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  • KingPinagpala 1

    PCOS/Missed 2 pills. Will i be pregnant?

    Hi everyone! First of all, I am not a Doctor or what. I am just an ordinary woman and i'll be sharing my personal experience to lift the hopes of everyone who's freakin' out if they are pregnant by missing 2 birth control pills in a row. So lets start. 2 years ago, I learned that i have PCOS both

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  • KingPinagpala 1

    PCOS/Missed 2 pills. Will i be pregnant?

    Hi everyone! First of all, I am not a Doctor or what. I am just an ordinary woman and i'll be sharing my personal experience to lift the hopes of everyone who's freakin' out if they are pregnant by missing 2 birth control pills in a row. So lets start. 2 years ago, I learned that i have PCOS both

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  • lilliankentish 2

    Copper coil / IUD insertion review 2015

    I feel there is an unfair amount of negative reviews of coil insertions online. I had mine fitted two days ago now, but the week leading to my appointment I was torturing myself by reading every insertion review and account, especially of those childless. So come the fitting, I was extremely

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  • pearlcaramel 1

    IUD Non-hormonal Copper Coil Side Effects?

    Hi everyone, I'm 34, no children, had a T-Safe copper coil fitted about 7 months ago after taking COC for almost 6 years (Dianette, Cerazette, Yasmin). I had no problem with the coil, just slight discomfort and spotting after insertion and heavier and longer periods which doesn't bother me, at

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  • debbie39903 3

    Mirena fitted

    Well had my mirena fitted and biopsy done under General on Thursday. Woke up from anaesthetic in a lot of pain was given morphine and sent to hospital room, ended up having to have 2nd dose of morphine due to pain. Am home now but in quite a lot of pain, feels like extreme period pain, tried the

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  • siana03345 1

    I am taking Cerelle mini pill, when the period will come?

    My first month of taking  Cerelle mini pill, it's now 26 pills everyday. I used to take 21 days pill, after few months I try this 28 days pill, I am wondering when the period will come? And after this 28 pills, should I start my next pack of 28 days right away? or wait until period comes?

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  • Bedders 2
  • kate74236 2

    Mirena IUD Removal

    Hi Ladies, After 5 years and 7 months I’m booked in now to have my Mirena IUD removed on the 24th of Feb. A bit of background, I’m currently 34 years old, Single, have no children and never been pregnant. I have a top OBGYN, after many years and many problems I had the IUD inserted via a

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  • Guest M

    prolonged period after contraceptive injection

    when my baby was 10 weeks old my doctor advised i use the contraceptive injection as i cant take the pill because history of DVT. a week and half after having the injection i started having a period even after being told my period may stop this period lasted to weeks, i then had a week free from

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  • lynseyloo77 1

    Could I be pregnant?

    I have been on the combination pill without a break for around a year. No problems. Recently had a b12 deficiency and a follic acid deficiency which I was giving shots for b12 and supplements for follic acid. Around 5 weeks ago I had unprotected sex. 3 weeks ago I came off of the pill to let my

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  • laura 32222 1

    Help???? Could I be pregnant

    Hi guys I'm a 19 year old student and would really appreciate any help. I had unprotected sex with a guy in the early hours of Saturday morning (6th may) roughly 5 am I had just finished my period a day before that, my periods are roughly always 28-30 days. I'm pretty sure he didn't ejaculate

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  • roxana91525 2

    My IUD experience

    Hi, I've been reading all the negative experiences posted about the IUD  and I just want to post mine. I am 32 and I just delivered a beautiful baby girl 3 months ago. My sex life is extremely important and as I don't want to get pregnant any time soon I considered the IUD the best option .So I had

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  • Cat--12 1
  • jessica54454 1

    No breakthrough bleed after stopping the pill...

    Hi, Wondering if anyone has had the same experience or has Any advice. I stopped taking my contraceptive pill, Rigevidon as I thought it was giving me unpleasant side effects all of a sudden (dizziness, vomiting, persist thrush) after blood tests all came back clear, this was the most likely

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  • amy57522 3

    Getting mirena... terrified

    I'm having the coil fitted this Thursday. I'm due my period tomorrow.. will they still do it? How bad is the pain once it's fitted? I'm already on agony with endometriosis pain and this is my option my gyne consultant has given me. Is it worth it? I suffer with migraines and I'm scared they will

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  • Sammyjo20 1

    Is pill still effective even if you're sick during the day?

