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Vertigo and Dizziness

New discussion Join group Also known as Benign Postural Vertigo, Buccastem, Dizziness, Labyrinthitis, Motion Sickness, Prochlorperazine, Stemetil, Vestibular Neuritis

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  • Emis Moderator M

    Useful Resources

    Below is a list of useful resources concerning vertigo, dizziness and vestibular disorders. Some of the Patient articles are also linked on every discussion page under Related information in the right sidebar. Patient leaflets:

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  • bradshaw5 1

    Severe Vertigo~ 12 Year old son

    I'm 12 year old son has had severe 24/7 Vertigo for 5 months now along with 24/7 nauseousness. He made a comment how he just wishes he wasn't alive and he cant handle it anymore. The ENT diagnoses him with Vestibular Neuritis and that only time will tell. The doctor also said he

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  • taryn2790 2

    Dizziness will not stop!!

    I'm a 27 year old heathy female, although I do smoke cigarettes occasionally but has never caused me dizziness. In the past 2 months I have felt dizzy like I am going to faint. This mainly happens when I am out in public, never at home but I have a constant feeling of brain fog and pressure in my

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  • triciacline17 1

    Any Info would help!

    I took my cymboltra 20 mg last night first time. Headache,upset stomach,and dizzyness,ice chills running through my body,don't feel good if Iam standing more then a minute. I am not going to to take it again but when will these side effects stop!!!! 😭😭

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  • david 20324 1

    fallen backwards, trouble walking

    Recently I have taken at least 3 falls.  I loose my balance and start falling bakwards untill I hit solid ground or it might be vertrigo, but don't have dizziness.  Some stiffness in the neck. It started as I was getting of a rowing machine, stood up, fell backwards.  Today sitting on

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  • bsloan1960 1

    I Always Fall to the Left and Backwards simutaniously

    Hi, I'm brand new here. I'm looking either for answers or guidence. I'm a 58 year old male. Approx 10 years ago, once per day. I started to go sideways and backwards- always to the left. I wouldn't fall, I was not dizzy, there is no warning. I'll be standing- and suddenly I go to the left and

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  • cally 44573 2

    Vestibular Neuritis- any recovery stories?

    Hi, new poster here. Have been suffering with VN for 10 weeks. I was initially diagnosed with a gastro virus due to my main symptoms being dizziness, nausea and diarrhoea but after seeking private ENT consultant I was diagnosed with Vestibular neuronitis. I secretly suspected it was this but think

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  • jacqueline88909 2

    I'm scared......

    Hi I have been taking my Betahistine tablets for 4 weeks now - they have been great, but last Thursday I had an episode and didn't go into work. Friday I felt okay and went back to work only to be sent home because I was hit by another episode! !! Can anyone tell me whether they still get affected

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  • sarah48062 2
  • edward76742 3
  • michelemuffin 4
  • GeekChicLove 2

    Vestibular migraine: feeling all alone in this journey

    I'm a 32 year old female who's been suffering with vertigo for the past 8 weeks. I've always been healthy but everything just changed early last month. During a short business trip in early Dec 2014, I first experienced symptoms of dizziness. I was standing in the bathroom brushing my teeth when all 

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  • brenda71967 2

    I have been lightheaded and ears ringing for one year now

    I started having symptoms a year ago. I was driving and all of a sudden I thought I was having a stroke. My vision went blurry, my ears started ringing and I got so dizzy I had to pull off the road. To this day, it has not gone away and has gotten worse. I have pressure in my ears, like they are

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  • socah 2

    Imbalance going on 6 months

    Hello all, If you saw my previous post talking about dizzy problems this is an offshoot if that. I've had what started out as dizziness going on 6 months now. However I've noticed in the past few weeks my symptoms have changed somewhat. Now I get occasional dizzy spells but am mostly off balance.

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  • katewarn39 1

    Strange Cross-eyed Feeling causing Loss of Balance

    For about the past 2 years I have suffered from a sudden feeling of visual imbalance or cross-eyed sensation (although not actually cross-eyed)! This in turn causes a type of vertigo involving loss of balance accompanied by nausea. This lasts for approx 10-15 minutes before my vision returns to

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  • jeannine53117 2

    Diagnosis of Veritgo

    I have had bouts of dizziness for 10 plus years seeming always from head positioning. Never felt the need to see MD for issue as it would last for a 10-15 mins and be gone. Occasionally had un unbalanced feeling for a day or two.  Recently though I have had acute attacks in the morning after

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  • jlr 2

    Is My Illness Evolving? Seriously Confused...

