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Hello guys, I hope everyone is dealing with this as best as they can. I caught glandular fever in June 2017, its now April 2019. The virus has left a lasting legacy on me, never in all my life have I been that ill. Now I am on levothyroxine medication as the virus made my thyroid under active. Not only that my mental health took a hit with it to. Depression and anxiety flaring up at various times. Its not all doom and gloom, I do feel a hell of a lot better but I doubt ill ever get back to myself pre glandular fever. I want to give people who are just starting out with this virus. You will recover however it takes a long time and obviously when you are suffering patience goes out the window. I try to keep myself as well as possible. I work 37 hours per week and cycle most days to work. Equating to 30 miles per week. Which at the start of the virus would seem impossible. I do have to be honest though I have no motivation for anything really. Whether its a moderate depression I am not sure but I try my best. Hopefully one day they will come up with a direct remedy to kill this virus before it causes misery to people.

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    thank you for your story

    it helps me feel like someday ill have a normal life....

    glad to hear youre exercising

    i hit 8months a few days ago havnt worked out since i got hit.

    just light yoga -

    this is so scary and hard to face

    and things dont seem to get better at times they feel worse

    many symtptoms have come /gone but some are sitting here seem to be worse -


    my legs are jelly and weak

    pain/back pain

    worse when i use them?

    to name a few

    i feel unstable

    so difficult

    what were some of your symptoms?

    i keep thinking this will fade but seem stuck

    wishing for a cure

    we should not have to go through this....

    i got hit overnight

    life was good

    yoga etc

    i am so healthy

    why do we get hit so hard?


    im feeling the mental effects too

    very tough to go through this....

    stories and people on this forum are all i have.....

    healing prayers to you and happy to hear youre working and exercising

    i had to quit my job....

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      thank u

      good to know

      glad to hear youre on your way......

      im at 8months


      the aches/pains/muscle issues.....

      mechanical issues etc

      im still limited right now

      feeling stagnant really~

      still dealing with this beast

      im reading people start to see a shift at about month 10

      fingers crossed

      keep on cycling!!!!

      i cannot wait to work out

      chomping at the bit here

      healing prayers to you


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      It's good to see a message from you Mono too - wishing you a Happy Easter, and very much hoping that things are moving forward and looking up for you and your family at the moment. Thanks as always for your continued support and encouragement of everyone on the site, I can assure anyone reading your posts that you know more than most all about the depths and despair of this dreadful virus and very much hoping that you are doing well at the moment.


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    how did you catch this

    its confusing as some say reactivation and then you hear about kids sharing drinks and getting it?.....

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      i was blind sided

      did yoga one night worked/normal day

      woke up hit me on my way to work

      like a mac truck!

      been sick ever since

      had no idea something like this was out there

      knew of mono/ebv

      but thought it was nbd

      i was wrong

      this also has given me anxiety/depression i guess

      no throat stuff though

      just a swollen painless gland on right side throat area~



      i think we need to start thinking less about living on Mars and more about everyone suffering with this and a cure!

      annoying the whole concept

      these viruses have been here since turn of the century




      im not impressed

      i could go on

      ill stop now.....

      take care

      all on this forum are always in my prayers.......

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      Hi Starr,

      I might have said this before in our messages can't remember, but wanted to share information I read once somewhere regarding the EBV virus and mono, and it helped me in terms of understanding how the virus can stay at the same tough level for such a long time and then how a big step forward can be taken in a short space of time after that.

      The thing I read said that if you imagine maybe a less awful virus than mono, maybe a common cold, being the shape of a square, what happens is your body makes antibodies to block the shape of a square and has done this and within a few days / week or whatever has nullified the virus.

      With EBV, the difficulty seems to be that if the virus is the shape of a square, your body goes through that process of making antibodies to fit the shape of a square, but by the time it's done that the virus has changed shape to maybe a triangle. Then the body makes the antibodies for the triangle but by the time it's done that it might have changed to another shape again, and so on. Hence why it seems so hard to get on top of this virus and why it can be so long lasting.

