Alternatives to estrogen used in birth control

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While I was growing up I had noticed things about myself that I didn't see with my sisters or my friends (genetic females).

Even thought I have hips I don't have not much body fat there. Even when I pinch the skin it's paper thin. I also have a muscular body even when I don't work out. When I do work out, I only have to work out for 2 months and I'm set for a whole year because my body tones up super fast and I get muscular easily. I also have super high metabolism.

We all have heard of the term 'estrogen dominance' or 'androgen dominance'. Well, I'm definitely androgen dominate. Sometimes people think I'm a male even when I have long hair or even when I dress up. I've notice for me that my skin texture changed drastically (in a horrible way) and my hairline was receding while I was on the ring.


I was on Nuvaring for almost a full year and I had to stop because it was making me more masculine looking.

Androgenic alopecia

Increased upper lip facial hair

2-3 chin hairs

Change of skin and hair texture.

Body shape (still somewhat feminine, just change of redistribution of body fat thato was trying to make my body not so feminine.)

When I told my gyno about this. I told her I look it online that says Nuvaring is one of the HIGHEST androgenic bc on the market. She confirmed my research.

So I decided from that moment forward I was going to take action.

Currently, I'm on Depo Provera. I've been on it on the past and has helped, but this is progesterone only.

Conventional birth control pills use ethinyl estradiol EE. But it's also the most potent. I was considering just getting the tablets and use along with my progesterone. But as I've mentioned it's super potent, even though it does help with physiological changes. I'm currently using Spiro, and estradiol and am considering estriol due to being the weakest for of estrogen. This estrogen is made during pregnancy and says it's causes skin to thicken along with blood cells etc. There have also been studies on this estogen and is being used in compounded face creams made at a pharmacy. I was going to take it pill form because of this.

Even after being off for so long my body slowly improved on it's own, but didn't bring my skin or hair back to what it was prior. I don't want to wait years for this. So that's when I decided to turn to hormones.

HRT may be used for menopause, but it has also been used for transwomen. Even they're not prescribed EE because of the dangers and side effects. If anyone has advice please share!


I'm not comfortable using Premarin because of the mare urine.

If anyone else has used EE and made noticeable changes I'd like to hear your story. Otherwise, I'm using estradiol, will consider estriol. Would like to eventually get off Spironolactone.

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    I have found a compound pharmacy. I will check them out and update on my situation.

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    Investigate Androcur (anti androgen) too, but you must not be at risk of falling pregnant while taking it.  Also pregnenolone.  I am in the same boat and find it hard to keep enough oestrogen in my body.

    Is your good cholesterol low?  Good cholesterol is source of our hormones, so look for ways to increase this good cholesterol, e.g. coconut oil, avocado, etc.

    Let me know if you find any more answers.


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      Healthy 360° all the way around. I've been reading articles on the Internet from research and they even said an example of androgenic alopecia could be a result from 'high androgen index birth control.' So.. I was right all along. I just got my Spiro up to 100mg. 1 50mg pill morning and night. My hair around my temples is coming back. I have Brazil nuts that I'm going to start adding back to my diet everyday. Are you allowed to tell me what estrogen you're using? I'm using Estrofem 1mg and it seems to be helping a little. I'm thinking of going up to 2mg or getting EV. It seems to be an even better option. And I'm reconsidering MAYBE using Premarin.
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      I will never use anything other than oestrodiol, it is bio identical.  I started 26 years ago with the implant pellet which was wonderful, my body took only what it needed, but a 12 month dose was used up in 9 months.  It was ok to have another pellet implanted when I needed it.  Then they stopped making the pellets and I had to move to the patches (Estradem MX 100), twice a week patches as the patches gave me a rash and a weekly one did not last the week.  I have also topped up the patches with a gel.  Still oestrodiol.  I have since found a compound chemist who makes up the pellets, so I have gone back to implants, but even though the chemist insists it is exactly the same as the original, a 12 month one is only lasting me 6 months.

      This year I started the pregnenolone to try to add more oestrogen.  Well, the pregnenolone is supposed to add the hormone that I need.

      It was a long time ago when I used a birth control pill and I don't remember the name of it, but it is food for thought, that that could have been the original cause.

      I have also been using Nizoral 2% shampoo which is supposed to have the same ingredient as Regaine.  I think it kills off the DVT which causes male hair loss.  I use a cleansing creme shampoo first, then the Nizoral 2%, leave it in for 5 mins, rinse and don't use a conditioner.  I do apply an after shampoo conditioner spray but not on scalp, to treat the hair that is a bit coarse or dry.  While I am always losing lots of hair, it is also being replaced quite quickly and my temple hair has grown back.


