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Aloe vera stopped my Demodex blepharitis. Try it it's easy.

ALOEEYE: A solution for my 60 plus year acceptance and defiance of Demodex blepharitis infestation of my eyelashes. For 60 years I have suffered with this daily frustration. I had tried all, and nothing had worked. Until Aloe.

25 weeks ago while cleaning a fresh aloe vera, Aloe blepharitis, I applied a small piece of the freshly cut leaf to my eyes, as well as my face and hands. I knew that aloe has properties that are beneficial to ones skin. I said maybe, why not, it's one of many, blah blah, and said this may work to minimize the Demodex blepharitis that was been my longest frenemy. The next morning on awakening and doing my daily ritual of eye attack, I noticed less crumble. Odd. I did not think of the results for the rest of the day. The same day I prepared another Aloe to drink and again used the skins still containing gel to bathe my eyes and face and hands letting the gel dry in place. There was no irritation from the Aloe gel that was left on the skin or eyes.

The next morning on initiating my daily eye ritual I noticed virtually no eye crumble.

This time I said maybe the Aloe is responsible. I said this with an assurance as NOTHING HAD WORKED in the past. So.

This third day I did the same with a freshly cut leaf that had drained of it's latex, the yellow liquid that flows so freely from the leaf when cut for several hours. NOTE, the latex is an irritant and a laxitive so be aware. My eyes, face and hands were once again bathed in Aloe gel.

The next morning it was conclusive that the Aloe had vanished the mites. Even less than the virtually no mites of the previous morning.

For 25 weeks now I have been applying the gel some days on some days off but consistently over 80% of the days Aloe was used. I would even apply the gel 3 to 5 days a day from the skins of the cut aloe. To date, 4 Oct 2017, no irritation of eyes, face or hands. AND NO MITES.

NO Eye Crumble. 

Will this work on all I do not know. I do know it worked and continues to work for me.

Hope this helps many.

PAZ from Chiapaz, Mexico


Today, 4 October 2017. I am still free of Demodex blepharitis. I have reduced my application of the Aloe gel to two to three times a week.

Today I also began a test of the effectiveness of the Aloe in threating Demodex blepharitis on my twin sons, aged 5 years 9 months. I will apply the gel three times a day for one week. I will take photos of the eyelashes each day. I took a photo today before the first application.  PAZ 

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  • mary72917 mary72917 cis06398 totally confused. Are you talking about a Plant or a Drink and where do I get It.

    • cis06398 cis06398 mary72917

      sorry to have confused. aloe vera is a plant and one can make a drink. Aloe barbadensis is the species. it is the plant that we are using to cure Demodex blepharitis. one simply cuts a small slice and rubs the inside gel on your eyelids, that's it. try it if you suffer from this nasty bug. if i can help you more let me know.

      one may easily find the plant in most horticultural or nursery shops.

  • hopeful too hopeful too cis06398

    How is the aloe working now? How do you know you have the mites?  What have you tried in the past?  I think I have demodex and I know I have blepharitis and meglobian gland disorder.  Now my husband and kids have itchy eyes too. Doctors say it isn't contagious?  I don't believe them.

    All of us have eyelashes falling out.  Do you?  I have the most and one of my daughters.  My husband and two other children do also, but not as much.  We need help!

    • cis06398 cis06398 hopeful too

      hola,  firstly i am not a doctor . i am though one who suffered from  Demodex blepharitis. and after using Aloe vera I am happily without the same effects that troubled me for so many years. as i mentioned i am trying the same on my kids, who were likely infected my sleeping n my pillow. they are showing tremendous improvement after four days of applying the Aloe. To be certain that the mites have colonized your famlies eye's you need to visit a ophthalmologist. he will look at your eyes and determine if indeed it is Demodex blepharitis. as to the other issues you are suffering i have no idea if allow will help. BUT i can certainly say that there is no harm in trying to use the gel of Aloe vera. It is easy to come by at most nursery, garden center, will have the plants. you will need to cut a leaf, let it drain they cut small slices and then cut in half and place this gel on the eyelid. try it. if yo need more information please do not hesitate to write. paz from mexico.

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