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I've  just been diganosed with OS in my lower spine. This is only 2.5 years after having a mildly bulging disc - guess it got worse!

Without writing reames and reames of how I'm completly confused about my condition, has anyone, anywhere been able to irradicate the morning pain.

Being positive, if I could just do something about this, I'd feel a lot better about my condition.

Kind regards


Many thanks in advance


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    Sorry I meant ALLEVIATE!!! biggrin
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    Hello, I am not sure what you condition OS is. All i can say is i have Osteo Arthritis in my spine and i suffer stiffness and pain especially in the mornings. I find that gentle stretching helps. Lie flat on the bed and pull your knees up towards your chest and hold for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times. Hope this helps. What does OS stand for please.


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      Thanks and sorry for all the typing errors. When I wrote OS, I meant OA which was supposed to be short for osteoarthritis. Really not being careful!

      What I›m interested in trying to gauge is the sort of pain that people experience.

      I have read that stretching in the morning in bed helps, but at the moment my pain is quite sharp and the uncomfortable feeling lasts for 1-2 hours then it subsides for a few hours, although I still feel numb pain and stiffness.

      I appreciate the way people feel pain is different, and if you›re not happy you should consult the doctor. But everything I›ve read is about managing the pain and dealing with occasional flare-ups, which suggests to me that my pain shouldn›t be as bad.

      At the moment it›s difficult to understand without surgery how the condition can be tolerable.

      So my question is aimed at general sufferers of how they experience and manage the pain.

      Hope that makes sense....


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      I've had 2 THR's now if i go back to before that the morning was always the worst time.  I took a couple of paracetamol first thing then did a few stretching exercises and started moving and it gradually went

      I'm sorry thats all I can tell was more of an ache than a pain first thing in the morning


      Eileen   UK

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      Hello again I thought that you meant Osteoarthritis. That is what i have, had it for 15 years and still only in my 50's There is no cure or operation for this as it's wear and tear. It's about managing the pain of which i suffer every day and to different degrees. Again i find the stretching exercise are best and gentle walks, thou this is not easy for me as i also have mobility problems due to Septic arthritis in my knee from childhood.I have also had two knee replacements on the left knee. I have tried everything going on the market. Herbal heat pads can help and i take Naproxen and Gaberpentin at the moment. Can i ask what meds your on. Keeping as active as you can and not putting on a lot of weight can help thou a lot of meds i have had over the years can cause weight gain, it can be a losing battle. Can i also ask how old you are, you don't have to say, just wondered as you may be able to be more active than i am. Swimming is good to as it's non weight bearing.

      Best wishes 


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      Thanks for the reply sorry about the slow response. I'm trying to avoid pills the Dr. puts me on a course of muscle relaxants and anti-inflams. They work, but I won't take them continually. I'm 42 and have been active. I'm walking for an hour an evening. The doctor said I could run lightly, it seemed counter-intutive, but I've yet to try. I'm going to try supported weight machines too.

      I really prefer the gym to swimming, but may have to switch. I'm a runner, I think that's what I'm best at.

      My issue with all this is I stil haven't worked out to what degree one can be pain free - at the moment I feel it constantly.

      I've heard there are some people who have it but it doesn't bother them....!

      Also I've heard that your body can somehow adjust and cope with the pain.

      I like the sound of stem cell therapy the best.



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      I dont think you can ever be pain free completely with arthritis

      You can only manage it...I know thats not what you want to hear.....sorry.

      Do you need to use a stick? Would that help at all.  I remember how i fought against a stick at the beginning,then a four wheel walker {spinal problems} but not all the time.

      Now its crutches permanently

      So dont be to quick to think about first THR didnt work particularly well.....I wasnt much better after it....still some 2nd one 13 months ago is the one that has left me on crutches permanently.

      Doing an exercise they said, and there was a crack and a bone at the top of my leg fractured and it will never heal

      I know its your spine.....but they argued between themselves was it my hip or was it my spine......hip doc said it was referred pain from the spine,  Back doc said no it was referred pain from my hip to my back

      They wouldnt operate on my spine anyway they said.

      Sorry this is such a "down" post

      Just trying to be realistic.

      I still drive, I volunteer for arthritis care, I have meetings here there anbd everywhere.  I do a lot in our church as well. I have a lot of friends.

      On various committees ......ourGP for instance.

      Its not the end of your might have to adapt a bit but most things are "doable"

      I was told by a very wise nurse when I left the hospital.......take the meds you are given......dont play catch up with the pain......keep on top of it.

      Doesnt work trying to play catch up

      Hope you find some useful hints from others


      Eileen  UK


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      I like the sound of stem cell therapy too. As you have not had OA for long you are best to keep active, thou weight bearing exercise would not be the best. You may not have to rely on meds at the moment but in time you may have to. Keep positive and pace yourself. OA pain is variable but after suffering most of my life since aged 11 i am now in constant pain and that is with meds. Wishing you the best.


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    Thanks to you all kind ladies. Thanks for your considered answers...I'm in a period of trying to work out what is working for me.

    I'll defintely still be hitting the gym, picking of the exercises to see which is causing me most problems etc.

    You'd think there would be some kind of timed heat release. I use

    Capsaicin after a hot shower really works well for me. Now how can that be timed for about an hour before I get up. How!? Has anybody invited this? Can you have a timed TENS machine?

    Other than that I will have to get up early and work it off. The trouble is I have a 3 year old and one on the way!

    It's going to be interesting...!



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