symptoms are not getting corrected with symptomatic treatment you may think of alternative medicine which gives long term relief from symptoms.

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      Thanks.  I have never seen a ENT physician.  What alternative medicine would you recommend?
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      Hi Lesley,

      To be on safer side, you may please have an ENT opinion. Alternative medicines such as Homoeopathy, Ayurveda or Acupressure etc. do help in chronic recurrent allergic illness like rhinitis. It has been observed that breathing exercises such as PRANAYAM improves your immunity and keep you away from respiratory illness. These alternative medicines have very minimal side effects which hardly affect your body. Whereas long term steroid use may have side effects which further requires different medication.

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      I would get myself a salt air pipe and use that every day. It is more likely tohelp than homoeopathy. And a lot of alternative supplements do have bad side effects but the salt pipe does not.
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    Thanks, Doc and Carmel.  I'll talk to my GP about these and seeing an ENT specialist.

    In the mean time does anyone know whether daily use of antihistamines would help?

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    Ive been suffering dizziness for almost 4 months now. It's not spinning sensation. I feel like I am in the boat or water/waving/swaying. And when I am walking or standing I feel something heavy in my head. 'Twas started last June, while I was laying in my bed and scrolling my phone I sweat and everyrhing I see was sliding and after that I feel like in a boat 24/7. I already consulted 8 doctors but nothing happen. And also visited 2 ENT and the last one said I have Allergic rhitnitis, do u its the reason I feel dizzy? Do u think I have vertigo? Anxiety or TMJ since I have braces?? Pls help me.
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      I have what sounds like the same symptoms. About three months ago I started to notice dizzyness during exercise and a week later I had it almost all the time. Nights and mornings are better -- afternoon much worse. I have sinus problems and had a brief ear pain so the ENT thought it would correct but now the ear is fine. I do get some sinus pain and some pain around TMJ. The ENT referred me to a neuroligist because he thinks it is a vestigular migrane. I had normal pain migraines years ago (I'm 51 now). The GP checked for cardio vascular issues but found nothing - normal heart beat, pressure.

      What I do know:

      1. Stress makes it much worse.

      2. Beta blockers propranonol seem to improve things (I'm on them for hypertension anyway)

      3. Teeth clenching or rough chewing makes things worse. I'm eating soft food

      4. Driving the car makes things better

      5. Upbeat attitude and sex makes things better

      6. Facial pain around sinus or temples seem to accompany worst of vertigo

      7. Heating pad seems to make things better

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    HI guys, I was diagnosed with allergy rhinitis. Went to see my ENT doctor, they gave me the nasal spray Avamys. Didn't really work well and the mucus would backflow down my throat and I would be infected with sinus instead. Lots of phlegm and blocked nose in my case. Would also get pains around the eyes and cheeks due to the tension caused by the blocked nose I would say.

    When it seems that the nasal sprays wont work, my doctor suggested to try the Turbinate Radiofrequency Treatment and so I did. If you read up more online, basically they burned the swollen turbinates in my nose to reduce their sizes via radiofrequency after giving you Local Anaesthesia. Loads of washing the nose with nasal saline solution due to crusting after procedure.

    However, it lasted less than 6 months, the turbinates grew back and enlarged. The problem still exists. The doctor then suggested the turbinoplasty procedure where General Anaesthesia will be given, knocking me out. They removed probably 3/4 of the turbinates. Again, loads of washing and 2 weeks of antibiotics.

    Doctor said the turbinates wont grow back and I hope that is true. If not, it will be a waste of procedure done like the radiofrequency one.

    But I am pleased as it is all good for now! Breathing real well! 

    You could try out a few options I supposed!

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    What does "Vertigo" mean? You can't balance or you feel lightheaded? Lack of sleep and the anxiety that comes with a condition like this could easily be the cause. You should see your GP and do a round of blood tests. See if you can get a set of head images (MRI or CT). Doctors and insurance companies don't like them because of the expense but they are very useful. If the tests come back clean, get a prescription for Xanax and try hard to relax and sleep better.

    I finished with almost 6 months of dizzyiness after sinus problems. My symptoms morphed into daily disabilititating migranes. My GP (not the ENT or Neurologist) seemed to nail the cause and while I'm still guarded about declaring victory, during the last week I'm a different person.

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    Hi. Hope you are well. Were you able to get proper medication for your lightheadedness & vertigo? I have been experiencing it for 2 years already -- accompanied by heaviness in forehead, in between eyes. I was diagnosed by ENT doctor with acute rhinosinusitis. I use 2 kinds of nasal sprays everyday but my lightheadedness doesn't go away.

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