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arnold68787 arnold68787

Using Manuka Honey to cure blepharitis?

Has anyone here been using manuka honey?

If there are, can anyone tell me how to use honey to your eye?

I read an article that someone in Britain cured blepharitis using MAnuka Honey.

I'm willing to try it, but want to know how to use it before buying it.

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  • dawn90509 dawn90509 arnold68787

    Hi Arnold,

    I am using manuka honey on my posterier blepharitis now.  I did wet wipes for six weeks, three times a day.  Then I switched to the honey morning and night.  I am basically symptom free...I have been on the honey about five also took care of my dry eyes at night.  I still have an occasional itch but that is all.  Thought I would share.....Dawn

    • dawn90509 dawn90509 carol1357

      Hi Carol,

      I bought manuka honey #20.  The higher the number the more potent it is. I take a q-tip and smear it under my bottom lashes and then I smear it over my top lashes.  Use a separate q-tip for each eye.  Then I rub my eyes gently a few times.  Now listen, this burns like crazy and your eyes can get red. The redness will eventually leave.  And the burning is not as bad now.  But honey is good for your eyes.  Remember, you are healing your eyes.  I do this at 10:30 p.m. at night and just leave it on.  Then I do it in the morning.  I leave it on all day... however, you can wash it off after about 15 minutes.  But it is important to leave it on all night.  This has taken care of my dry eye also.  I do not dilute worth  Here is a study that really encouraged me to try the honey.   I also have read  many testimonies of others that have experienced benefits from using honey on several eye ailments.  Let me know how you are doing....Dawn

    • dawn90509 dawn90509 arnold68787

      Arnold and Carol,

      I had provided a link, that is why it is being moderated.  It verifies how honey being applied topically three times per day reduces the bacteria in the eye and is a big help to MGD.

      However, I will give you the manuka information again since I know how frustrating it is to wait regarding these matters.

      I ordered Manuka honey #20---the number indicates the potency of the antibacterial qualities of the honey so the number is important. I put it on in the morning with a q-tip.  I smear my lower lashes and then close my eye and smear more on the top.  I use one q-tip for each eye. Then I sit down with a towel and two kleenexes.  I use the kleenexes to wipe the tears away and the towel to hold in front of my eyes because for some reason I don't want to see light when I am blinking my!  I rub my eyes gently to allow some honey into the eye. And I blink my eyes to allow it in. Now...this burns like crazy...and your eyes will be red afterwards but it goes away....but studies have shown that honey is GOOD and HEALING to the eyes. However, the burning is not as bad now as it was the first time I did it.....but I don't eyes feel so good it is worth every tear. The burning lasts about 3 it is not that bad. After the burning and tearing I wait at least 15 minutes before I wash the honey off in the morning.  But if I am staying at home I just leave it on.  However, at night I put it on at 10:30 and leave it on all night.  I even put a little extra on the outside corners of my eyes hoping a little bit will leak into my eyes during the night.   This honey routine has taken care of my dry eye symptoms at night. It is wiping my blepharitis away.   I plan on doing this routine for the rest of my life knowing that MGD causes extra bacteria to gather in the eye causing blepharitis.  There you have it....I believe this will help you...I hope you get going on it and let me know how you do....give it time though.....Best wishes....Dawn

    • BeckyBWVU BeckyBWVU dawn90509

      Hi Dawn! 

      I am intereseted in trying the Makuna honey for my blepharitis.  I have been fighting this for several months now and nothing the docs have prescribed seems to be working.  I started looking at Amazon to see what was available and the more I read the more confused I became as to what was worth buying.  I know you mentioned looking for #20 but what else should I look for?  Also, some are described as "creamy".  Is that what I want or something else?  Thank you for your help!

    • BeckyBWVU BeckyBWVU dawn90509

      Thanks so much for your response.  I've gone out to Amazon and looked at what they have available.  You said you're using Manuka Doctore #20?  I've also seen Manuka Oil.  Have you heard anything about using this for blepharitis?

    • alisha16292 alisha16292 dawn90509

      Hi Dawn, I was wandering since you have had the most success with the manuka honey when you started noticing a visible difference. I have been using the honey for the past week and the crustiness is gone but my eye is still very swollen. 

      Thank you, 


    • dawn90509 dawn90509 alisha16292

      Hi Alisha,

      That is wonderful your crustiness is gone.....that is your first sign that you are on the road to healing!

      It took a good six months for all my symptoms to was a little sign here and there. ......this disease is incredibly hard to defeat......your best weapon is time and never miss doing the treatments......give it a full six months......I was still having crustiness five months into the treatment......of course I believe each person's symptoms will react a little different.......but as long as you see progress, keep going.....even if it seems is very slow.....that is why so many people give up and say it didn't work. 

