am feeling ill and anxiety post laraoscopy

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I am 33 years old. With 3 children. I work full time and have mirena coil.

In January I started getting dizzy and hot flushes so I went to docs and it was decided as my coil had been in nearly 5 years it was time a new one was put in.

The new one went in a few weeks later in February. Shortly after it was fit the dizziness and hot flushes were still there and tender breasts and a genuine feeling of being unwell plus pains in the abdomen.

I went back to the docs in april who asked me how my periods were. I said they had stopped with the coil. He said I had a slight temperature and most likely will feel better.

skip foward lots more trips to the docs for much of the same and worsening symptoms.

in june they decided to do an internal scan to check the coil. On the scan they found my coil strings had disappeared! And a small cyst on my left overy which they said was common. I was sent away.

on 31st july I had a massive pain on my right side went to a & e they started thinking appendix but then pain went so they sent me home with some lanzoprozole gastric restistant medication.

Skip forward exactly 28 days later the severe pain returned along with all the hot flush feeling ill. I went to docs this time he diagnosed appendicitis and sent me straight up hospital. They did emergency laraoscopy only to find nothing wrong with my appendix but a cyst this time on my right overy.

the surgeon decided to leave my appendix as it looked good and leave the cyst to be reviewed by a gyn doc and I have to wait for them to contact me.

Now I am 5 days post this laraoscopy and am still having the hot flashes and dizzy spells. I am also worried that in a few weeks from now its all gonna start up again. I feel awful.

Sorry for the lengthy post I just thought a bit of history would help. I just want to know if anyone has had something similar so I am not alone.

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    I don't understand why Drs. leave cysts when they're already in there. Have you looked up the side effects of mirena? It doses hormones which you might now be sensitive to and reacting to. Plus any foreign object can become an irritant. You also have cyst(s) which add to the hormonal stew.

    Since you are hinting that it peaks at ovulation it's time to get to the gynaecologist NOW. You could have a number of things going on and it needs to be dealt with. You need an urgent referral to a Gyno from the GP. It sounds like the ovaries are reacting to the hormones from the mirena plus the irritation the unnecessary surgery caused. Specialist required to expedite a treatment plan.

    Make notes of all your symptoms and when they happen. Also a list of questions for Gynae.

    Hope this helps.

    You're in my thoughts.

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    HI Leanne, the cysts at that size are probably not causing you the problem, it is more than likely the mirena coil. If the strings have disappeared, this could mean that the coil has displaced and is stuck somewhere it shouldn't be, causing you pain and irritation. This happened to 2 friends of mine, I can't believe they have not investigated this further!! On another note re the mirena, I had one for three years, it was the worst mistake I ever made, I became so ill with it, dizziness, extreme bloating, generally very unwell, I finally had it taken out when the doctors realised it had damaged my liver function, I was so poorly. Google 'bad reaction to mirena coil', you won't believe the amount of women that have had problems with them, for me it was the synthetic hormone progestin in the mirena that caused all my problems, It was the worse time of my life. Hope you will be ok, the Doctors always deny the mirena causes any problems, but believe me it does.

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    Immysmum I hope you have recovered and have no lingering problems.

    Leanne it seems your symptoms are common with many other women having reactions to 'benign' birth control devices. The medical profession seems willing to push these products before they are fully vetted then turn a blind eye when there are negative reactions.

    I get Drs are human but they often forget to treat the patient with do unto others practice.

    Please push to get the treatment you deserve. Sometimes removing these devices is complicated when they become displaced. I know having birth control you don't have to think about is great but not when it alters your health.

    Keep us informed on your progress. Wishing you speedy resolution.

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    Hi beentheresr and immysmum. Thanks for taking the time to reply to me.

    Sorry it took me a couple of days I got an infection in one of my wounds and i was feeling really quite ill but am on antibiotics now since yesterday morning and I am feeling much better now.

    I thought it was the coil a while back and had it checked which is why they scanned me and found the coil is placed fine but the strings are missing but where they are they dont know. They said as this is my third coil the problems I have are not from the coil although I think when I see the gynaecologist doc I am going to ask to have it taken out (as strings are missing it has to be done by a special tool to get hold of it). I think after 10 years and 8 months of coils it may be time to let my body reset and my hormones balance out naturally.

    Will let you know what gynaecologist says am supposed to be on the emergency appointment list so its supposed to mean that they will contact me within 10 working days so should be by early next week.

    kind regards to you both smile

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    So sorry you're having an additional set back. Glad you were able to get medication and hopefully will heal quickly.

    I think you are making a wise choice. Just because it's worked in the past doesn't mean you haven't become sensitive now.

    Keeping fingers crossed you get in quickly and start return to normal soon.


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