Alternative to mild baby shampoo?

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I've seen an ophthalmologist this morning, who diagnosed Blepharitis which has been caused by my Rosacea - so, Ocular Rosacea.

The leaflet he has given me about lid hygiene talks about using mild baby shampoo, but my optician has already said to me that this is not used any more.  Can anyone tell me what they have used instead of baby shampoo.  And has it been effective?

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    This is a link to Moorfields' leaflet.

    It is the warm compresses that are the important part.

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      I wasn't expecting that to go through straightaway!  

      I use a wheat bag & warm it in the microwave, then put it on my eyes & I feel the oily secretion melting, my Consultant told me to gently massage my eyes when the secretions had melted.  Use the suggestions in the leaflet to clean your eyes.

      Recently, I was given a course of oral Doxycycline for 2 months,to clear the blepharitis.  It helps but returns.

      Good luck

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      Thank you very much for your help.  I've bought a Thera Pearl Eye-ssential Mask, which warms in the microwave, and will be using that, before following the suggestions in the Moorfield leaflet, as you said.

      I have to see the consultant again in six months, so, hopefully, things will have improved by then.

      Thanks again.

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      get your iron checked. I took 25mg of iron bysglycinate and I had relief within 12 hours. It has been several weeks and its GONE. I mean all the way gone. I just went oto have an iron panel at my doctor because my last blood work 6 months ago came back normal for anemia- but you can have low iron and NOT be anemic. its often missed and your eyes need oxygen. 

      ​I also take raw liver supplements from health food store and eat extra spinach ( add to juices, pasta sauce etc)

      ​good luck- maybe this is the mystery of blepharitis! I hope this helps you! if it does, please be sure to pass it on so we can help others 

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    Good luck,ive had mine 2 yrs now,sometimes the baby shampoo helps me,usually i just use warm water and a cotton q tip swab and clean my lash line. After all this time,he said it could be demodex mites,but usually it has to be confirmed by a high powered microscope which many dont have. Mine actually seemed worse after useing the hot compresses,so I quit them. He recommended I try cleridex wipes to see if it helps in case its from mites,despite your roseacea it could be a caus for yours also,all i know is im sick of it,i also get blurred vision from it,like im looking through a dirty window. Google mgd/blephariris,hopefully he checked for mgd also,i know i have that after seeing 3 doctors first,they have to look for that also. Good luck,hope your eyes get better. Xx
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      Thank you, Lee.  He looked at my eyes through a microscope thing, so got a really close up view, but didn't mention mgd.  I'll look it up and mention it next time.  Hope things improve for you, it's a real pain, isn't it?

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      Yes,I havnt worn eye make up in ages. Yes do ask about checking the rims of your lids for mgd,took 3 different doc before one even saw it,they never checked before and its very common.
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    Hi, I agree with all 4 of your replies so far in most respects.  I use a warm/hot microwavable compress (Boots) whenever I have a chalazion, so far only my left upper lid has been affected with these things.  I was diagnosed with blepharitis years ago and was put on 100mg/day of doxycycline, I also find that I must shower every day taking great care to wash thoroughly around the eyes with Capasal shampoo (was originally prescribed for seborrheic dermatitis) but I find it helps with the blepharitis.
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      Thank you David.  The consultant didn't mention antibiotics, but I suppose it depends on whether things have improved by the time I see him again.  I also have lichen planus and wondered if it might have affected my eyes, but this is very rare and he didn't seem to think so.  

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    I started out using baby shampoo.  When I went to another Eye Dr. she recommended using Aveeno spary which is a daily lid and lash hygiene.  It has worked well for me.  I paid $30 for the 40 ml spray bottle when I bought it from my Eye Dr.
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    HI I just wanted to share with you my story hoping it will help you. I saw a post from another blog about blepharitis that a woman happened to be low in iron after her blood work. Once she started taking iron, her blepharitis went away. I have tried everything to get rid of mine and nothing has worked. So, I tried taking 25mg of iron bysglycinate (wont constipate you) and its been 3 weeks and its GONE- I mean like all the way gone. I felt it getting better 12 hours after I took the first iron pill! I have also been taking raw liver supplements because basically its just dehydrated organ meat. I also try to juice with spinach a few times a week. I went this morning to have an iron panel done at my doctor because my last blood work/physical came back normal for anemia. However, I learned that you can have low iron without being anemic and its often missed because they don't do an iron panel unless you request it. 

    ?Anyway, its worth a try. Be sure to check your iron with your doctor. Low Iron can be a serious issue- best of luck. I hope this helps you

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