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  • rita02437 3

    I am miserable.

    SOS. My upper eyelid outer area is inflamed. Feels like its burning. Seems like an allergy. Many of you here take antihistamine but my eye doctor INSISTS that antihistamine dries out eyes. She refuses to prescribe it. I am willing to try some over the counter but I don't know which one. Also may be

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  • Honjon 2

    One week using "Wet Ones" with Benzethonium Chloride

    I have been using Wet Ones as recommended by Lynda79 (Clean eyes 4 times daily using 1/4 wet one) for one week I can report the following. Initial State:- Eye irritation/soreness/dryness including corneal ulcers, etc which I have had for over 2 months continually. Requiring washing approx 3-4

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  • WilliamSnow 2

    Blepharitis & Wet Ones Experiment 1/17/2017

    I was diagnosed with Blepharitis 3 years ago during a routine eye exam.   Since that time, I have had several exacerbations.  The last one, several months back from the time of this post had me looking for new ideas.  Here's my situation: 53 y/o caucasian male with a past medical history of

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  • nick64396 2


    Hi All, Firstly, i'd like to thank everyone who contributes on here, it has helped a great deal over the years in realising I am not alone in this. 10 years ago I got laser eye treatment and around a year later developed multiple styes on upper and lower lids. I was told this was blocked

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  • veronica54671 2

    My personal blepharitis cure!!!!!

    Try fluticasone nasal spray!! Has anyone used nasal allergy sprays?! I've had blepharitis for about 7 months now. Tried wet ones, shampoo in my eyes, steroid shots, steroid creams, etc. These all worked temporarily. Decided one day to try a nasal spray after seeing an ad for allergies. I bought the ...

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  • chevonnehawkins 2

    Blepharitis..Wet ones not working

    Hi, ​I was on this site a year ago as I have been a sufferer of Blepharitis for over 15 years. It did clear up completely a year ago after using the wet ones for a couple weeks but for some reason it has come back and my eyelids are so red, however no crust like before. ​I have tried most things,

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  • B-man32549 2

    Raw Manuka Honey

    Guys, don't be afraid to put honey on your eyes. I smear it on my lids twice a day and it works like a charm. I'll even leave it on if I have nothing to do for a while. Just make sure that it's raw honey. Preferably Manuka. It's no joke. There are antibiotic and anti-inflammatory qualities, but it doesn'

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  • MrPicky 2

    Veins in eyes keep worsening - HELP!

    I have had pretty severe dry eyes/blepharitis/ocular rosacea since I developed rosacea in 2010 when I was just 24. (I think the rosacea and eye problems are probably linked to taking roaccutane and antidepressants). Anyway, one night in January 2015 after playing video games, I noticed a little raised,...

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  • danny52004 2

    Perhaps you should also see a dermatologist.

    So last week I went to a dermatologist instead of ophthalmologist for the first time, due to the fact that hot compress and blephasol are no longer effective.I simply wanted to hear if there's a possibility that my condition is not blepharitis but something else.   After checking my eyelids, he

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  • denise 1044 2

    Drier eyes since starting steroid drops

    i have blepharitis for which I'm taking steroid drops. My eyes have become so dry since commencing these. Has anyone else found this to be the case? Also I need something to help my dry eyes through the night. My doctor gave me Xailin night ointment but my eyes feel very irritated when I use it and

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  • dank94 3

    Is or has anyone suffered from thickened under eyelids?

    I don't know if this is related to blepharitis as I have been told by one doctor i have blepharitis and then the next doctor told me that I do not. However, I have noticed my under eye area has become much worse and thickened. It kind of looks swollen and more baggy. Of course this is making it

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  • oliver8 2

    Treatment info for Blepharitis

    Has anyone found treatment info specifically for Blepharitis? I'm told the same old things like "scrub with baby shampoo" and I'm not getting any better. I'm frustrated and hope that some doctor somewhere has studied this terrible condition - and just want to find the answers! Thank you, Oliver, London

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  • jade00028 2

    Desperate for some insight into Blepharitis

    So around March 27th onwards I have been in and out of dr's. I first went as i had dry eyelids and sore eyes and they told me I had dry eye syndrome, I used hypromellose for a while and seemed to ease, then in around week later my eyes were swelling and became extremely dry on the lid and very very

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  • denise 1044 2
  • denise 1044 2

    Good news.

    I am hoping someone can give me their success story about their blepharitis regime. I'm feeling very pessimistic about settling mine down at the moment.

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  • arnold68787 3

    Do Wet Wipes work on posterior blepharitis?

    I have been having posterior blepharitis for 1 and half year and it honestly ruined my life. My eye glands are so clogged that it makes my vision blurry and difficult to read letters. I tried many treatments and none of the worked. And because of my clogged vision, it creates distinction on my body

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  • bertles86 1

    Is there a link between food intolerance and blepharitis?

