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  • paola99627 1


    Hi there all, I wonder if anyone has experienced itching arms and legs (urticaria) due to the Ramipril? I've been taking the medicine for about 6 years. Could this happen after all these years? It's driving me mad!!

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  • Guest M
  • renee89806 2

    Week 3 of Ramipril !

    Week 1 I saw dramatic decreases in my blood pressure down to 126/80 (single dose) Week 2 bp down to 113-120/79! (Double dose started Week 3 BP seems to be flatlining at 130-148 so is actually increasing Has anyone experienced this?? Also - side effects I'm experiencing are night sweats, dull...

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  • heather 72097 2
  • Poshfrock 1

    Reaction to Ramipril

    Help! I had to go into hospital on Dec 2nd after a bout of chest pain in Nov. The angiogram showed normal arteries, but that i had \"BROKEN HEART SYNDROME\"following big sadness the day before.The MRI scan showed slight swelling of part of the heart, they gave overall diagnosos of myocarditis....

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  • Guest M

    Ramipril cough

    Have been on Ramipril now for about 5 months and the only side effects I have noticed is that damed cough and a very dry mouth especially overnight. The cough isn't all the time but once it starts with a dry tickle at the back of your throat it can be quite a vigorous bout of coughing. This sometimes...

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  • dawn01953 1


    I been on ramipril for 2 weeks the low dose and got Constance spasm in my lower back Has anyone else suffered this

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  • lynnetteruth 2

    Ramipril Issues

    I was prescribed 2.5mg per day of this drug and took it for two weeks in which time my hair started badly falling out and I was pretty constantly in the loo needing a wee. I then stopped the medication a week ago and am seeing my doctor on Tuesday (earliest appointment) but have been feeling dizzy and...

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  • robert99984 1


    Hi - just joined today after searching for side effects of Ramipril. I have got to the stage where I probably need councilling for constant anxiety over symptoms that I have had for months.  I am also on a low dose of citalpram for anxiety.   My anxiosness is caused by fear of something seriously wrong...

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  • DCCDave 2

    Ramapril and High BP

    I have been using Ramipril for several months now and have gone through all of the usual side effects. My BP currently varies between 110/55 up to 195/95. For the past 6 months my GP's have been conducting trials having been taken off Bendrofloumethiazide.  I am taking 10mg at 2200 every night and the...

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  • sue 63828 2
  • sharon53787 2

    Reduced dose

    Hi. Has anyone reduced their dose of ramipril from 2.5mg to 1.25mg and had any withdrawal symptoms.

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  • teresa25038 2

    Side effects of ramipril

    I have been on ramipril for 18 months I have hypothyroidism and was told need to reduce my thyroxine which then created high blood pressure. The side effects of ramipril was really painful itchy hands and stomache issues and incredibly low blood pressure causing dizziness . My thyroid also stopped working....

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  • linda45310 1

    Tired and headache with rampril

    My dad who is 80 is on 5mg of rampril for high bp but is getting headache and tired all the time, doc has told him to go onto 10mg of rampril, but I am not sure if he should as if these are the side effects on 5mg will they be worse on 10 mg

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  • Alexandra123 3


    Have been taking Ramiprol 5mg for 3yrs and have been fine.  Recently had the dose upped to 10mg and can't keep awake.  Well -not quite true but am sleeping  much more than normal - dozing off during the afternoons as well as sleeping about 10 hours at night and feel quite floaty.  Has anyone else suffered...

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  • GBTravel 1

    How long does this go on...?

    I have been on Ramipril for just 10 days and I am so tired. My eyes look like I have not slept for a week, (although I do sleep OK). My GP did not mention any side effects and I only discovered this when I Googled it. So......How long does this go on? Will I ever start to feel 'normal' again? I will...

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  • stephanie74755 1

    Tired, yawning, feeling cold and dizzy

    My GP increased my dose from 5 to 10mg a few weeks ago. I started to feel tired, now exhausted and dizzy. No side effects from Ramipril over the last few years on 5 mg dose. Think I need to get it reviewed. Can't really function like this.

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  • Simon H 1

    Ramipril joint pain side effect

    I have been taking Ramipril 10mg for a few months now. I have experienced the tickly cough, but not often so thats ok, the one problem I'm worried by is joint pain. I went from 5mg to 7.5mg to 10mg it has been whilst I have been on this higher dose that my arm joint to my shoulder have started to...

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  • ally26070 2

    How long does it take for Rampirol to reduce BP?

    Hi every one I've just joined the group ,as now on Rampirol. Just had the dose increased from 1.25 to 2.5 I'm so tired I could cry , my elbows knees and fingers hurt and I'm Reading this is common !! I'm Also on altorvastatin . When did you see any continual change/ reduction in your BP? And if my...

