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Hello all, Wonder if anyone can tell me re allergic reaction to Ramipril.

Been taking for 8 years, 5 mg day. 3 weeks ago I suddenly found my mouth and lips swelling up. It went away but have since had it again a couple of times. It happened in the morning before iI had anything to eat but had taken the pill 1 hour before. \\anyone similar symptoms please?

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    I have no direct experience but a consultant [surgeon] friend on ramipril had such swelling which on one occasion became very serious and he was taken off the drug. It is certainly worth discussing with your GP or consultant cardiologist.
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    Hi Have been taking ramipril 2.5 for about two years. About 18 months ago I had a period of swelling in the lips and gums. The swelling would last a couple of hours or a couple of days. This went on for about 5 months on and off. During the last 4 weeks when in bed I have been woken by fluid trickling down my throat which in turns causes me to cough and wake up. After a a few mouthfuls of water I am ok. But am feeling a little tired from disturb sleep.
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    Hi. I've been taking Ramipril for about 8 years, along with felopidine,for high blood pressure.A couple of weeks ago,my upper lip started to swell up, lasted about 4 hours. Two days later my eyelids started to swell up, first one side and then the other. I went to see my doctor who said it looked like an allergy and to take antihistamine. The swelling again went down after about 4 hours. On Monday my upper lip swelled up again, to the extent that I looked as though I'd been hit in the mouth, this lasted about 18 hours. Over the last 3 days I've developed an irritating cough, disturbing me mostly at night.

    After reading about everyone's experiences I'll go back and see my doctor to get his opinion.

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    After taking Ramparil for over 8 years along with Tiazac I did develop an allergy to Ramparil. My tongue started swelling. After getting three shot of Epi and some Benadryl the swelling went down after about 10 hours. The doctor at the hospital told me not take the medication until I talked to my GP. I have now started a new drug now called Valsartan. From the information I got from the Pharmacist it works similar to an ACE Inhibitor
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    After taking Ramipil my husband started with the annoying cough then after 3 months suddenly developed severe case of hives which caused unpleasant rash and swelling sometimes all over his body other times caused his face to swell up and had difficulty swolling back and forth to doctors for 12 weeks no one would believe it was the drug even though listed as one of side effects. Once he started with the hives and was convinced it was the drug he stopped taking it and still the hives appeared every day even on the soles of his feet! He really has suffered and not been nice to watch at at times scary. The last doctor he saw again fobbed him off but advised if he got to point he could not breath to go to A and E. Kept being told must be allergic to something given strong dose of anti hystamines but these didn't work. Two hours after last visit to GP after having gone because he had had a very bad night and covered in hives his face swelled up again by the time I got home from work he looked like someone had hit him his lip was swollen, rash on neck, and face trouble swallowing not eat or drank all day had been ill all night. Out of desperation I took him to A and E. Best thing I've done! Doctor took one look at him said it was as result of Ramipil and gave him steriods. If it does not clear it up he said to take him back and he will be admitted to hospital. My husband has never been allergic to anything before we knew it was Ramipril but no one would listen! He has been given different blood pressure tablets and I curse the day he took that drug. I've talked to several people all had different problems with it, cheap nasty drug. He has been very unlucky and had a severe reaction to it just hope he can get it out of his system and get better now without any long term effects. If your GP won't listen print this off and take it and if still no joy go to your hospital for help. The A & E doctor is sending a letter to the GP's and said there is no doubt Ramipril has done this even though he came off it 12 weeks ago thank God he did or I would have been dialing 999 by now!

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    hi adrian

    been on ramipril 8 years had minor swelling in face once every 6 weeks 

    2 weeks ago i was rusher to a and e and kept in resuss for 26 hours been through hell last 2 weeks been to hospital 8 times.

    they say its the ramipril so stopped them as i write this i have just returned from hospital they have given me an epipen

    please look up epipen adrenaline

    swollen face swollen hands throat closing

    severe itchy rash unable to walk

    the only thing that stoppes it is heavy dose steriods

    seeing the specialist friday

    i dont want to frighten you look into this as soon as possible 

    they said when they took me in it was life threatning

    my email is 


    best regards


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    I started taking ramipril and after a week had a severe attack of angiodema which lasted for 3 days despite taking prednisolone and my antihistamines. Advised to stop which I did. I do have a history of angiodema and severe allergy to nuts and kiwi.


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    Hello, I have just read your post, I have been taking ramapril for 10 months and seemed to be fine, in the last 2 months I have developed swelling of upper lip and eyes, Some days it happens and others not ! I have tried to eliminate food and cosmetics and it seems to be worse after drinking alcohol, I am now worried that it might be ramapril. I have developed a phobia of the BP machine and having some councelling for this but I have no idea what my bp is because I can't take it without panicking! So don't know if GP will let me stop ramapril but worried the allergy will get worse! Can you offer any advice please
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      trust me i have been through it all

      the swelling is called angioedema which is latin for swelling

      over time it will be more frequent and it also causes 

      urticaria why it becomes life threatning the swelling can go to the throat and close the airways thats what happened to me its called anaphylaxis if you get hoarness in your speech and a bad sore throat

      phone an ambulance dont go to the hospital yourself the ambulance team have adrenalin on board thats the treatment they put adrenalin drip to lower the swelling i have to carry adrenalin epi pen with me fo go to the doctor and you need to see a immunolagist a tip for you when you have swelling or any rash take pictures of it

      to be able to show the doctors cause when you see the doctor you might not have swelling that day any help you need just ask no problem ask the doctor can you come of ramipril a horrible nasty cheap drug dont have any tablet ending with pril

      i am on amlodipine for my bp now

      my problem is now the ramipril damaged my immune system

      thats why you need that consultant my swelling started just like yours

      a little bit at a time i am not trying to scare you have it checked out better to be safe than sorry mine was the worst case they seen  

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      Thank you so much for your reply, I am definitely going to GP ASAP - I am worried now, what an awful experience you have had, hope you're well now? Bloody medication, it's a nightmare, how long did you start having swelling before the terrible episode at hospital? I can't believe we are given such medication! I am dealing with this ASAP,

      I don't want to worry you but I took amlodipine prior to ramapril! that was awful, horrific side effects after 1 yr of taking, my leg kept going dead in bed on a night to the point I broke my foot and started with depression which is a very common issue with amlodipine, please read the threads on here about amlodipine, there's loads. Look after yourself. Take care


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