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  • wendy47988 2

    Spinal oa

    Hi I wanted to ask a few questions. I'm 29 female. Last year I had a car accident and saw a chiropractor after for low back pain I was having. I never really felt pain before the accident. Lately I've been noticing pain now in my thoracic and upper back as well. I started googling and came across spinal...

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  • daphine28576 3
  • caringbah 4

    I'm weighing up surgery on my thumb joints

    I have osteo arthritis of both thumb joints. I'm 70, still very active ( currently on a skiing holiday) and work full time in my business. My condition is getting increasingly painful. I get by with painkillers. I have seen a surgeon but I'm really concerned about the long recovery time.  Has anyone...

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  • brenda57176 1

    severe pain

    Ive been diagnosed with degenerative osteoarthritis about 3 years ago; after my MRI; i am in pain 24/7; i have it all over my body; not a place in my body doesnt hurt.  I sleep terrible; i have NO medical; im on panado painpills; recently bloodpressure bilocor and anti inflammatories; i tried lyrica;...

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  • louise 48509 2


    I work full time but I'm off sick at the moment due to my knee locking. Osteoarthritis for the last 4 years. I've been referred for a knee replacement. My question is, is arthritis covered by the equality act? I really don't feel able to go back to work yet, I work in a massive diy store and I'm on my...

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  • silvana4865 2

    Bedridden with hip osteoarthritis

    Hello, hoping someone can give me advise. In the last 6 months my hip has got worse with osteoarthritis. This week I can not walk, crippling pain to the point Oramorph doesn't work. I'm only 52 its been brought on quickly for reasons my consultant discovered I was born with hip dysplasia. I am on...

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  • susan67756 4
  • llmercll 2

    Arthritis or something else?

    Hi everyone, I'm a 28M who is 6"5 and obese. I've lately been having knee pain in both my knees although my left is slightly worse. The pain is minor but noticable, and extended walking seems to make it feel better. It's the worst when I'm sitting and only walk a short distance before sitting again....

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  • bluetechseeker 2

    New member, long time sufferer :(

    Hi, everyone.  New member, but have been suffering from OA for the last 27 years.  Started when I was 26 years old as severe pain and swelling in hands and fingers while doing piece work at a factory, and has progressed and spread from there.  I had bilateral knee replacements in January 2014, three...

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  • dave5255 1

    sat up now since 3 am with pain in my hip

    Im 57   have my own little building business, I was born with a shorter left leg with limited movement in it. My right leg as compensated for it all these years but as affected my right hip.  I have good weeks and bad weeks. I had an injection in the hip  but it didnt work.

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  • Sws 2
  • carla31496 1
  • lisa2512 3

    Arthritis meds affecting menstrual cycle?

    Hi all! Recently I've been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis along with Rheumatoid and Fibromyalgia and each month my period has been late. Its always been on time and the same with some changes here and there. Is this beda use of the changes my body is going through? The medicines I'm taking? Does anyone...

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  • mel49703 2

    Pain management

    Hi all, my first post.   Like most of you on here I have was diagnosed with OA a couple of years ago.  The problem I have is that it is now getting progressively worse.  I have it in my hips, lower back, knees and shoulders.  I am in constant pain now, particularly in the lower back and hips, and I...

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  • bb123 3

    Musculoskeletal and arthritis in Ribs?

    I've been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knees and hip. I was also diagnosed with musculoskeletal pain and arthritis is my spine. My doctor say I also have arthritis in the ribs and that they are "winged". Has anyone had any experience with the rib pain?

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  • Nutters 3

    New lease of life!

    I'm posting here in the hope that my experience may help some of you in the early states of osteoarthritis.  I am 52 and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis last October - in my cervical and thoracic spine, hips, knees, feet and hands. I had suddenlty found my joints becoming very tender and stiff with...

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  • youpicat 3


    Hi everyone. To introduce myself I will just say I have so many bone issues. I have been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis and break very easily. Two months ago broke a shoulder just by placing my hand on the ground. Then had a fall and broke my lumber no. 3. I am as a result in a wheelchair and will...

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  • Lina3x 2

    looking for answers

    Hi everyone, Like so many of you I am searching for answers. I have OA in neck and spine, although I have been told by rhuematologist that it is early stages. My query is that if it is early stages then why am I in so much pain with clicking neck, headaches, fogginess and dizziness at times. I also have...

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  • kimberly80167 1
  • adele64313 1
  • jo42444 3

    Plaquenil for Osteoarthritis

    I was diagnosed with osteo in hands and feet. This was after 2 and a half years. I was first diagnosed with Polymyalgia rheumatica and was put on steroids for 22 months. Switched rheumatologist who advised this was wrong and to get off steroids. I did and things are much worse. Both shoulders, both...