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  • Tinkestral 1


    Hi all, Hope every one is well.. I have been on ramipril for almost 4 years. Started on a low dose and have been on 10mg since. About six months ago i started experiencing strange sensations off falling feeling and as though i was walking round with concrete boots on. I have thought about everything...

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  • heathfield55 2

    Want to come off ramipril

    I have been taking ramipril 5mg for about five years now and am really unsure wether they are benfitting my blood pressure and whether they are giving me side effects. I am 59 years old, retired, slim build and very active (cycling,swimming etc) but previously my diet was not great.. About a month ago...

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  • heather 72097 2


    I have just started getting joint pain and insomnia and am on 2.5 Ramapril. Been on them for 3 years but these are new side effects. I have just been told that it depends on which chemist you get them from. Anybody had this experience?

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  • Guest M

    side effects of taking ramipril

    Having taken ramipril for several months now, I find that having a sore throat has now become a sore mouth,besides the annoying cough.also veins in my legs appear to be bursting, and red spots almost like blood blister are apperaing anywhere on my body, has anyone else experienced these effects

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  • heather 72097 2


    Find it difficult sleeping and sore upper arm joints. Could this be the 2.5 Ramapril?

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  • matts mum 1

    Ramipril side effects that dreadful cough

    have been taking Ramipril for 3 months now and at first didnt link the dreadful cough with this drug until I researched it on the web. I have developed a dreadful dry tickly cough which starts at the back of the throat and immediately starts to make my eyes water. The coughing then starts to go into...

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  • heather 72097 2

    Raised Blood Glucose

    Has anyone found that their blood glucose has been raised due to taking Ramapril? Been on it two and a held years and just discovered my blood glucose is raised 6.6. GP going to double my tablet (on 2.5 at the minute). Not sure if I really want this without finding out a bit more. Any help greatly appreciated.

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  • kevin87783 2

    Ramipril and vision problems

    Hello Has anybody suffered vision problmes when taking Ramiril? I am 56yrs old, diagnosed stable angina but elected to have a stent fitted last year. Im on asprin, clopidogril, ramipril and statin. I was raised up to 10mg Ramipril and since then I have suffered severe eye pain in my left eye, headaches...

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  • thomas527 1

    Ramipril: Depression, Anxiety, Chronic fatigue, Muscle weakness

    Hi all,     56 y/o/m with the above symptoms. Chronic Fatigue, Muscle weekness, some mild joint and back pain. Most recently Depression and Anxiety have been heightened to a point where I have had to miss work. I just "couldn't do my life" today. Near as I can trace back, the symptoms started shortly...

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  • Grey 1

    V Loud Tinitus

    Hi I have recently started with V loud Tinnitus, quite frankly driving me mad. I have had it for many years in a bearable mild form, being mostly able to live normally and just ignore it. So I'm on a mission to try and weed out anything that may contribute, including a long list of what are commonly...

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  • jobooth 1

    Ramipril for 1 week side effdct

    I have been taking ramipril 5mg for 1 week for hypertension cause unknown. Age 35. Last night I took and felt dizzy, slept and woke up with awful headache couldn't talk properly, no strength to move and slept all day finding it hard to wake. Had telephone app with doc said bug and not ramipril but...

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  • paul64554 1

    Lowering BP

    Hi all, First time poster on here, just want a bit of advice. New with high BP. Male 41 yrs old. Active in the gym, running and biking with a average BP of 145/93. Dr put me on amlodipine first but the sides were horrible. Been put on ramipril 2.5mg a day been on these 2 days and my BP went down...

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  • jc217 1

    Coming off ramipril

    Hi I have been taking 5mg ramipril / 5 mg Amlodipine for H Bp for approx 5 years. In past year have experienced ED, and now osteoarthitus in hip quite bad. Am 51 so trying to avoid hip replacement for few years.  Been looking at side effects of Ramipril, my BP approx 125 / 75 so thing reducing and then...

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  • jan39642 1

    Side effect of ramipril - difficulty taking deep breaths

    My GP has taken me off ramipril and I am wondering if this difficulty in taking deep breaths has troubled anyone else.   It is not on exertion so GP does not seem to think it is a really serious problem, but she did mention angina!       In some ways it feels like an anxiety attack even though I feel...

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  • may01869 2

    Depressed when Ramipril gonna work with my BP lower

    Hello I am just new in here wanna ask if how many weeks does this meds works? Been taking Ramipril 2.5 mg. For almost 2 weeks my BP still a bit high like 160/100. Does anyone in here had that experience like bad dairhead? Clamy and dizzy.

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  • rodker 1

    Mum 91 with dementia

    My mum has been prescibed 1.25mg yesterday - warnings alert fluresomide water tablet and rhumatoid athriritis - she has both - it has been prescibed for spasmodic high blood pressure our mum has never really suffered with she has stand alone AF and may be sufferign with a chest infection igniored and...

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