Blepharitis & Wet Ones Experiment 1/17/2017

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I was diagnosed with Blepharitis 3 years ago during a routine eye exam.  

Since that time, I have had several exacerbations.  The last one, several months back from the time of this post had me looking for new ideas.

 Here's my situation:

53 y/o caucasian male with a past medical history of Roseacea well controlled with Head & Shoulders shampoo.  Roseacea exacerbations treated with topical steroid PRN (as necessary).   I saw an allergist 1 year ago and was able to find nothing conclusive as far as allergies but was placed on Singulair and Zyrtec for Sinusitus.


Blepharitis flare-ups have been worsening with the last one 3 months ago- I saw an Opthamologist mid-year 2016 and the regiment he described to me use had not been able to treat it as i had in past with warm compresses (a tube-sock filled with rice and tied off at end-  heated in a microwave for 2mins), regular eye washing with Johnsons Baby Shampoo and eye oinment-  PRED-G an antibiotic with steroid.  Conditions were worsening and trying to work and function with normal activities of daily living were becoming more difficult, not to mention the pyschological impact. My efforts to overcome this latest exacerbation were not working.   I work in a hospital for the last 5 years in Balt. MD

Here's what Im trying as of 1/17/2017 and plan on keeping my findings posted here...  

I have started (at the advice of a post on this site and my own personal research) using Wet Ones wipes.  The synthetic active ingredient, Benzothonium Chloride is what I hope may kill the bacteria.  

My routine:  I am washing my eyelids before each use and using 1/3 of each towellete by cutting into strips.  I repeat this 4X daily since 1/17 and have so far had noticeable improvement-  but not yet 100% free but at least  not as bothered by my eyes.   I am still using an eye lubricant as needed throughout the day.  

While I am hopeful, I remain cautiously optomstic.


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    Good luck and continue , it took me 3 months with the Wet Ones and now I'm free of blepharitis with occasional blips where I use the wet ones once, and it works.

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      Hi Elaine, thanks very much for giving me hope that there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

      Can you tell me what your regiment was and if you used anything else? Also, I just started using it and some gets in my eye. Can you tell me your technique?

      Thank you,


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      I wiped eye upwards from underneath the lashes and made sure I got through to the roots of the lashes. It did not sting ever even if I got some in my eye. I did this morning and evening for 3 months and it worked.

      I used one cut up strip for each eye.

      I ordered the red Wet Wipes through Amazon UK.

      I didn't use any other products so no allergic reaction.

      If your eyes do irritate then normal eye drops work.

      I really hope this method helps you and I thank Linda from this website for this advice on

      Good luck and best wishes for recovery from this awful affliction. Elaine

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    Try adding one single drop of tea tree oil to your sauirt of baby shampoo first thing in the morning...if you do it in the shower let the warm water run onto your face for five minutes. The Wet Ones are handy during the day bevauze they are portable and you work. Do the tto in shampoo cleanse again before bed. Dont forget to u so your comexion doesnt get too dry. Or whatever cream you use for your rosacea.

    The tto treatment, you will fi d on this blog, is very effective for many of us.

    I'm doing it right now after going through a month of hell that began Christmas Day and only abated in the last few days. I shudder to think how much bacteria had built up in and around my poor eyes. For one whole week I awoke with swollen eyes, eyelids and puffy bags under my eyes. I got it under control slowly using AzaSite, a very expensive antibacterial ophthalmic solution 3x daily for three weeks then was left to deal with a leathery mask around my eyes down to my cheekbonez that burned and was raw. I began applying coconut oil over and over for it has formidable antibacterial properties. It took days but helped tremendously but I went to a dermotologist finally and ended up applying an eczema ointment to get rid of the last stubborn bits on my upper lids and in the corners of my eyes.

    Now its been five days symptom free and heres what I do that I hope will last, this time:

    A.m. wash tightly closed eyes and brows with tto mix in shower, 5 minutes of warm water rinse.

    Always pat eye areas with new paper towel, not bath towel.