    • maria68117 maria68117 dawn90509

      Hello Dawn

      Thank you for sharing your experience. My mother has been struggling with blepharatis for over 2 years now, she's tried EVERYTHING with no results. She is currently using the manuka honey but complains it feels kinda "sugary". We made sure she got the purest one but she is wondering if this is normal and if it could hurt her eyes.

    • lucy55145 lucy55145 dawn90509

      Dawn, I have a question: reading the reviews on Amazon regarding Manuka Doctor 20 honey~~~there are, of course some negative reviews.  My concern is on several of them; this one in-particular that says:  "Beware shoppers, this is NOT a real medicinal manuka honey. The certification they refer to on the label has nothing to do with the activity levels of real medicinal manuka honey. Real honey of is labelled UMF or MGO. The company is a cosmetics company, and their activity level they are referring to is for peroxide (useless) and not the real active ingredient Methylglyoxal. Extremely disappointing! This product is only normal honey. Save your money and buy another brand, or invest more and get the real medicinal level UMF/MGO certified honey. From their website: ''INDEPENDANT ORIGIN CERTIFICATION – HONEY The origin of Manuka Doctor honey has been independently and scientifically certified by Oritain. They has collected, analysed and archived samples of these batches of honey and determined the geochemical specifications, which are consistent with having a New Zealand origin. Oritain can compare any honey sample to this specification to make a determination of the origin of the sample. Products bearing a genuine label have been certified as an authentic product from Manuka Doctor.''

      Dawn, can you tell me if this really means anything, if the honey needs to be UMF/MGO certified honey?  If it is, in fact just the peroxide that is the activity level.  The reason I started researching is because I have recently been DX with Blepharitis and certain I have had this for years and just now finding out what it is (which is not a friendly thing to deal with, and was mostly told for years it was just dry eyes until I keep getting flare ups like pimples in the eyes).  I was just given eye drops and told warm compresses and wait it out or they could 'needle them' (no thanks LOL). 

      Also wondering what type of facial cream/moisturizer is best for using with this condition?  I have dry skin, so I need a moisturizer.  I know you said you use virgin coconut oil for moisturizer; but how would you get make-up on with the oil?  (I love coconut oil for body use).  Sorry so many questions, just found the site and first time posting.

    • dawn90509 dawn90509 lucy55145

      Hi Lucy,

      I remember reading through the Amazon reviews and having the same concern regarding the certification process. However, I decided to trust that it was the real deal and went with it.  If it was junk honey my eyes would never have healed like they now I don't use anything else!

      Personally, I use organic jojoba oil as a moisturizer on my face.

      I hope this helps, 


    • dawn90509 dawn90509


      When I wrote that I put honey on my face, I was referring to my eyebrows, nose, anywhere that mites could be.......I put it on for 15 minutes also....I do not use honey as a moisturizer under my makeup.


    • lucy55145 lucy55145 dawn90509

      Hi Dawn,

      Thank you for your help.  To be clear, you use the honey on eyes (lids), nose, eyebrows, leave on for 15 minutes and wash off.  Then use the Viva Naturals Organic Jojoba Oil (what I found on Amazon, 4 oz bottle) as your moisturizer?  I am trying to put together a regiment that works.  I just found out yesterday what the eye problem has been for years (off and on always feeling like I had sand in my eyes and having flare ups)!!  So, I am a bit lost on putting together a regiment.  Actually a bit overwhelmed.  This morning, I washed my face (not sure I am using a decent cleanser, usually use dove soap), then washed the eyelids with the pad things the doctor gave me, then put on my regular moisturizer, then eye drops.  I am trying to make sure I am doing the right thing and in right order with right products that doesn't break the bank.


      What soap or cleanser to use? (I know dove soap isn't the best)

      Then apply honey for 15 minutes?

      Then wash eyelids with pads?

      Then use the organic jojoba oil? (is that mixed with a lotion or any other moisturizer?)

      Then eye drops?

      Then rest for 2 hours!!  LOL 

      Again, sorry for all the questions; glad to finally find out what is causing my blurred vision and flare ups; but lost on sequence, products to use, what comes first, etc....  Last night I soaked all make-up brushes in alcohol and threw away a bunch of stuff.  Haven't worn make-up in weeks.  Thank you for your kindness and help!!


    • dawn90509 dawn90509 lucy55145

      Hi Lucy,

      When I cleanse my face.....which would be at night to remove makeup.....I take a small cotton pad with some jojoba oil on it and wipe it on my face, neck and forehead.....then I take warm water on a washcloth and wipe it leaves a dewy feel to my skin that I like.  I do not get the oil near my eyes.....just clean them with warm water.

