Although I am doing lots of research on how to lower my BP. My wife says I should go on medication.

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I was looking at my past medical records and I't appears that I have had elevated BP for the past 5 years and now it is approx. 170/100.  I have taken good care of myself all my life (never smoked, never drank, not over weight, never even had a cup of coffee) and feel aweful about going on meds. My wife says its time. Are BP meds a forever thing? 

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    Incidently mortality from hypertension in third world countries is higher than elsewhere. Ethnicity is a significant factor, Africans and those of African decent have a far greater chance of developing hypertension, and poor funding means they do not have access to medication that would otherwise save lives.

    With that, I will unsubscribe from the thread and move on as I should have done some time ago.

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    Poor Ecpool - your question has been somewhat lost in all the polemic on this thread, hasn't it? I envisage you hiding in the long grass while the big beasts bellow and trample the earth around you! I'm going to take a copy of this post and send it to you via private message as well, as I suspect this entire thread is going to be toast when the hoomin m0der80r hits his desk on Monday morning. He's a nice guy but quarrels make him nervous. Private messages don't expose the email address or any other details of either party.

    170/100 is certainly too high, though I'm encouraged to read that it's stayed the same for the past five years. I'm glad to hear you've never drunk alcohol (wish I could say the same), don't smoke and aren't overweight. However, you have said in another thread that you eat a lot of carbs, and sugar is a particular weakness. I really think it would be worthwhile cutting down on carbs in general and particularly sugar, including fruit sugars. You mentioned in that other thread that you were making smoothies. It would be better if you ate the whole fruit, and limited yourself to two pieces per day. That doesn't mean you have to go on a paleo diet, though some people find it helps. Just try and cut down a bit on the starches and a lot on the sugars - refined or natural.

    I also wonder how much salt you're consuming. This is another of the usual suspects. I know some people get away with eating masses of salt and sugar and still don't get high BP, but we're all genetically different. Some people smoke 50 a day all their lives and never get lung disease, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea.

    And you don't mention exercise, just the fact that your weight is normal. Regular exercise usually has a good effect on BP. It doesn't have to be strenuous workouts in the gym, 30 minutes of brisk walking five times a week can be just as effective, and easier on your joints.

    I'd strongly advise you to look at your diet and exercise regime. Maybe try a magnesium supplement too. If magnesium is going to work (which it doesn't for everyone) it will take several months to kick in, but lifestyle changes can produce results sooner than that. But don't OD on magnesium. Stick to the dosage on the pack, or even start off with a half dose to see whether you get diarrhoea. This is the only possible side-effect from normal doses of magnesium, and it doesn't affect all of us.

    Get a good quality home monitor if you haven't got one already and take your BP a couple of times a day. If you've tried all the above and there's still no improvement after three months, that's the time to visit your doctor. Don't let him bully you into going straight onto a high dose of medication. It may be that only a fraction of the dose will be enough to bring your BP down to acceptable levels, particularly if combined with dietary measures and magnesium. If you do decide to go the medication route, I'd advise getting a pill cutter (available from pharmacies) so you can start off on a low dose. Most pills can easily be cut into quarters with the right equipment.

    Medication is sometimes essential. But if I were in your place I'd give lifestyle measures a fair trial first. If that doesn't work alone, I'd try the lowest possible dose of medication while maintaining the lifestyle measures.

    Good luck!


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      Very well done Lilly.

      This has to be the boost that answers all questions and stops the argument in his track.

      Very comprehensive and very well thought out strategy to reduce the a blood pressure, and I'm sure all will take note.

      May I please suggest just one correction : before getting the medication into half or quarter, it may be a good idea to see if a lower strength is available. Some products are "slow release" and they are certainly not advisable to cut.

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      Yes, of course, point taken. Slow-release preparations shouldn't be cut in half. Not sure if BP medications are available in this format as I've never taken them myself and my nursing experience dates back to >40 years ago, when very few medications were available in this formulation.

      This is something Ecpool would have to explore with his doctor.

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      All the things you mentioned are exactly the same things that I said to the vested interest pesron robert25274. But he had his own agenda and so decided to side step my all points.
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      Well, he's gone now (hopefully) so we don't have to waste any more energy on him. In any case, I've a feeling this whole conversation will be gone by tomorrow morning!
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