    Midday...wash with Ocusoft foam, or Ocusoft lid scrub towelette if not home, or Red Wet Ones

    Sometime during the day I use a microwave heated eye mask for five minutes with a tissue between my eyes and the mask.

    P.m. tto wash again, apply small smear of Refresh Night Lacrilube in eye corners and even alongid lines if eyes are feeling dry, and Refresh Gel drops before I actually go to sleep.

    Fingers crossed.

    Good Luck to you.


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      Thank you Agnes

      I will locate where to buy tto and add it in to my daily routine.  Any advice that has helped you and others i'm interested in knowing and willing to try!  

      Thx for your thoughts

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    So many people on this site are prasing Wet Ones. What brand? Isthere a sprcial pharmacy?
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      Thank you William. I have found them. Have used one of them and feel they are a bit harsh but with the tto should be ok. Most important that they work on bacterea.Its such a problem but we should not complain as long as we CAN fight bleph.
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      I have been using Wet Ones/Be Gentle very successfully for ages. The ones I use, with a pink flash on the packet, have now been discontinued. The replacement has a green flash to show it contains Aloe Vera - but it doesn't suit me and I got irritated eyes immediately. I am rather at a loss now!

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    1st update since 1/17/2017 (10 days ago)

    Today, Saturday 1/27/2017 is my best day since reporting my commencement of Wet Ones wipes you experiment to treat Blepharitis. In addition to the Wet Ones wipes, 4 days ago with the advice of Agnes, I added Tea Tree Oil purchased at Walmart to my eyelid hygiene. I do this 2X a day ~ morning / night. I simply add 2 - 3 drops into my baby shampoo eye scrubs ea morning and night. I used eye lubricants as needed each day-

    Without a doubt, my eyes feel better than they did since I announced the experiment 10 days ago. Today I noticed far fewer symptoms, burning, itching, dryness and general irritations.

    I do believe that my regiment is beginning to slowly clear the Blepharitis.

    I remain cautiously optimistic. Thanks to all who post on this topic. You support has been appreciated.

    William Bryan Snow

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      Im not sure if I already replied, William, to this post about your progress, but I added first ten then increased to twenty, ceterazine hydrochloride tab(s), Zyretec is this, to control it h and weepy eyez; whi h, BTW, I think is responsible for the compro.ised skin around my eyes each morning. After my worse bout, recently, I needed to use AzaSite , lacri lube, Systane Nightime gel during the day for relief, cold, for the swelling, warm to combat dry eye symptoms, tea tree oil mix and Wet Ones...all at different times of the day just to get through the day. Then I had to go to a dermatologist and was prescribed Tarcolimus ointment for the eczama condition I was left with once I got my eyes bacteria under control, along with the terrible swelling and puffy bags...awful.

      Now I had only a small threat of a recurrence which I squased by using AzaSite to my routine twice a day, but only for three days, then it was gone.

      My routine is simple, if a busy one.

      Wake up, wash my face including if in the shower, sometimes with an anti-bacterial face wash, then one drop tea tree oil and squirt of baby shampoo;

      Midday: wash my lids with Ocusoft Lid Wash foam, pat dry with clean paper towel, separatel.

      Warm Compress in late afternoon.

      Twice a day I use Wet Ones if I'm recovering from a recent threat.

      Bedtime: tto mix wash.

      I use eye cream trying to recover healthy skin around my eyes, though I'm beginning to think this won't be possible.

      This is my new normal.

      Good luck to everyone finding theirs.

      I will eventually try the cotton rounds bathed in 1/4 cup of sterile water w/10 drops of tea tree oil. It sounds heavenly.

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      Thx Agnes

      Wow, you had your hands full! I have found that it takes a lot of patience and dedication to this unfortunate condition.

      I appreciate the advice you have been providing me / others.  

      I now have a 4X day routine wash/cleanse  with my eyes using combinations of the baby shampoo, tea tree oil and Wet Ones.

      No question, it is all working and I can only hope my condition improves to a point of (almost) forgetting about it...

      Thank you for your advice!


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