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katewarn39 katewarn39

Strange Cross-eyed Feeling causing Loss of Balance

For about the past 2 years I have suffered from a sudden feeling of visual imbalance or cross-eyed sensation (although not actually cross-eyed)! This in turn causes a type of vertigo involving loss of balance accompanied by nausea. This lasts for approx 10-15 minutes before my vision returns to normal. I have had 2 eye tests which confirm nothing untoward (I have replacement single vision lenses in both eyes following cataract surgery). My doctors have given up trying to diagnose this condition having carried out blood tests for Pituitry, thyroid, diabetes, anaemia and infection which are all perfectly OK. I would be interested to know if anybody has suffered similar or knows a possible cause. I have not been rfeferred to a neurologist or recommended for CT or MRI. I am female aged 65

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  • annasan annasan

    I have experienced the same symptoms & my Optician said it is probably a form of migraine & nothing to worry about. I must admit it makes me feel weird & nauseous. I helps to keep your eyes closed & remain seated until the symptoms pass.

  • jackie40630 jackie40630

    I also suffer from vertigo and the doctor has said that it is connected to my sinuses and given me Nasobec nasal spray I have been taking this since last Wed and as yet no improvement but will give it a week and then go back to doctors

  • dan72669 dan72669 katewarn39

    I too had these exact symptons a few months back. Feeling of being cross-eyed but wasn't actually and pronounced dizziness. This lasted well over an hour, almost two hours. I was taken to the hospital and checked thoroughly for a stroke (including cat-scan, MRI, etc) which proved negative but my blood pressure was reading 210. It was diagnosed as a mild heart attack, even though I felt no pain.

  • stephanie02341 stephanie02341 katewarn39

    I have the exact same symptoms, went to the doctor he couldn't tell me a thing told me that I might have an ear infection or sinus problems,  went to a different doctor she picked up a heart murmer I had an echocardiogram and was diagnosed with a bicuspid valve and Aortic aneurysm. Due to have surgery later this month.  

    Don't know if its relevant or not but test all avenues!

    I'm a 34 year old female no one would usually think to check for what I have .

    • Uguessright Uguessright stephanie02341

      Hi Stephany and all members reading this. I had the same problems and it did scare me every time and I dislike using medicine. I searched for an alternative on the internet and found info on CBD oil and gave it a try. Sofar the symptom hasn't come back. I am now busy with a project and anyone who wants more info about this your welcome to let me know and I send you information. 

      You all have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018. With love / Pax

  • jeremiajohn jeremiajohn katewarn39

    i have had similar symptoms for 15 years still scares me because when it happens i can't control my sort of becomes electrified (i don't know how else to describe it) and detached from reality...some parts of my vision even disappear temporarily...and my mind starts to panic...lying down with closed eyes has the best effect but when you're downtown it's say the my case it probably has something to do with brain overload...we are living in fast paced times with much sensory is also important to keep blood sugar in balance...i am a male nurse and on the workfloor it struck me about 8X per year...very distressing...lying down with eyes closed in quiet surroundings for 20 minutes and drinking some water usually made it pass...but sometimes i had a terrible headache after which would last the whole day...i had an MRI scan of the it is something which i will have to live with...a medical alert necklace is handy to warn others of the condition...     

    • Thapurdie Thapurdie jeremiajohn

      Hi my name is Christian, I've had a couple of times where these symptoms have happened. Mainly during physical activity at work. But it could be related to too much brain activity as well. You say you wear dog tags to identify your symptom, do you have a name for these symptoms or do you just write on there what the symptoms are thanks

    • lljames59 lljames59 kristal2141

      It really scared me at first I thought it might be a sign that I was going to have a stroke. When I spoke to my doctor about it he just kind of said I don't know what that could be. I brought it up several times to multiple doctors and I get the same unconcerned disregard from them. It bothers me that they don't feel it's something worth looking into because it's definitely a problem. Reading all of the different comment it looks like it could be just about anything. I don't know I recently got a new doctor because my doctor moved and I may bring it up to her because I really think she would be a little more concerned then my last doctor.

  • DJSMsoya DJSMsoya katewarn39

    I am currently having that problem and what I terorise to be my cause is that I take a strong sleep med every night that gives the same senation for only a few seconds which are sopposed to make me sleep. It does work but I think it might work TOO well...

  • mike04918 mike04918 katewarn39

    I am 64 and I am having the same thing happen to me or it sounds like it. My vision, for no reason, will split in the up down direction and I see two of the same things. Also I have a very strange feeling in my face and head. It will pass in about 10 minutes and I can shut one eye and still see good no matter what eye I close. It comes on out no where even when I'm driving. I told my eye doctor about it and her reply "It's your brain doing that, for some reason your site is not synchronized" that is all that was said.... No help what so ever and it's happening more often. I have not found much on the internet to guide me to a fix or a droctor so If you find good infomation please pass it on.

    • john96282 john96282 mike04918

      I too have been getting pretty much the exact same surreal sensation you've descibed. Over the last year or so... every now and again, suddenly and without any warning, my vision kind of (ever so slightly) splits into two in the up and down direction (as you've described) and I suddenly have this weird as all hell 'vacant disconnected floaty feeling in my head'. It seems to last up to 10 minutes or so... then kind of lifts. I've tried as best as I could to describe this to my doctor but he can only put it down to some kind of stress related issue, perhaps to do with my slightly high blood pressure, for which I've been taking the same medication now for around 4 years. It's a pretty darn freaky sensation and frankly it's starting to worry me a little. Has anyone got a good answer for this yet?

    • Gvs Gvs mike04918

      With me it is also a sudden 5 or 10 minute thing, just as you've described. Just started last year when I switched to an especially hectic job and unfortunately usually happens just after work when I am driving home. Not the best time for double vision as you can imagine. Only a couple times a year but very alarming and no warning. I have had a few optical migraines in the distant past but these episodes "feel" different due to a numbness in the head so I'm not buying that they're the same thing. It sounds like a overwork or stress related symptom that is epidemic and that doctors are completely missing. I correlate it with 'info overload' days but maybe that's just me.


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