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Vertigo and Dizziness

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  • Emis Moderator M

    Useful Resources

    Below is a list of useful resources concerning vertigo, dizziness and vestibular disorders. Some of the Patient articles are also linked on every discussion page under Related information in the right sidebar. Patient leaflets:

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  • cally 44573 2

    Vestibular Neuritis- any recovery stories?

    Hi, new poster here. Have been suffering with VN for 10 weeks. I was initially diagnosed with a gastro virus due to my main symptoms being dizziness, nausea and diarrhoea but after seeking private ENT consultant I was diagnosed with Vestibular neuronitis. I secretly suspected it was this but think I...

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  • AE19 2
  • ~Dragon~ 2

    Labyrinthitis - "brain shifts"??

    Okay this is week 5, my first ever experience of vestibular problems. It started in horrendous fashion - I was swimming om my back and suddenly thought I was having a stroke. The most frightening experience of my life, and quite frankly I'm still traumatised by it. Still haven't managed to summon up...

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  • nicole75069 2

    Vestibular Rehab??

    Hi There,  I was looking to see if anyone had positive experieces with vestibular rehab for inner ear problems? I'm supposed to start next week and was looking for some sucess stories to give me some hope. Thank you!  Nicole 

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  • shishir 2

    Labyrinthitis/ Vestibular Neuritis...Please Help

    Hi guys, First time poster, I hope I can find people that can relate to my condition or help with it. This may be a bit of a long post, I would appreciate it if you would spare some time to read it all. Condition: Most likely labyrinthits (In my 7th week now) Background info: 2 months ago at uni when...

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  • Lina3x 2

    Neck pain, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, tinnitus

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but not to others. I have neck and spine osteoarthritis but early stages, diagnosed a few months ago. For several weeks I've been getting dizziness or more like a muzzy head feeling. I get tinnitus, headaches and some times overwhelming tiredness. I put it down to...

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  • emmy30 2

    Vestibular migraine...what are your attacks like

    Hi, I have been suffering for almost 2 years now and it is truly debilitating. I have dizziness (not spinning dizzy, off balance dizzy) I get very bad attacks, but what i struggle with the most is the aftermath. I have questions for all you fellow sufferers: What are your attacks like What are you...

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  • DizzyDebs 3

    Light-headed, dizzy & spaced out for 2 years, can anyone help?

    Hi there, I'm hoping / praying someone can shed some light on my extremely frustrating & somewhat debilitating symtoms. Aprox two years ago I started to feel a little light headed, I was working in retail at the time and the shop was incredibly busy (I have always worked in sales, so this did not phase...

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  • jrbball7 2

    What could be causing my sensations of motion sickness/dizziness??

    Hello all, firstly some things about myself. Im 20 years old and fairly athletic/active, I weight lift at least 4 times a week and my diet is generally healthy for the most part. I take great pride in my physical fitness. My problem started about 2 to 3 months ago...I was running at the gym around 11...

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  • jrbball7 2

    SCM muscle in Neck

    Hello all,  Ive been suffering from dizziness(no spinning) for the last 3 months and Im really starting to think my neck is causing the issues because it is always tired/sore. I think it may be the scm muscle because most of my discomfort comes from the lower part of the head where the neck and head...

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  • megan94999 1

    Vertigo and eye alignment problems

    I am a 25 female, taking no medications. I had vertigo 3 months ago and had a chiropractor adjust my atlas so the fluid in my ear could drain, which fixed the issue. For the last week i noticed symtoms of vertigo, but have been extremely tired, sleeping 9+ hours a night and taking 1-2 hour naps after...

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  • chelsea76703 2

    Dizzy and lightheaded for 2 months

    Hey there everyone, Recently I have been having weird things happen to me. I lost my vision while I was driving for a few seconds. After that I have been extremely dizzy every single day (about a month now) to the point where I can't get out of bed. I feel motion sick when i close my eyes too. I got...

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  • shellywhit 1

    On and off sickness with labyrinthitis

    hi I have been suffering with labyrinthitis since the middle of feb, I've suffered anxiety depression and all that goes with this horrible condition, I have had The scan and startred vestibular rehab therapy, I was just wondering if anyone has really good weeks then can go right back to square one, I'm...

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  • Elise93 3
  • emma2454 2

    Getting the Epley Manoeuvre tomorrow. Very nervous!

    So the doc finally acknowledged it's BPPV. The only thing I'm nervous about tomorrow is if I feel worse than I did when I went in. I have read a few awful stories of people feeling unbalanced and dizzy for a while after. The thing is I already have unbalanced and unsteadiness every day anyway on a...

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  • michelemuffin 4
  • linda72262 3

    Recovering from Labrynthitis

    Hello All, I am hoping to hear from people who are recovering from labrynthitis.  I had my first episode of veritgo a month ago and am struggling to feel balanced again.  The difficult part of it for me is knowing when to push and exercise my brain and when to rest.  I have been going to work, but am...

