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Blepharitis and lash extensions?

I have been wearing lash extensions for four years. About six months ago, my eyes started bothering me. I didn't think too much of it until I saw my opthamologist yesterday. She said the pours in my eyelids were clogged and she diagnosed me with blepharitis. I asked if I should have my lashes removed and she said yes, it's a start. Has anyone else developed blepharitis after wearing lash extensions? The woman who does my lashes is extremely professional and is considered the best in my area. I'm hoping I can remove my lashes for a month or so, develop a regime that clears things up, then go back to having lashes. I appreciate any feedback.

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  • susan27555

    That is the exact same thing that happened to me.  I've been continuously wearing lash extensions for 5 years.  This past year, I got blepharitis.  I took my lashes off.  However, I tried a few times to get them put back on but my bleph flares up really bad.  I can't even wear eye makeup now without it flaring up.  I'm so bummed

    • SuzieeQ

      I'm nervous the same thing will happen to me. I keep reading it's a chronic condition. Can't figure out where/why it started. I'll let you know how it goes. Curious if anyone else has had a similar experience.


  • susan27555

    I don’t know about eyelash extensions but as a Blepharitis sufferer I know that you need to keep your eyelids completely clean and shouldn’t even wear makeup or contacts until you get it under control. I know it’s hard enough without feeling like you don’t look your best. 

    • susan27555

      After 7 months I’m still under a doctor's care. Started taking Xiidra which has been out for about two years. Also doxycycline to stop eyelid swelling . My biggest problem was constant tearing and that has stopped. It is a long process and I think everyone’s situation is different. I think my ocular rosacea started my problems. 

  • susan27555

    Dear Susan,

    I think my Bleph was caused by using old mascara. I now buy a new one each month. I was able to kill it by using Wet Ones from the US. I have said before the ones in the Red Box but the formula seems to have changed so I looked and the yellow box is the one that is similar to the original that  used.

    Mine was a itching on the eyelashes.  It seems to be a Staph infection. The wipes killed it for me but it did take over 3 months. The last two months it was only 2 times a day. 

    Jill, who has posted on this site, used the wipes and her lashes grew back. She had Bleph for 20 years. 

    Someone who does lashes can transfer Bleph from one person to another if not careful.

    I did use mascara and makeup but it involved throw away wands and new makeup. If you want that info let me know.

    Hope this helps,


    • lynda79

      My understanding is that bleph is a condition and not infectious. Mine started after a makeover and took 18 months to control. Who told you it can be transferred?

      Susan,  regarding wearing lash extensions causing bleph, I imagine the glue has blocked the pores over time impairing their function? I hope you get your condition under control in time. Bleph is different for each one of us. I rarely wear eye makeup now and I miss it especially in the winter. Hygiene is the key and I have a rigid regime which I cannot deviate from without bleph quickly kicking off. Heat treatment twice a day, tea tree eye wipes (wet ones worked for a while then irritated my eyes) and eye drops for dry eyes. I also take fexofenedine once a day. Recently I think my eyes swelled and we’re unc because we had some walls skimmed in our house, were decorating and I think my eyes reacted to the dust. Windy weather can affect my eyes too. I can also be sensitive to light. All the reactions are indiscriminate so I’ve just learned to live with it.

      as for not looking my best....perspective changes. I’m grateful to be walking around with normal looking eyes and feel good when I am. When I see women and girls wearing very heavy make up and false eyelashes/extensions I can only imagine the difficulty their eyes are having trying to fight the foreigners bodies and bacteria. Good luck Susan with your bleph. I hope your condition eases very soon.

    • lynda79

      Thank you for the tips. Question: I have fairly expensive eye shadows. Is there a way of cleaning them (they're powder). I'll also use disposable eyelash wands with mascara. All great ideas and greatly appreciated. If I must delete everything I have now, I'll do it. Thank you and I'd appreciate learning more about how you used makeup.

    • pamela48771

      Dear Pamela,

      I know it can be transferred as I did it. I had it in one eye and then put it in the other. I then used 1 wash cloth for each eye to clean them. I read, later, on the internet a Dr. said to do that too. 

      I killed my Bepharitis but it did take over 3 months. I found it to be a Staph infection. My husband had the little white dots on his eyes and he thought it was an allergy. He was told it was Bleph and he used the wipes and killed his too.

      Tea Tree Oil kills Staph too.

      I never use any makeup at the store counters on my eyes. I put it on my hand or arm to see the color. Some people could have Blepharitis and not even know it and try makeup on.

      I am sorry I missed this question. 



    • lynda79

      Hi Lynda,

      It seems the Wet Ones are not working for me now.  I use the ones in the red box.  I noticed your comment about the yellow box and will certainly try them. I was so happy to have this under control and am dismayed for it to be back again.



    • sandra40102

      Hi Sandra,

      You probably got it again. Did you kill it the first time and stopped using the wipes for several years?

      If I touch my eyes and realize I had something on my hands like Dog hands I use a wipe just in case. 

      You can get it from trying on makeup at stores or eyelash extensions. People will wear gloves but may not change in between customers. 

      Dry eyes can't flush out things as when we were young. Even some young ones get dry eyes too.

      The yellow Wet Ones are the same as the Red except for the fragrance. 

      If you are starting over it might be 3 months again. 

      Please let me know what is happening.

      Hope this helps,



    • sandra40102

      My blepharitis comes back from time to time... I use the Wet Wipes only once daily before bedtime unless I can see it is flaring up. Then I will use the wipes 3-4 times a day along with extra liquid tears and nighttime dry eye ointment. I will clean my lids extra carefully and keep doing all this until the condition calms down again. When it calms down, I use eye makeup again. I do not use lash extensions because you can't remove them every nighttime to clean the lash area as well as without them. Good luck. Flare ups are definitely frustrating.


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