Am I going crazy?

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Where to start..... about 3 years ago I had vertigo and it was horrible.... it hung around for like 2 weeks and slowly got better with time...   fast forward  about 1 year, I would randomly get lightheaded and it would be everyday and my vision would be weird at times.... I can even tell you how many times I was in and out of the drs... blood test,  food allergy test ,  cat scan on my brain ,  inner ear testing , everything came back that  I was a completely healthy person ..... but the way I was feeling didn’t feel  healthy to me ...... 

I Saw a natural path.... nothing helped me...  and I was told that it was due from stress .......  so I started to learn more about meditation and the seven chakras of the bodies in the bodies energy and I did that daily and it seem to help calm my thoughts my stress level it seem to help !!!  I would go days without sleeping I just could not sleep I was so strong out burning my candle on both ends I just couldn’t function and I had four young children to take care of .... 

I seemed to get past all that took about a year, but the fear of getting vertigo again has never left my mind, the feeling it gave me will not leave me alone... this year I’ve been dealing with anxiety like crazy to the point I just want to jump outta my body and run away as far as I can, it makes me  feel so disconnected from my family it’s just I’m not myself and I hate it it makes me mad ! Makes my vision weird it makes my head feel really weird it’s almost like my brain won’t shut down it’s like an engine that just keeps going and going and going and going and going and I get so hot to the point where it’s just it breaks down that’s how I feel like my brain is and I could feel the pressure inside of my head it’s driving me crazy and some days I feel like I’m going crazy!!! makes my vision weird it makes my head feel really weird it’s almost like my brain won’t shut down it’s like an engine that just keeps going and going and going and going and going and I get so hot to the point where it’s just it breaks down that’s how I feel like my brain is and I could feel the pressure inside of my head it’s driving me crazy some days I feel like I’m going crazy! 

 Yesterday out of nowhere my head felt like I was like on a roller coaster in or boat and it was just like this Waze and up and down and it only lasted for like a few seconds but then it instantly made me feel nauseous puke you raise my heart rate because of the fear of how vertigo made me feel , it  happened two times and the second time I literally cannot sit still for over two hours I was so jittery anxious just basically freaking out ! 

 I feel like I’m alone in feeling this way and I know that I’m not I can’t be....  my husband bless his heart tells me constantly that he feels that way ever once in while and it’s normal but for me I freak out to what supposed to be normal .... 

 I feel like the fear has overtaken me and I don’t know how to get rid of!!! 

 Is there anyone out there that has experienced this and if they have what have you done to help it !? 

 Thank you all for taking the time to read this ! 

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    Hello, I too have the same symptoms. About a year ago it started with about 2 weeks of eye issues (driving was terrible) and I had swaying sensation and grocery stores drove me nuts. It went away and came back in march x10. Was told labrynthis and nystagmus (eye flutters) from a cold. Went to ENT he told me ita no labs. Didn't help me at all. Had CT mri blood eye doc x2 etc....just went to balance clinic last week and those are looking noreal too. Have an apt with neuro for nerve conduction test, but going to ask him about this other crap and see if it's vestibular related. It's driving me nuts. Was feeling better for the last month besides eye issues, but now last week it's come back like it was in beginning.

    I sleep ok, but wake up feeling rushy, like jittery. I feel like I have to keep eating because it feels like my sugar is low, but it doesn't help. It's a very terrible feeling. I'm super tired some days too. I want to get up and do stud because I too have 2 young kids, but sometimes it unbearable. They told me stress in the beginning too, but that was without testing. I have brain fog too. Sometimes my wording gets mixed up. So many people have this condition and get no where with it. Super frustrating.

    When you say eye issues, what do you have? I'm in ontario canada too, are yoy in canada?

    Believe me, tour not alone!!! I'm lucky wjere I'm a stay at home mom, because when this started, I said to my boyfriend, I don't know how anybody woth a full time job can handle this everyday. It's super debilitating! !

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      Just like my eyes have a hard time  focusing , foggy...  how have you been feeling?! 

      What I don’t understand is how so many have these feelings and there is no answers for anyone why were feeling this way!  

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    When you wrote 2 hours ,it reminded me of my type of Vertigo ,Meniere disease it lasts between 2 and 4 hours . If that's what you have you have to learn to manage it , I learned the hard way.

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    Im going through this at the moment, have had dizzy off balance feeling since April, it caused anxiety and depression which led to insomnia and other issues such as skin rashes, not digesting food properly i thought i was losing the plot, i was trying to find what was causing it so i would do weird thing like bobbing up and down and that would make me feel like the world around me was bouncing up and down too, i eventually got over it but was still left with this weird off balance feeling with certain head movements and just the other day i had Chinese takeaway and about an hour later my ear clogged up and i was having slight vertigo which caused me to have an anxiety attack, last night i couldn't sleep properly and this morning i passed stool that wasn't digested properly, i feel like im going to go through this all again.. i feel like its anxiety causing all this and i'll need to start antidepressants 


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      I to have gut issues at times too,  my stomach has a hard time digesting my food and I have a very clean diet it’s not like eat crap food ...  but I will randomly just getting a stomachache or feel pukey for no Flippin reason... I can deal with that for the rest of my life but this feeling off in my head no I can’t just deal with it and move on... it’s nice to know I’m not the only one, but I wish non of us felt this way! 
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