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  • noplaybarbie 5

    Severe Osteoarthritis all over my body...

    Hi, I am new to this forum, and really am seeking any information I can find. Just wondering if anyone knows of or has osteoarthritis all over, I mean everywhere. I have it in my feet, ankles, knees, hips, spine, hands, fingers, and elbows and shoulders. My right hip is gone I need a total hip replacement,...

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  • dian2 2

    Osteo. down right side

    Hello. I have just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my shoulder, hand, wrist and knee all down the right side. The pain started in the knee first then the hand then the shoulder and the elbow. Is it possible for it to then continue down the left side as I am now getting pain in the left knee and...

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  • lesley1954 3

    Degenerative disc disease

    I have posted on the forums before. I suffer with degenerative disc disease which is affecting most of my spine. In my neck it is affecting c1/c2, c2/c3, c3/c4, c4/c5, c5/c6, c6/ c7, t1, and t2. In my lumber spine quite a few discs have herniated making my back pain unbearable. I also suffer with atrial...

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  • farrangi 1


    i have been suffering knee and hip chronic osteoarthritis pain for 4 months...  i have to use two canes or a walker to move around in my house.... on some days the pain is so bad that i can only get around by walking on all fours (on my hands and knees) like an animal it's pretty awful to see a human...

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  • KillOGrange 2

    Anyone else recovering from surgery?

    Hi all, I am just recovering after  6 weeks now and all is going well.  I didnt expect the cast to be so restrictive and as I drive stick shift, driving is out.  An enforced rest!  So far so good, hope it is really worth this time out of my life .Had to take long break from work.

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  • steve02843 1

    OA knee braces

    Anybody have experience with Don Joy Clima Flex or other knee braces? I have had these a few days and they seem cumbersome and do not stay in place. To some degree they seem to reduce stress on knee but difficult to manage and the tightness required is uncomfortable in other ways.

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  • KimmyC77 2

    Why won't anyone diagnose Osteoarthritis.

    Ok i'm new to this!!  For the past 6 years i have had left hip pain on and off.  Recently, my right hip has went the same way, but unlike previous times with my left hip, i am struggling to recover!!  I'm in alot of pain, find it hard to move around sometimes.  The joint isn't swollen and an xray showed...

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  • charlotte 89045 1

    Ankle replacement or Fusion

    I was diagnosed with end stage osteoarthritis in sept 16 after having ligament surgery. Since then the pain has been getting increasingly worse and having a knock on effect with my mobility etc. I had an injection in Jan but it only lasted about 3 weeks my surgeon said it should last about 3 months....

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  • Guest M

    I am a 44 year old nurse,who has just been diagnosed wit...

    I am a 44 year old nurse,who has just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis.I have been told i can no longer do my job,and been off work now for 9 months.I have it in my wrist,knees and right hip.At the moment i feel very angry,that my career has gone,and that im sat home all day doing not alot due to...

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  • bob51648 2

    sore upper back and neck

    When sitting, I encd up with a sore upper back and neck. It is very sore. It happens when I attend meetings and church. I am currently on paracetomol and tramadol. There are some meetings I need to attend but I cannot concentrate on the topic. Any suggestions, please.

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  • elizabeth04821 2

    Arthritis now really bad .

    I was diagnosed as having arthritis in both my knees, my hips and my lower back  2 years ago . I was sent for physio which helped a bit  but now it's unbearable , I can hardly walk . I was sent to physion again but have been twice now they want to discharge me , I asked if I could have one more appointment...

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  • KillOGrange 2

    6 wks after surgery on left hand

    Hi,, I have just had fibre glass cast removed after four weeks, had a plaster cast for first two weeks.  No arthritic pain but my hand is very stiff from being in cast and I have to do physio and be really careful not to use the thumb for next six weeks - well I just couldnt bear the cast any more. I...

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  • derek76 6

    Mobility Scooter questions

    For someone who wants to get out and about but does not want to drive on roads what are the most inportant decisions before buying a scooter. It will not need to be dismantled to go into a car. How possible is to get one into a lift ? Our building has a garage with a power point reserved for scooters...

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  • yvonne39426 2

    Feet agony to walk

    I have osteoarthritis in my elbow, wrists..hands...some joints in left foot and every severe Affecting every bone in left foot....also carpal tunnel in both hands and tendonitis In both ankles/ main problem is walking at times I cannot put my feet on the Floor as its just to

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