Blepharitis- I cured it and am so relieved

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I’m just posting this because I know how awful Blepharitis is and how debilitating this condition is. 

I don’t how it started I just remember waking up in the mornings with pink eyes my right eye more pink than my left. The lower lash line also red I looked tired and as if I’d been crying all the time . I thought I was just tired then I noticed my eyelids and inner eye corners itching like hell. I was always rubbing my eyes. This horrible feeling always there led to to my eyes actually feeling dirty and itchy and my sight seemed blurry and the foreign body sensation was so horrible, and it was all the time. My eyes just randomly went red and then pink and then red but never back to a nice white eyeball. I finally reached my wits end by then I was fed up depressed and walking around with a really angry red eye that was not getting better. I went to the doctor and she sent me home with allergy eyedrops. No improvement went back came home with steroid drops used them for two weeks improvement. By this time I had red small puffy swollen eyes and I was finding my self looking at them throughout the day. Almost obsessed it’s all I could think about so back I went this time to eye a&e. Six hours later I’m told I should never have been taking steroid drops and that I had Blepharitis and mgd. Prescribed dry eye drops and warm compresses and lid hygiene ie. baby shampoo !! Told I had it for life and I was devasted. 

Was I really meant to deal with what they called a minor condition for life , surely they couldn’t be so casual about this, it’s a condition that affects your life so much.

Refused to accept it but started with the programme they had advised. The warm compress made it worse eyes more puffy and pink. The eye drops only helped for a short time. I felt sick everytime I looked in a mirror and I looked in the mirror a lot , a vicious circle of discomfort and worry.

Then I Was visiting my mum one day and was whinging about my eyes she also had noticed the state of them. 

She went to the cupboard and pulled out just a jar Of standard normal honey. She said I’m going to put this on your eyes and it’s going to sting for about 5 minutes. I refused I said are you crazy things are bad enough as it is. Even the odd eye lash had started to come out nowadays. 

She scolded me she said back in the days in India they didn’t go to doctors or buy expensive drops and scrubs they just whacked some honey in thier eyes. I did know my mum does this and my dad and have been for years and years for just general eye health. So I thought what the hell let’s just do it. She took a metal eye liner stick (you get them in Indian kajol bottles ) she disinfected it took a spoon of honey out of the jar doused the metal thing in it and then she swiped across my lower lash line as if applying kajol and then swiped some across the eye lid too and then she practically massaged it all over my eyes. 

The stinging and burning was horrendous, oh my days it was so uncomfortable I couldn’t open my eyes they were watering so much. When I could open them for a second I had a hand mirror in front of me and all I could see was pink eyes. I remember screaming mum what have you done. I can’t see there going red !

She laughed and said stay like that for 15 minutes then go wash them with a clean flannel one for each eye. 

15 minutes later I washed my eyes and omg the relief it immediately felt better , and no pink eyes. And most amazingly of all my eyes looked like glass and felt so good and omg my vision felt so clear..... it felt like a new lease of life.

I carrried on and to this day I still do it once a week. My eyes are white clear and shiny my lashes are think and back to how they used to be. I have no problems now. I wear eye make up all the time but I make sure my eyes are clean and everything is off properly before bedtime.

I don’t use my dry eye drops anymore I don’t need them I cancelled my repeat prescription from the doctors.

My mum also gave me some kind of other thing to wash my eyes with apparently they use in India for inflamed eyes I have to chop a bit of it off mix it in water and let it foam up then I wash my eyelids with it rinse off and done I do that about twice a week.  

All I can say is I know how hard this situation is I know first hand how it affects you menatally and pysically. And if anyone’s was worse than mine then I don’t even want to think how you manage. I just want people who have Blepharitis to just please try honey , seriously , it’s an ancient old remedy used in India. And stick with it it stings it burns but once that subsides the relief is just so amazing.

Thanks mum I always turn my nose up at your herbal remedies but mums know what they’re talking about ! 

Please try honey ! And all of those suffering from Blepharitis...don’t give up don’t let it get you down , do something about it that’s not text book advice from just the doctors. Because if I hadn’t listened to my mum right now I would probably be still popping drops in through out the day buying eyelid wipes shampoos and god knows what else because I am one of those people who doesn’t give up and I would probably have been trying any product on the market to just make it better. 

It’s never come back, but I do my honey thing once a week no matter what and if I have a special occasion , just to get those eyes bright white and sparkly. 

Wishing you all the will power to keep going until you find what works for you.

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    Cool...wet ones cured mine
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    Thank you so much for posting your cure......I was also cured using Manuka honey and now continue to apply three times per week just for general eye health. My last eye appointment the doctor said my eyes looked "beautiful" inside. Of course, I didn't tell her about the honey treatment I have been doing the last two years. .... Doctors will manage your blepharitis with drugs that don't work......just drain your pocket book.....Go Honey!!!!!

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    I will try this.  Thank you for sharing. The Wet Ones were a miracle cure for me, but recently after a sinus infection, they are not giving me relief.  I will try the honey and let you know the results.


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      I just tried honey on my eyes (regular honey since my Manuka had aloe in it). It stung at first but after I washed it off, my eyes  feel better.   I will continue the Wet Ones, but will keep using the honey too.  How many times a day/week do you use the honey.  Thank you for sharing.
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    Hi,I cant tell if you used it just on the lid or in the eye? Also are we talking about organic honey? Thanks
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      I agree I think doctors just tell you how to manage it and that’s about it 

      Dawn I’m so glad you also discovered the honey I agree go honey 🍯 the doctor told me I had a chronic condition for life very casually and sent me home with a prescription for Hylo Forte and a list of products that may “help” reduce symptoms ....the wipes they were suggesting were $30 for something like 30 wipes and they want me to use them twice a day  ???!! .. CAN get rid of it 

      Dawns appointment confirms you can get rid of it just need to find what works for you. 

      I basically just use normal honey it’s not Manuka I just started buying the one my mum used on me. 

      I use q tips I get 2 q tips one for each eye top and bottom lash line - do not use the same twice. 

      I dip the q tips in sterile water first just to steralise but also make sure the fibres are not sticking up or loose on the q tip 

      Then I put a sterile spoon into the honey take a bit out. Take one end of the q tip dip it in the honey and then gently pull down my lower eye lid. I swipe the q tip across from inner corner of my eye to the end of my lash line covering my lashes and my water line .Now the bottom lash line is covered in honey same as I would wear eyeliner . Then flip the q tip to the other side dip it in the honey and close my eye and swipe it across my top lash line. Throw that q tip away and then use the other q tip to do the same on the other eye.

      Now blink a few times as the honey makes its way basically around that whole area the stinging sensation will start ..then the burning 

      I actually rub my eyes gently at this point to get it all spread nicely. Then I let it sting and burn . I’ve gotten use to it it’s not nice but the result is worth it .Then once the stinging subsides and I can open my eyes I just carry on with what I was doing and let the honey sit on my eyes.

      About 15 minutes later I wash it off. And that’s it. Your eyes might be a little pink but by time I wash it off they just look white healthy and sparkly.

      Try it ....and please let everyone know how you get on. I wish I had discovered this forum before the help and support here is amazing and encouraging. 

      I’d like to hope had my mum not done the honey thing I would have ended up here on this forum anyway and found support and hope and a solution !

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      Lee - it’s just regular honey the jar says forest dark honey - it’s a very dark brown rich colour. 

      I’ve got my eye test coming in a couple of weeks so I was looking online to see if anyone has ever been told it’s gone and I came across this forum and It’s so encouraging to hear some people have been told it’s gone 😊👍

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