    Hello.  My fiancé went out last night for a night out and was sick at around 10pm. She usually takes her contraceptive pill at around 10-12 and it always works perfectly. When she got home she was sick again but after that she took her pill before 12 like normal and went to sleep fine she took it

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  • india80581 2

    Question On The Pill/Estrogen

    I've never been on the pill before. I'm not that sexually active but I do have a partner, except the reason I was wanting to go on the pill was for breast growth and some weight gain. I read that the pill with estrogen can help me with what I'm looking for. I understand I'm not going to get a

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  • lismol 1

    Pelvic Pain after starting birth control

    Hi, I started Vestura (generic Yaz) and I am on my 2nd week of my 3rd pack. I have had intense pelvic cramps since 2 weeks after starting my 1st pack. Also intense right side pain by my ribs for the last 3 weeks. Went to emergency room because I couldn't sit the rib pain was so bad. I haven't had a

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  • Anxious25326 2

    Anxiety and mirena (IUD)

    Has anyone experienced any unusual side effects from the mirena? Im 26 have had mine for almost 18 months never experienced Amy anxiety or anything in my life, since having this inserted I've had 3 bouts of anxiety this one being the worst for last few days constant aches pains and numbness all on

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  • aprilb 2

    Can a coil break/dislodge

    Hi all, I have an IUS (Jaydess) in situ since July 2015. No issues since insertion except last couple of months a light period has returned. My main question is could the coil snap or become dislodged while inside? I am an active gym goer and on Monday I was doing some ab exercises which involve

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  • Vaultdweller111 3

    Changed to cerelle feel awful!

    So I went to get more of my pill last month (I was on cerezette) whilst there the nurse asked if I minded changing to cerelle as it was the same thing but cheaper. I said that was fine! I started my (cerelle) pill and the last two days I've felt terrible, I'm getting stomach cramps, nausea,...

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  • james 68943 1


    Me and my misses were so happy in life to start she was easy going and great to be around👍 Had tough pregnancy saying our boy may die but we supported each other and our boy was the best thing ever to happen!! She soon got implant afterwards as we was not ready for another baby yet! In time I

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  • Sarah112233 2

    Mirena coil side effects

    hi, these are my side effects I experienced in the 11 weeks of having the mirena coil fitted, very bad headaches that are there all day, eyes aching, really sore breasts, tummy and back ache, groin and legs aching, restless legs, feeling down, anxious mood swings, emotional, tired with little energy,...

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  • abiismith13 1

    Implant problems !!

    Hi.. I will more than likely be going to my GP about this anyway but wanted to know if other people have experienced the same and know how to I got the contraceptive implant in September 2016 after trying god knows how many contraceptive pills - none suited me well. I was told to expect

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  • debbie39903 3

    Mirena coil...advice appreciated

    Have suffered really badly over last 18 months with extreme pain and heavy periods, on more than I am off. Had blood tests done and have unstable hormone levels. Seen consultant and have been booked in for camera, biopsy and mirena through surgery as a day patient. Read a lot of horror stories and

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  • hannah85612 2

    My Copper Coil review

    Hi   I am 24 years old, in a serious relationship, no children, 5ft1 and am overweight. I am writing this as when I was researching what contraception to go for due to feeling like I was running out of options, I saw an overwhelming amount of negative stories about the copper coil and I wanted to

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  • j91611 1

    Horrible side effects from using the Morning after Pill

    Here goes, so my fiance and I decided to go on a trip. It was the second last day of my period. I have been suffering from panic attacks of late and I was apprehensive to go but he already made reservations. So we obviously had sex but used no protection as we were caught in the moment. Dumb I

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  • Dengirl29 5
  • Hollymayshipton 3

    Nexplanon issues?

    Hi everyone, coming up to three years ago I had the Nexplanon implant fitted and until now it has being amazing ... no periods or side effects. But recently I have been feeling really grotty, with awful oily skin and acne, anxiety, irregular bleeding, ibs smptoms, headaches etc. Does anyone know

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  • hburns 1
  • callyline 2

    Coming off combined pill side effect?

    I am 43 have been on the combined pill loestrin 20 for over 13 years was advised to stop as had raised blood pressure. This is yet to be treated. Took my last tablet on 26/3 had withdrawal bleed and then last week which would have mid cycle had horrendous period pains stomach cramps pain in side

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  • Gsmith 1

    Combined contraceptive pill

    As I suffer from painful, heavy periods, I've been given this pill for my exams, however they start in may and I don't know if my body will adjust in time. I know I will get side effects because my body is often very sensitive to tablets, but do all side effects last for a few months or do they

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  • laura180597 2

    Mirena Coil inserted last Tuesday - Cramping is awful

    Hi ladies, I had the joys of having a laprascopy and hysteroscopy last Tuesday and also the insertion of a Mirena Coil for heavy bleeding. I have had such awful cramping yesterday and today but yesterdays cramping was the worse, I swear if it had continued any longer I would have gone down to A&E, I'

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  • sophie27777 2

    Nexplanon implant please help?!

    Hi guys so I had the nexplanon placed in my arm 7th June and I haven't been myself since. I cannot eat a proper meal for a start, my stomach feel like it has shrunk and if i try to eat more then my stomach will allow (if that makes sense) I throw up straight away. Every night without a doubt since

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  • elsa70 2

    contraception bleeding all the time

    Importantly my age is 47, I have only needed contraception since oct 2015 having not used any hormonal contraception since 1993 the pill (Marvelon for five years and marvellous, no probs at all ). tried the cerelle mini pill no good at all bled constantly. Now have nexplanon implant spent the first

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