      BUT the encouraging and good news is that somewhere down the line the virus trips itself up and changes back to a shape that is previously was, so it might after several months change back to a square again but this time your body already has the antibodies pre-ready for the square shape and can block it right away - again hence why things can change so quickly with this thing and not to be discouraged if you feel for a long period like you're not making much progress, because it can easily be the case that a big breakthrough came come all of a sudden with this thing.

      I'm not totally sure if that is entirely right what I've written but I did read something along those lines many years ago, and it helped me in a strange way to understand why this virus can be so difficult to get on top of but also provided hope and knowledge that your body does get on top of it eventually and does defeat this thing!

      Sorry for the long-winded explanation, just thought I would share and hoping that you are feeling settled and stable today - and remember a BIG step forward and change can happen with this thing after a long period of suffering / not much progressing - so hold onto hope and remember God is on your side with this, He is the great I Am.


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      thanks Craig!

      makes sense

      i again thank u for all of your input

      it helps so much

      i feel like things come /go &


      and other things are stuck

      so at 8 months feeling like- is this it?

      so confusing......

      im not pushing myself as i want my body to have every fighting chance to abolish this virus!

      it feels like its taking so long and im ready to live again.....ughhhh

      i hope you had a settled blessed Easter wknd!

      and have a great wk ahead!


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      Thanks Starr,

      Just wondering how you are feeling today, hoping today can be a peaceful and settled one. I think you're being wise and sensible by not pushing yourself too hard, you just need to listen to your body day to day with this thing, some days you may feel able to do more than others - if you can keep doing small things like a short walk on days you feel able to, the fresh air can really help, or seeing friends / doing something you enjoy can boost your spirit and morale, these things are important during recovery too, but I know it's all dependent upon how you're feeling each day. This thing is not gonna win the day Starr, you are going to get back to a normal and healthy lifestyle again, I still truly believe that because God is the great healer - all things are possible to those who believe.

      I know it's not easy though to keep holding on, God understands that too so don't beat yourself up if there are days finding it hard to hold on. God understands and He never leaves you. Going through this virus can feel like going through a very dark and depressing tunnel, but believe me Starr even though you might not be able to see it now there is light at the end of that tunnel, you will get through and it and are getting through it, and you WILL get the victory thanks to God.

      Thinking about you still and praying today will be one where the Holy Spirit falls afresh on you to give you new strength, belief, hope and energy. God's hand is moving in your situation Starr - I believe that. I'm still praying for you be assured.


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    Hello Jelley,

    It sounds like you have done amazingly well to get back to a full and active lifestyle again after this dreadful virus. I really want to reassure and encourage you that your body will continue to get stronger and stronger - for example even though I was doing much better after 2 years, I still felt fragile in some areas and I seen that I had taken even more steps forward after 3 years than I had after 2 - so keep remembering that Jelley your body rebuilds over a gradual period and eventually you get to the point where you just feel like your body is able to cope and live a normal life again. There will still be more progress and improvements to come, even after 21 months, so hang in there - I actually had a bit of a relapse at 21 months I remember and it frightened me but thankfully it settled down quickly, so these kind of things still can happen at this stage and you will grow stronger again!

    Thinking of you Jelley and totally agreeing hoping they can find a direct remedy to kill this virus in the future, it causes so much pain and suffering for people and wouldn't wish it on anyone.


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      Thanks a lot Craig your support has been brilliant. During those dark days when I didn't know if I would get better. You kept reassuring me and I thank you for that

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      Thanks for your kind words Jelley, I really do appreciate them and hope and pray you can continue to see breakthrough and improvement. I know how much I need reassurance and encouragement too, especially when I fall like I do so often, just grateful to God for His mercy and help for me even in my foolishness. Praise God.

      Happy Easter to you and your loved ones Jelley, very much wishing it can be one of hope and happiness for you - keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.


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