    So I've actively been posting in the Vertigo and Dizziness group for about 20 or so days now. I've counted back to when my ear problems have started which was about 70 days ago today.  Most of my symptoms have been just constant dizziness 24/7 which hasn't really stopped. My rocking/swaying

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  • pamela54975 2

    So Frustrating

    3 weeks ago I was leisurely making lunch and was hit by dizziness. 5 hours later I find myself in the emergency room vomiting uncontrollably, world spinning around me! After CT and MRI scans and blood work I was admitted to the hospital. Over the course of 3 days I was given PT to try to over ear

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  • antoinette86545 1

    Vestibular neuronitis from Prevnar pneumococcal vaccine?

    As part of a routine exam, my doctor gave me the Prevnar "pneumonia"vaccine.  The next morning, I experienced such severe dizziness, I wasn't able to get out of bed. This gradually lessened to the point where I was able to function but still had severe "positional" vertigo.  An ENT diagnosed my

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  • kieran81408 2

    Labyrinthitis, Anxiety and Brain Fog

    I've been suffering with Labyrinthitis for a two months now, the dizziness seems to have gone except for random moments. The worse part is even though the dizzness is going away i appear to have constant anxiety all of the time, it is worse when i wake up in the morning and my head doesnt feel the

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  • ella4447 2

    Unilateral Vestibular Hypofunction (more than 6 months now)

    I was diagnosed with UVH (right side) in April 2015. Since then I have yet to experience a dizzy-free moment. For the first 2 months: very heavy dizziness and short vertigo episodes. The following 2 months I started improving slowly (no more vertigo, dizziness got milder, but still present). Then,

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  • marie43202 3

    Vestibular issues caused by memory foam mattress?

    I was wondering if anyone else has started experiencing these vestibular issues since buying a memory foam mattress?  Seems coincidental that weeks after my mom purchased this type of mattress, her vertigo started. I purchased same mattress and then shortly after, I began to experience migraines &

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  • jamie85887 2

    Dizziness, lightheaded

    Hi there, for over a month now I have been dizzy 24/7 it is incredibly frustrating! I'm just starting my path to finding out what is going on. It feels like it is coming from my eyes kind of thing. Sometimes when I'm out watching football with my friends and if I have to turn my head to the side to

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  • salsagirl20 2

    Dizziness, headaches, foggy, pressure in head & plugged ears

    It's happening again, everyday it's the same thing and I don't know how to calm myself down. I think when ever I get these feeling I am going to pass out and die instantly. The dizziness gets so bad I have to hold my head and close my eyes I don't understand it. I always think I'm having a heart attack,...

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  • saccio65311 2

    Constant dizziness for 3-4 months, Eye Pain, Imbalance

    I am 28 years old. I had gone through forum and found you with related symptoms of mine like body offbalance/imbalance  always and sometimes cant concentrate on things, with people who talk because of always imbalance. while driving, walking also I feel same. I had my MRI brain, ECG, 2D Stress,

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  • rachel08024 2
  • cmoney 2
  • toffeecushion 3

    Woke up dizzy

    Has anyone else had this? I woke up this morning feeling very dizzy. I could feel it as I lay down but when I got out of bed it felt much worse. I had to get back in bed. If I sit still it seems to get better, but every time I move, even slightly it's horrible. I am also feeling nauseous. I am

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  • DizzyDarren 3

    Vision & Vertigo

    I think I may have had a bit of Eureka moment and it involves my wife finding a pair of my old glasses and I’ll tell you what happened in a minute. When this balance issue kicked off for me back in 2009, I was convinced my eyes were playing me up so I eventually got my eyes tested and got some new

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  • pisces22 2

    Has anyone tried the Otovent Balloon

    I am suffering from fulness of my right Ent consultant has prescribed the Otovent 2 weeks of doing it  I am sure this is helping the pressure and the headaches that come along with comments

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  • jlr 2
  • jordan78791 2

    Dizziness, heart palpitations

    If someone has been through this or is going through this please help! I've been suffering for dizziness for about 4 years now which one day started from me fainting (I did not hit my head or lose conciousness). From that day on I felt very unbalanced for about 4 weeks straight which feels like

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  • paulette1966 2


    Hi, I have been reading witht interest some of the comments posted by some people regarding vertigo and dizziness.  My story started back in March of this year, I was watching my son play football and whilst driving back home I suddenly became extremely lightheaded felt like I was going to pass and

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  • ali22391 2
  • jlr 2

    Questions regarding VRT

    I'm putting up another discussion regarding VRT. Hopefully when I get a diagnosis for my vestibular problems, I'm hoping to be referred to VRT. But the thing is, I'm only 21 and don't have health insurance or private health.  I've also read around that even health insurance doesn't always cover

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