AM having Bunion surgery on the 23rd march so in 3days & am petrified

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Am due to have bunion surgery in 3days & I've never been so scared in all my life!!

I just want to no everyone's thoughts on There surgery if you've had the bunion removed, & was it painful???

& how long recovery before able to go back to work & also how long to go back to the gym??

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    Iv had it done in both feet it hasn't been bad for me as long as you do as Doctor tells you it takes about 10 weeks to get properly back on your feet but in shoe for 6 weeks everyone has a different pain threshold but all in all its not to bad

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    Remember why you are having it done - to be better in the long run. Be prepared. The first two days aren't easy but you should have plenty of pain killers then reduce them. I was off them in 5 days. Don't plan lots to do on your feet for up to 3 months and keep an eye on your progress. Organise simple ways to access everything you need and take all the help offered. I find it easier to keep my feet above bottom level than heart level and it seems to work. This way I can read and write and talk to friends an family comfortably. 

    I'm not sure what you are scared of - you will get through the pain ok but hospitals can be unfamiliar places so chat to your friendly aneathitist when they come.

    Make sure your friends and family understand this is a long process and sitting with your feet up isn't lazy. I've stuck pages of pretty shoes (not high heels) by my desk. At 70 I wasn't old enough to start having shoes made - I don't think I ever will be so I had  both feet done and making it.

    Hope it all goes well! And I'm sure someone else is better suited to give advice on the gym. I intend to drive and swim 6 -7 weeks.


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    Hi I had both my bunions done on 9th Feb was home within 5 hours of having them done wearing a pair of Velcro shoes with both feet in plaster 

    and told to heel walk 

    had no real pain and stopped taking painkillers after 3 days rested with feet elevated for first 10 days 

    went back after 10 days to have feet replastered and just over 4 weeks after op had plasters off and came home in open toe shoes

    couple days later was walking around in my sketcher that I use for gym just had the laces loose as feet were little bit swollen did some walking with no problem

    this week I have driven my manual car on short runs with no problem

    today us 6 weeks since op and I can honesty say it is no where near as bad as some people experience. I know we all tolerate pain different

    i intend to go back to aqua aerobics next week think it will be sometime before can do impact sports

    What I did do religiously was to elevate my feet when I was in bed or resting I honestly believe this aided my recovery and being pain free ,

    hope this helps

    good luck 

    let me know how it goes


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      Hi Hilary! Had my op yesterday foot feels numb underneath & my heel! Throbbing sensation too pain is coming and going! Am keeping it elevated as much as I can!! Am walking on my heel but it is a struggle! Did u have pins & needles afterwards??

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      i had no pins and needles 

      keep it elevated as much as you can I bought one of those foot elevated pillows of amazon best thing I did still use it now 

      hopefully pain will start to ease soon

      are you in plaster ?

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      No was quite excited the first time plaster came off after 10 days

      they then replastered both feet with fibreglass as its lighter than plaster

      when plasters finally came off I was really please just very neat small scars

      feet never felt numb just hit when I had them down for a period of time 

      all I can feel now is slight thing where the nerves are knitting together 

      im sure you will be fine 

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      Hi Hilary! My heel feels numb is this normal? I had my surgery 23rd march!!

      I have to double up on my codiene for the pain, it keeps feeling like a lot of pressure! Last night was so uncomfortable 😣

      Feel numb around the top of my foot and the heel?

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    What exactly are you scared of?

    I had heard never to get my bunions done as the pain after is horrendous.

    I had my left foot done by minimally invasive surgery in June last year. I had an ankle block with sedation. I'm getting my right foot done in a couple of weeks so it can't have been that bad!

    I went home within 45 minutes of getting my left foot done. I kept waiting for the pain to come but it didn't!!! The ankle block seemed to last a whole 24 hours. Even when it wore off I was still waiting for pain but it wasn't painful at all. Just uncomfortable having the wedge shoe on all the time and my foot elevated for 2 weeks.

    Week 3 I got a few sore pains below by big toes toe nail but apparently that's the nerves knitting together. Other than that I can honestly say it was a breeze.

    The wedge shoe is a bit of a nuicence wearing that for 6 weeks but it's been well worth it and I now have a beautiful foot. May not be perfect but oh my what a HUGE improvement.

    I was driving after 2 weeks as I have an auto so i didnt need my left foot 😀 but my right foot next so no driving for 6 weeks which is tough as I have 3 kids to get to school!

    I had 8 months off the gym but only because I hot lazy!!! I'm back to full form in the gym and I'm guessing I would have been back in full swing after 3 months to go back BUT everyone is different. I had 3 months of swelling which is quite normal for some people. Everyone heals differently.

    Are you in the UK?

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      Hi I had the surgery yesterday I stayed overnight for observation as am asthmatic!!

      The pain is throbbing I feel like my foot is about to explode 😭

      I've walked it in my heel in the bunion boot! Am keeping it elevated all the time but it's like pins & needles all the time! Am scared in case I knock it too!

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      Hi. I live in the UK yes!!

      Can I ask you if you had achy thighs & knees from having the legs elevated & not much movement?? Cos I am able to take 25 steps to bathroom and 25steps back without crutches as they never gave me any so just on my good leg & using my heal on the surgery foot!! I have less pain now, just throbbing sensation which comes & goes & also little shocks here & there were the bunion was!


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