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      I've heard of this pellets, but I'm more into using pills and I know it's always a consistent dosage. I've switched to using traditional mentions when it comes to washing hair. I've been using diluted apple cider rinses, or pink Himalayan salt rinses because of the vitamins and minerals. It can be drying but I've made my own 'conditioner' but boiling fruit peels, amla fruit and herbs. It makes my hair nice and soft with full of nutrients. Also amla is a fruit native to India. I make my own fruit juices with other fruits. This is my detox formula while providing my body with nutrients. If you Google Yao Women you can read their regimen of how they clean their hair. No greys until 80 yrs old. They use fermented rice water along with everything else I said, I've tried the rice. Not really my thing. But I think I'm gonna try it again because I found out they boil it to stop the fermentation process. My hair has been growing back nicely. I shaved my head to start my new hair regimen. It's been fun.

      So I got off track LOL.

      I've user birth control in the past. I've just read that ethinyl estradiol is potent. So potent it's not recommended for Trans women. So if they don't recommend it for them then why should I use it!

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      I don't know about using ethinyl estradiol as birth control - I use oestradiol as hrt after having a hysterectomy and oopherectomy.  Going on 27 years now, so it has proven to be safe for me.

      Oral medication has wide variations of absorbtion too but transdermal applications mean your body is not getting too much when it does not need it, nor too little when it does.  There are also varying degrees of strength for the transdermal.

      However, using it for birth control is a different kettle of fish.  You want to make sure you are being covered.  And this has long been out of my range of knowledge now.

      I just googled ethinyl oestradiol oestrogen and I am not sure it is the same as the oestradiol that I use.  I had never head of the ethinyl part, and I just checked all my oestradiol medications and there is no mention of the word.  I also looked up spirolactone.  Similar but not exactly like Androcur (cypro....) which Wikipedia says is banned in the US.  I see that spiro has a different effect on breasts than cypro.

      I am sure you know I meant DHT instead of DVT and it 'treats' the dht at the surface of the hair follicals rather than killing it of course, as DHT circulates in the blood.  I did use a vinegar rinse for many years too.  Trying to simplify, and I have got lots of new shoots sticking up without it.  I think it helped put a shine in my hair though.  I always use it on my face too.  It replaces the acid mantle.

      Good on you for going to such trouble with hair treatment.

      Autocorrect drives me crazy too.


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      I should of said I live in the U.S. EE is one of the main drugs used in most bc pills that is giving to young girls and teens. I was one of them. It's super potent, but they say the effects of it helps suppress testosterone so I might try it. I found a medical research paper online that even said they tested 4 women with different methods of bc. One of them was 0.01mg of EE and 1mg of estradiol valerate. I'm taking 1mg of estradiol hemihydrate which means it's water soluble so it doesn't last too long in my blood. I made an appointment to see a physican. They might prescribe me EE by itself. I want to stop using Spiro so if EE is the only way to do it then I guess I'll have to go that route.
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      Hi Sheryl

      Could you tell me more about this Androcur? Does it make your skin dry out? Spiro is known for making you dehydrated but it works aa a duretic medication and raises potassium.

      With Androcur do you take it everyday? I do with the Spiro.

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      Androcur is cyproterone acetate, and I read is not available in the US according to Wikipedia.  Best to google androcur and read the Wikipedia explanation.

      I take 2 x 50mg per day.  It does not dry out my skin, strangely for a fair haired and skin woman, I have oily skin and I was originally prescribed it for the cystic acne breakouts I was getting.  I was also getting seborrheac (sp?) coating on my scalp, like cradle cap!  Plus, hair loss at temples etc.  A young  Asian dr thought of it at last minute and ran after me in the medical centre to bring me back to his room and prescribe it.  It is all about anti-androgens.

      When I try to reduce the dose, an outbreak occurs and I don't want to go back to that.  I have no side effects (that I am aware of) - they are all so contradictory anyway.  I have been taking it for longer than I have been using HRT so that puts it into at least 30 years.

      It is not described as a diurectic and to me does not act as one.  My endocrinologist has no problem with me using it.  I do have a lot of issues which started when haemochromatosis became evident after having the hysterectomy.  Although my dr took 9 years to diagnose despite my symptoms being severe.  That is why I now have many health issues because of it.

      In fact, I do not understand why the US makes it unavailable.  It is necessary for men diagnosed with prostrate cancer.  The US allows a lot of other medication that is banned in Australia.


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      That's sound like what us Asians would do! Lol. I've researched Diane 35 which has 2mg of CA and .035 mg of EE.

      I'm going to stay with Depo Provera.

      I'm also debating taking EE or I'm currently Estrofem 1mg (estradiol hemihydrate) or switch to Estrace (estradiol valerate)

      Then take androcur instead of Spiro.

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