    I have suffered from very severe bilateral blepharitis for three years and severe dry eye for four years before that. I use a hot gel mask morning and night (when I remember), wash and wipe my eyelids with a cotton flannel every morning in the shower and use Hylo Forte eye drops between 4 and 6

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  • justine20681 2

    best medication for posterior blepharitis/MGD

    Hi All, I am currently on Doxycycline week 4. I went on this after being on Lymecycline for 2months and saw no change. Eye doctor has prescribed me should i wish to take it Azithromycin 500mg for 3 days alongside equivalent in eye drop x 3. Failing that i might get steroid eye drop so

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  • arnold68787 3

    Using Castor Oil on your eyes.

    I recently watched some videos on youtube using castor oil to treat blepharitis. Is anyone else also using thisand had some success with it? I have been putting castor oil directly to my eyes and not sure if I'm only supposed to put those on eyelids, not use it like eye drops.

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  • karen12161 2

    Just been told I have Blepharitis

    Looking for advice.   Just been told by Doctor I have this on Friday.   Just the one eyelid and never had any symptoms on the lead up to the swelling.   He has given me antibiotic tablets and eyedrops but no advice and I wasn't even aware until I looked online that this would come back.   Swelling

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  • john 80418 2

    I'm sharing some really good news for Bleph.

    I've had bleph for over 40 years, usually 2 bad flareups per year. Thanks to this forum I have finally found something that works(thank you). As posted in another thread, I use 1 drop tee tree oil, 1 drop baby shampoo in 100 ml of water. I apply with a wet one(also good) morning and night. It

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  • danny52004 2
  • lee12629 6

    Fish oil

    Were you asvised to take fish oil for blepharitis,dry eye,or MGD? If so what dose? Did it work,how long before it worked,and how did it help your condition or make it worse,thank you.

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  • tallulah01898 2

    Conjunctivitis - Maybe not

    I have been treated for what my local surgery has diagnised as conjunctivitis.  I am not so sure.  Last February 10, 2016, i had a molar removed.  It was located right at the back of the left side of face.  It had undergone a root canal in 1992 and had become infected.  About a week later, I

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  • Kay6759 2

    Contact lenses and Blepharitis

    I have worn contacts for years with no issues.  I started getting dry eye, then internal styes and one external stye.  Diagnosed with Bleph.  I know it might not be advisable to wear contacts but I am in a dilemma as my plus 10.5 prescription makes wearing my glasses a chore, both asthetically and

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  • lee12629 6

    Inner rims of eyelids dry

    Hi,sometimes afyer crying or cleaning too much the inner eims of my eyelids get very dry and uncomfortable. My right eye now has a sore spot on the rim i think caused by rubbing with a qtip to clean the lid,any sudgestions?

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  • justine20681 2

    eye pain dry eyes blepharitis

    Been on this forum before so thanks already for advice. I live in other Scottish folk on here as would be great to get local recommendations. Finding eye drops not really keeping eyes feeling moist. ocusoft mg retaine eye drops from states getting great used these?

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  • danny52004 2

    Is it normal that my blepharitis is affecting my upper eyelids?

    Hey all, just noticed that recently my upper eyelids (below the eyebrows) are getting red, not painful or itchy, with a little bit of white scales, after removing the scales with Blephasol, that part of skin seems to be wrinkled.  For months my blepharitis only affected the eyelid margins, could

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  • neil11554 2

    Lynda79 advise

    Hi, I have Blepharitis and notice on here that Lynda79 has been giving good advise. I can find lots of posts quoting her advise, but not the one where she must go into detail of what she did. Can someone point me to the most indepth post please. Sorry but I'm new on here and not familiar with the

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  • j02359 3

    Bleph sterile wipes

    I'm currently having to use the wipes frequently - they are expensive: any ideas for sourcing cheaper sterile eye wipes would be most gratefully received.

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  • KP1953 2

    Blephartis severe

    I have been battling a severe case of Blephartis since September. It is not under control and I have bad flare ups every 3 weeks even with every treatment known. I know don't over treat but when your appearance and comfort is unbearable you have to do it all. I was my face and eyes with a foam

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  • neil62961 1

    Optrex eye drops containing benzalkonium chloride

    Hi all, I was searching for remedies for blepharitis when I stumbled across this site. I have recently started using Optrex refreshing eye drops and they seem to really help. I see people are talking about benzalkonium chloride and lo and behold when I checked the ingredients of these eye drops,

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  • Kay6759 2

    Eye Make up/remover for Blepharitis sufferers?

    Hi Im new to the site. Could anyone recommend any eye make up, mainly eyeliner and mascara, also remover?  I have read that as long as you clean it off properly, the use Blephasol? at night you should be able to wear it.  I have just been diagnosed with Blepharitis and want to be able to wear

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  • Lena46 2

    Blepharitis and dry eye sufferer for several years.....

    I've had blepharitis for more years then I care to remember. This condition started in my early 30's and I'm now approaching 47. Living with this condition has been the most dabilitating thing I've ever encountered. It has affected my personal and professional life in the most profound way. It took

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  • NatalieLanoville 2

    Please share your blepharitis treatment routine & other info

    I was thinking it might be useful for new visitors to this board to see where the rest of us are with our symptoms and treatment. Please consider posting with answers to the prompts below - only the information you feel comfortable sharing, of course! BLEPHARITIS DATE OF FIRST SYMPTOMS:  SYMPTOMS (

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