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  • jason61983 3

    Nortriptyline fatigue and drowsy

    I took only 10mg of nortriptyline 3 nights ago. I am still suffering extreme fatigue and drowsiness 3 days later. I think I am very sensitive to this medication. I have fatigue on and off but this is the worst I have had in quite a while. Has anyone else had such side effects from nortriptyline and how...

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  • anita361978 2
  • magnets123 3

    Will it ever end?

    I am 37 years old and about four and a half weeks ago I began experiencing serious dizziness. I knew that this was not normal by any means yet I was not falling over or vomiting. I figured that it was just from me being stressed out or something. A day or two later I realized that it was not...

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  • ella4447 2

    Unilateral Vestibular Hypofunction (more than 6 months now)

    I was diagnosed with UVH (right side) in April 2015. Since then I have yet to experience a dizzy-free moment. For the first 2 months: very heavy dizziness and short vertigo episodes. The following 2 months I started improving slowly (no more vertigo, dizziness got milder, but still present). Then, after...

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  • ruth99954 3
  • judyan20 2

    Ongoing balance and dizziness

    I have had theses symptoms gor two years and cannot get tid of the problem. I am 73 snd otherwise healthy. I have had tension in my neck and sjoulders all my life and have only recently recognised it as anxiety. And this condition means I am permanently tense. It started with a migraine aura then...

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  • DanielsL 1

    Brain tumor or overthinking?

    Basically over the past few weeks or so I've had a constant light headed with a few headaches. Anyway around 6weeks ago I had a migraine( rarely get them) then a few days later I got a cold. So I'm not sure if The lightheadedness has came from the cold, migraine or something worse So yeah, me being...

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  • VegasHeart 2

    Dizziness, anxiety

    Hey there. Before I say anything, i just want to say that I am doing to a doctor very soon, so i know that's necassary. I just wanted maybe a few opinions before then. I'm almost 14, so I know the chances of this being something serious are pretty low, but I still want to know. A little more than two...

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  • alison17886 3


    Hi folks just an update still severly dizzy its ruining me I feel I dont want to be here anymore its ruling me cant get any the consultant any ideas to help would be much appreciated swaying and ears feel full all the time im a recluise dont go outside the house and my anxiety is through the...

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  • Runwildmoonchld 2

    Miscarriage done yet still getting this rocking boat dizziness

    I had a miscarriage of twins that lasted 45 days. I bled I had a hemorrhage May 20 and then carried the other twin which had passed until the 29th. The day before I kept getting this feeling the floor was moving each time I got off the elevator. ( Mom was in hospital) well it got worse and was dizzy...

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  • teri94 2

    labyrinthitis? help!

    Hello! I've been suffering with dizziness and a weird sensation in my head for 6 months now. I've been to the doctors and only today been reffered to Vestibular Rehab. I still don't really have a proper diagnosis from the doctors it feels like nobody really understands what im going through which is...

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  • alice92257 2

    Has anyone recovered?

    I have had three attacks of vertigo two lasting 24 hrs and then no more symptoms then this time I had severe spinning and nausea for two days and am now left with balance problems and spinning g when I I move my head. This has been going in 10 days now with no sign of it leaving me.. I have been...

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  • reshmi 2

    how to cope with Vertigo dizziness and whoozy feeling???

    Hi, have had experienced the awful feeling of vertigo 5 weeks back had been diagnosed with bppv. Have this dizzy spells all the time and feel like i wil fall if i look down or up. I can walk slowly now and do stuff but haven't been to work for 5 weeks now, so scared it might happen again. Don't feel...

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  • max0101 3

    Could this be Post Concussion Symptom (PCS)? Please help!

    Hi everyone and happy new year. Thank you for reading my post and i hope to have some of your input.  A brief history about me is that i had a appendectomy on end Sept (where i having dizziness) and few weeks later I had a motorcycle accident where i fell to the ground and hit several parts of my body...

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  • kim34950 2

    Vestibular Neuritis

    Hi, i went to an ENT and a caloric test revealed weakening in left inner ear. I have balance issues for two months now and some tinnitis. I was told this may recover on its own but takes a long time and i started doing VRT last week. Has anyone had this and improved? 

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  • kieran03144 2

    I have had vestibular neuritis for 6 months

    Hi people, new to this site but upon looking at it I have already found great comfort knowing that I am not alone when for so long I felt like I was. I am 19 years old and have had VN for around 6 months now leaving me with this almost constant feeling of rockiness and it has been the worst 6 months...

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  • tina76 1

    suffering with labyrinthitis for 7 months now...

    I am or should i say was a fit mum of for working full time in a hospital,dont drink or smoked in my life ,used to go to the gym ans fitness classes but 7 months ago i started getting dizzy mostly feeling it while at bed on the right side even with my eyes closed. Felt nauseous and wanted to vomit i...

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