      When I do my honey treatment.....I wash my face with warm water to get the honey off.....and apply jojoba oil with the cotton pad for under my makeup......but the oil does not get near my eyes.....only warm water.

      I don't use eye drops.....

      If I am staying home I put jojoba oil on my face at night and just wash my face with warm water the next morning.....I prefer to not use soap on my face.

      I hope this helps,


    • lucy55145 lucy55145 dawn90509

      Thank you, it does help.  I guess I just felt like my face isn't clean without some kind of soap; but will give this a whirl.  And I definitely have to have some kind of moisturizer on my face otherwise it feels very dry~~~I will give the jojoba oil (I guess the golden cold pressed one I found on Amazon) a try to see if that keeps my skin moist enough (not the cracked feeling).  It will feel odd not putting lotion or moisturizer on my eye since I have done that for many many years now (even the skin under my eyes feels dry and the lids).  However, I can understand how all the lotions and potions can clog the pores over time.  

      When you do the honey TX, I assume you do put that on the upper and lower lids as well as the brows and nose?  This could be a full time job for a while!  LOL  I use to use coconut oil on face overnight until I was told by doc that it clogs the pores and not to do that.  But I see where some people use castor oil~~all so confusing.  I use to have long eyelashes; but have noticed they are not long and full as they use to be and I stopped wearing mascara but on very few occasions a few years ago.  Now I know why~~~this dreaded condition!  I'll get it down pat soon I hope.  Thank you again for your help! 

    • dawn90509 dawn90509 lucy55145


      I would do the brows and nose once per day.....but your eyes three times per day.......the brows can have little mites in them that can get into your lashes causing blepharitis. ...

      Yes....getting rid of blepharitis will take a good six months if your life.....but if you have success.........well worth the effort.

      Kindest regards,


    • niki122 niki122 dawn90509

      So you have using just wet ones and manuka honey? How long it took to feel 60% better and live pretty normal? Had you got dry eyes? Does the symptoms of dry eyes had gone as well?

    • dawn90509 dawn90509 niki122


      I started with the wet wipes first....for a few months....the wipes gave me the dry eyes.....that is why I switched to manuka honey.

      The wipes were clearing up my blepharitis. .....I recommend them.....but I just couldn't go skin was so dry and my dry eyes at night were miserable.

      I was still losing lashes and experiencing swollen, itching eyes several months into my treatment.

      I would say about the third month I started seeing real progress.

      I can't emphasize enough that it takes time and dedication to rid you self of this disease.....

      So......dedicate the next six months to totally fight.....and I hope you reap the rewards like I did.....I was scared to death I would never get rid of it too.....

      Sometimes I thought I was really nuts adhering to this protocol.... but I had read it healed other people of their blepharitis so I prayed it would heal mine....and it did.....don't give up as long as your eyes seem to be handling it ok.

      If I were you....I would reread all my posts and try to do exactly what I did.....I did wipes for awhile and went to the is all described in my posts.


    • dawn90509 dawn90509 niki122


      I also want to make clear that I believe for me the honey was superior to the wipes because the blepharitis can get into the glands inside your can't put the wipes or tea tree oil inside your eyes to kill the blepharitis. But when you put the honey inside your eyes, it goes into all those glands in the eyes....and you are putting it outside the eyes so it kills everything inside and out.

      Hope this helps,


    • cindy80253 cindy80253 dawn90509

      I just bought the honey but I sure don't plan on using it for the rest of my life. What a pain in the you no what. I have to use lumigan twice a day already to spur eyelash growth from the blepharitis. If I don't use it I will be bald like before and look really stupid and get every piece of dirt known to man in my eyes.So this honey thing makes this treatment really hard to use at the same time. People say use the honey for six months, nothing should take that long to be effective.Lumigan is a long treament or Lattise.This medications are applied morning and night and not to be washed off.If I just do the honey my lashes will just fall out plain and simple and I don't want that of course. Must be a way to do both.

    • Starmile83 Starmile83 dawn90509


      It’s my first night putting the honey on. I have 24. I followed your instructions from this thread. Since it is a honey it is obviously sticky, does that go away after awhile or did you just deal with it? It feels so weird!! But if it helps I’m all for it. Thank you!! smile 

    • dawn90509 dawn90509 Starmile83

      Dear Starmile,

      Yes, it is sticky! I have had some people tell me that when they leave the honey on all night it irritates their eyes....I did not experience that. If your eyes can tolerate it...fine. If you feel uncomfortable just leave the honey on 15 minutes and then rinse it off. You need the honey on 10 minutes to give it time to kill the bacteria. I leave it on 15 for good



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