Alternative Cancer Treatment: Chinese Herbal Tea?

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Has anyone tried Sabah Snake Grass or any chinese herbal tea? How to prepare and use this? 

I am living in the Philippines and my Father has Prostrate Cancer and Kidney problems. 

We can't afford the medicines suggested by doctors and we are trying to find Alternative Treatment to fight cancer and other diseases. 

In my place, Cavite there is the dried Sabah Snake Grass but I don't know if it's effective. I tried searching for testimonial and other product made out of that Sabah Snake Grass 

and found capsules and teas, 

There's a plantation who sells dried leaves with certain directions, 

There's a company that sells Nutans Tea out of Sabah Snake Grass. 

Hope you can help me.

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    I have found only 2 possible treatments in the literature, young papaya leaf tea, and pure pomegranate juice, 4 oz x 3 or 4 daily..I will do some additional searchers.


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      Papaya leaf? Pomegranate juice?

      Well I am not that good in preparing stuff. As I want to avoid mishandle of the instructions.

      I have found the tea with Sabah Snake Grass and it costs less than 1,000. Pretty good price for processed Herbal Tea.

      I saw another one (capsules) different company but it's price is too high. 3,000 pesos

      Hope you can reply with your research and compare each product that we will research

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      You need to do some very important things for your have adequate skill if your over 8 years old and a philippino/a...

      Papaya leaf:  young leaf..dry..not in the sun..preferably 10 to 15 leaves...once dry, crumble into almost powder..a/2 teaspoon in one cup warm water...x 3 to 4 times a day...Several years ago, Japan did extensive studies with this targeted specific cancer cells...the specific cells were not disclosed in the translation from Japanese to English. Recall the study was 80 to 90% successful..but only for these cancer cells...I have used the tea for my wife's "ovaroan" Cancer...

      inasmuch as its within the "repoductive system", it may work for prostate since it too is within the reproductive system.

      You can purchase pomegranate juice...just make sure its pure without sugar or a combo of other fruit juice..

      One pill or one drug will not goal is to stop any progression...then go after the cells big time...

      Your fathers "immune system" is weakened due to its fight with the his immune system..QUICKLY...for starts:

      1. Vitamin D3...hopefully with vita k2 (if not, plenty of green leaf vegetables)

      2. Vitamin C, 500 to 1g Buffered (meaning with calciium)

      3. Vitamin E (Tococrenols, and tocofrenols) not synthetich

      4. Resveratrol (100mg x 4 daily)

      I will now search the oncology journals to see what may be "effective", I am not enthused since lian (age 33)  the famous Chinese singer just died of breast cancer last month....using TCM...but?...must try nonetheless.


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      Perhap;s Resveratrol should be IMMEDIATE but the other things

      are a must as well.

      Do not use google to search for any prostate help...use 

      "google scholar"...then cut and paste this into the search box:

      Resveratrol reduces prostate cancer growth and metastasis by inhibiting the Akt/MicroRNA-21 pathway.


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      I studied the "Oncologist's" journal on pomegranate juice...the study used 8 oz...not correct...more is not better...the Isreal study illustrated the greatest benefit was not more but less..i.e. 4 oz consumed every 4 to 6 hours.

      Inasmuch as "cure"...the only cure is "surgery", all others including what I've suggested are treatments to HALT

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      I studied the "Oncologist's" journal on pomegranate juice...the study used 8 oz...not correct...more is not better...the Isreal study illustrated the greatest benefit was not more but less..i.e. 4 oz consumed every 4 to 6 hours.

      Inasmuch as "cure" concerned the only cure  via Primary Sourced Journals is "surgery", all others including what I've suggested are considered treatments to HALT THE PROGRESSION and spread (metastasis) however, if one can maintain a healthy immune system along with some of these supplementations....there is always an opportunity to destroy all of the bad cells.

      I need a break....later, .will go thru my old school papers to see if there is any important material that I can share...Claudio

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    We can't afford surgeries and stuff in hospital.

