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Blepharitis and lash extensions?

I have been wearing lash extensions for four years. About six months ago, my eyes started bothering me. I didn't think too much of it until I saw my opthamologist yesterday. She said the pours in my eyelids were clogged and she diagnosed me with blepharitis. I asked if I should have my lashes removed and she said yes, it's a start. Has anyone else developed blepharitis after wearing lash extensions? The woman who does my lashes is extremely professional and is considered the best in my area. I'm hoping I can remove my lashes for a month or so, develop a regime that clears things up, then go back to having lashes. I appreciate any feedback.

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  • SuzieeQ SuzieeQ susan27555

    That is the exact same thing that happened to me.  I've been continuously wearing lash extensions for 5 years.  This past year, I got blepharitis.  I took my lashes off.  However, I tried a few times to get them put back on but my bleph flares up really bad.  I can't even wear eye makeup now without it flaring up.  I'm so bummed

    • susan27555 susan27555 SuzieeQ

      I'm nervous the same thing will happen to me. I keep reading it's a chronic condition. Can't figure out where/why it started. I'll let you know how it goes. Curious if anyone else has had a similar experience.


  • denise95455 denise95455 susan27555

    I don’t know about eyelash extensions but as a Blepharitis sufferer I know that you need to keep your eyelids completely clean and shouldn’t even wear makeup or contacts until you get it under control. I know it’s hard enough without feeling like you don’t look your best. 

    • denise95455 denise95455 susan27555

      After 7 months I’m still under a doctor's care. Started taking Xiidra which has been out for about two years. Also doxycycline to stop eyelid swelling . My biggest problem was constant tearing and that has stopped. It is a long process and I think everyone’s situation is different. I think my ocular rosacea started my problems. 

  • lynda79 lynda79 susan27555

    Dear Susan,

    I think my Bleph was caused by using old mascara. I now buy a new one each month. I was able to kill it by using Wet Ones from the US. I have said before the ones in the Red Box but the formula seems to have changed so I looked and the yellow box is the one that is similar to the original that  used.

    Mine was a itching on the eyelashes.  It seems to be a Staph infection. The wipes killed it for me but it did take over 3 months. The last two months it was only 2 times a day. 

    Jill, who has posted on this site, used the wipes and her lashes grew back. She had Bleph for 20 years. 

    Someone who does lashes can transfer Bleph from one person to another if not careful.

    I did use mascara and makeup but it involved throw away wands and new makeup. If you want that info let me know.

    Hope this helps,


    • pamela48771 pamela48771 lynda79

      My understanding is that bleph is a condition and not infectious. Mine started after a makeover and took 18 months to control. Who told you it can be transferred?

      Susan,  regarding wearing lash extensions causing bleph, I imagine the glue has blocked the pores over time impairing their function? I hope you get your condition under control in time. Bleph is different for each one of us. I rarely wear eye makeup now and I miss it especially in the winter. Hygiene is the key and I have a rigid regime which I cannot deviate from without bleph quickly kicking off. Heat treatment twice a day, tea tree eye wipes (wet ones worked for a while then irritated my eyes) and eye drops for dry eyes. I also take fexofenedine once a day. Recently I think my eyes swelled and we’re unc because we had some walls skimmed in our house, were decorating and I think my eyes reacted to the dust. Windy weather can affect my eyes too. I can also be sensitive to light. All the reactions are indiscriminate so I’ve just learned to live with it.

      as for not looking my best....perspective changes. I’m grateful to be walking around with normal looking eyes and feel good when I am. When I see women and girls wearing very heavy make up and false eyelashes/extensions I can only imagine the difficulty their eyes are having trying to fight the foreigners bodies and bacteria. Good luck Susan with your bleph. I hope your condition eases very soon.

    • susan27555 susan27555 lynda79

      Thank you for the tips. Question: I have fairly expensive eye shadows. Is there a way of cleaning them (they're powder). I'll also use disposable eyelash wands with mascara. All great ideas and greatly appreciated. If I must delete everything I have now, I'll do it. Thank you and I'd appreciate learning more about how you used makeup.

  • rita02437 rita02437 susan27555


    First I don't understand:lash extensions is the same as falsies, that is fake lashes that are worn on the top of our  natural lashes?

    I am working right now on falsies. I have worn them at home just to check how I will feel with my bleh-s.

    Seems like they don't bother me. But ​ I will wear them only for a couple of hours anyway. 

    Your doctor told you to remove eyelashes. I have read so MANY inputs on this site but never heard about removing  lashes. They might not grow back. I would never do it. There are many ways to manage bleh-s.

    Its not curable but could be managed. Stay on this site you will learn a lot.

    • susan27555 susan27555 pamela48771

      Exactly. I'm surprised my eyes don't feel better. I had the lashes taken off four days ago. I'm all in on using heat, tea-tree cleaner, and eye drops. I see my eye doctor this week. I hope there are prescription drops or orals that can help my eyes calm down. And, that said, I think my ble- is pretty light. We shall see. Thanks for the note.


  • pamela48771 pamela48771 susan27555

    HI Susan, there is no rhyme nor reason why bleph starts for some people and it’s a waste of time trying to think of the how/whys etc. I know I’ve spent a lot of time coming to terms with the fact that I have bleph and stuck with it. It’s not terminal and I’ve got mine under control at the moment though it’ll bubble up for no reason sometimes. Over the years I’ve developed an arsenal of options to use under different circumstances. In time you will too so take heart. All the best, Pamela 

  • pamela48771 pamela48771 susan27555

    HI , sadly,  any my am maje up that as been used before with contaminated brushes must be discarded. When you feel the time I see right but reasonably priced hypoallergenic makeup, disposable mascara wands and eyeshadow applicators. Once the wand and eyeshadow applicators have been in contact with your eyes they should be discarded. X

    • susan27555 susan27555 pamela48771

      Good to know. I'm going to discard all of my makeup and makeup applicators. There's no way to clean the brushes? I'll look into all of it. I do think the makeup needs to go. (Fall cleaning.) It'll be a good exercise in getting rid of a lot of stuff I don't use. Thank you!

    • denise95455 denise95455 pamela48771

      I use a cream eyeshadow and apply it with my finger, staying away from my the border of my eyelashes. I wash my hands after each eye. This way there is nothing to throw out. But most days I stay away from eye makeup. 

  • alli59564 alli59564 susan27555

    I have the same problem, noticed it about a month ago but unfortunately couldn’t get my lash extensions removed until yesterday. I started wearing extensions about 5 or 6 months ago & cleaned them well because I wore makeup everyday. I’m still trying to figure out how severe my case is though, because I only have a couple symptoms, mostly only on my left eye. Currently the only symptoms I have are some slight puffiness, a little redness on my left eye, & the crusties. I never got the dry eyes, teary eyes, or sore eyes.

    It started with my eyelids getting really itchy, then I saw the crusties around the roots of my lashes & started googling. I started using hot compresses & hardcore cleaning with baby shampoo like 4-6 times a day (basically removing most of the extensions myself). Went to urgent care, got some ointment that I used in the morning & over night until it started irritating my skin more (I think) so I stopped using it. Started using the Wet Ones, those help a lot but can really dry out your skin, so I just bought some Manuka honey 24+ from Whole Foods yesterday. Put some on over night, left eye is unchanged but my right eye seemed to only be a little puffy today, no crusties or anything.. 

    Also I’ve been wearing makeup almost everyday (for work & stuff) but not directly on the puffy spots & red spots, just the very ends of my eyes because I used to wing my liner everyday. I figured since it hasn’t spread over my entire eye by now that wearing slight makeup isn’t a big problem. I really want to continue to wing my eyeliner everyday though so I’m determined to get rid of it but it’s definitely taking a while. 

    • susan27555 susan27555 alli59564

      Thanks for your note. I'm beginning to wonder if I have blepharitis. I don't have any crustiness, my eyes are a bit sensitive (always have been), and the only thing I see are occasional white bumps on my upper or lower lids. I'm going to see an opthamologist through my insurance. I don't think I'm in denial; I do think I need to see an MD who can shed more light on everything. In the interim, I'm washing my eyes very carefully with tea tree oil cleanser (made specifically for cleaning lids), and using very delicate facial cleanser, as well. I do think there's one correlation: I was diagnosed with rosacea about nine months ago. I believe that's when my eyes started bothering me. Is there a connection? The rosacea is under control, care of a topical medication. Again, thank you. I'm also determined to get this under control. I appreciate your feedback!

  • cathy88452 cathy88452 susan27555

     I’m having my lash extensions taken off today I wasn’t sure what was wrong  until I started reading this site I’m sure that I have blepharitis. I feel the same way I love my lashes so much I hope that I can just heal my Eyes  and get them put back on in a few months I’m 60 years old and literally have no eyelashes hardly at all but it’s better that my eyes are healthy ! I have an appointment with the ophthalmologist today I hope you can give me a quick fix but maybe an anabiotic for my eyes or something!!!

    • susan27555 susan27555 cathy88452

      I had my extensions taken off and was miserable. The pain and iteration were exacerbated by using eye makeup and removing it. I realize I needed to be completely makeup free for anything to improve. I finally went to see an opthalmologist who gave me a prescription for gave me a prescription for fluorometholone drops. I use them three times a day and the relief was almost instantaneous. I'm back to my extensions and couldn't be happier. My doc said I should use the drops for about three to four weeks. He says they "zap" the swelling and blepharitis into submission. I'm on week one and wake up to happy, fresh eyes, no secretions, no crustiness around the lids. If you can swing it, I highly recommend going to an optho. Optometrist can't prescribe, which was what led me down the road to removing them, hot compresses, blah blah blah. Nothing really worked. I wash my lids carefully, use the drops, and am soooo happy at the relif. Good luck!


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