    My father adjusted the foods that he eat based on the Do's and Dont's

    and also I ordered that Nutans Tea out of Sabah Snake Grass.

    But I will try it first to see it's effect and will give it to my father afterwards.

    Will research more before advicing him to drink the herbal tea.

    But my father really believed in Chinese herbal because my grandfather uses Chinese herbal for his diseases. 

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      IUnderstood if you couldn't afford some surely wouldn't be able to do surgery.

      I do not suggest the Clinacanthus nutans Tea is of no the has good "anti inflammatory" qualities...that isn't enough...scavengers are needed...i.e. resveratrol...killer t cells...but first stop the progression or nothing much else will help

      The most recent published studfies of this plant are from India and Thailand, but not human...sprague D meese.

      I haven't any idea what the "do's and don'ts" might be. without a baseline.

      The efficacy of Clinacanthus nutans is "dose dependent"..

      Every oncologist knows "one drug" or even a few combined treatments may not be enough....Chinese use papaya leaf as well as pomegranate...DGL...and qianliening...was schooled by a 93 year old TCM dr. many years unless one knows the "source" of production, its "risky"...I send "stuff" to China such as "infant milk formula)...but I also receive stuff. Wish your father well.


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    The efficacy of Clinacanthus nutans is "dose dependent"..

    So it depends how many times I will drink the tea?

    The package will arrive this friday.

    will use it for the first 5 days

    and then check the result and if positive, will give it to my father and we'll see.

    I will update you Sir,  if I will try the papaya and pure pomegranate juice

    I am really thankful for your help.

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      our prayers are for you and sure to include Resveratrol..claudio..btw when I asked my wife about this plant, she was most familiar. the combination of green apple in my opinion is

      most apple's active ingredient

      is Pectin..a transporter/chaperone..suspect the

      nutan needs extra help to the target area


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    Yes yes.

    Because I should not reply on just Nutans Tea.

    Will note that.

    If you have new update about this product. I will just check this forum post.

    I will update you daily when I start testing this product.

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      mono therapy very very weak for Cancers...

      Drug/treatment  resistance can be divided into two categories: intrinsic  or acquired resistance .

       Intrinsic resistance results in ineffective therapy from the start due to presence of resistant phenotype in the tumor cells.

      On the other hand, acquired resistance develops during treatment whereby tumor cells showed initial responsiveness towards anticancer drugs but attained resistant phenotype during the treatment course.

      This renders subsequent therapy ineffective leading to tumor recurrence and progression .**The use of multi natural agents have minimal toxicity to humans compared to conventional chemotherapies, but also they can target numerous signalling pathways. This is beneficial as malignant transformation and progression are multistage processes caused by gene alterations in more than one signalling pathway. This is one of the most plausible explanations why monomodal therapy typically fails.

      I will send you what Malaysia suggests...and what I think would be a best protocol...


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      1Institute of Biological Science (Genetics and Molecular Biology), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 2014

       miRNAs have the potential to be used as therapeutic targets.

      curcumin, (tumeric) …root….anti inflammatory and anti oxidant

      resveratrol (grapes/red wine, major scavenger)

       genistein, (soy isolate)

      epigallocatechin 3-galate indole-3-carbinol (EGCG green tea extract)

      diindolylmethane  (anti cancer foods, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, cabbagecauliflower, collard greens, kale, mustard greens, and watercress)

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      Claudio’s suggested protocol

      The reason for combining several known treatments is simply due to


      Phenotype: this is when our immune system resists a treatment for a number of

      Reasons such as it identifies the treatment as trouble and destroys it.

      Acquired: too often once a treatment starts, the cancer cells develop a strategy to

      Block the treatment, always thru a pathway..


      Therefore, when one pathway is blocked, others may yet be available and should be





      Green Tea (extract) EgCG

      Papaya leaf tea

      Pomegranate Juice

      Milk Thistle

      Sabah snake grass





      Vit C

      Vit D3

      Vit E




      Zinc gluconate



      Fermented vegetablesFiltered water PH 8.2 plus

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