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okay i had to give this friend space ,its been 3 months since we talked to each other but we do wave to each other. he waves a lot to me and i wave a lot to him but sometimes he waves and for some reason i feel like he is mad at me.I think is because the way he reacted but then after a while i see him and he waves first and i feel better after that. this been going for a while now. I also do feel hopeless sometimes that we may not be able talk again

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    I know how you feel, last year this time I was experiencing serious heartbreak. You're issue is with a friend but mine was with a gf....who dumped me. It was hard, I thought I'd never get over it ever! I kept waiting for us to start talking again, 1 month then 2 then 3. For me we never did talk again and I don't think we ever will. But you know what? I got over it even though I never thought I would.

    But depending on what caused you and your friend to stop talking, I'd say you will be fine soon. You still wave to each other so perhaps one of you should just walk up to the other and make up.

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      Okay my friend and I had to give each other space for a while. A few weeks ago i saw him at lunch while walking around and seeing my other friends. i happened to look and he was over by the next table and i waved to him and he waved back to me the second time around he waved back. when he saw me he kind of looked sad and he just sat there for a long few mins and finaly got up and threw something away and the can was behind me ,he did not say anything to me. then he sat back down and then after a few mins he got out homework. and he a few times he look up ,sometimes at me and sometimes around the cafe.

      Then last Friday  ,was pretty good ,When he first saw me he immediately wave to me first. Then later on I saw him and He waved and did a nod and a few times I caught him looking over for a sec. Then at the buses I wave to him and he wave back and then a few seconds he just stood ,there ,like he was waiting for me and then I was  walking slowly and then he took off fast without looking at me ,not sure what that was about. Then last week  I waved to him  and he waved back. Then when he saw me he later he waved back to me. Then at lunch I waved to him and he waved back but when lunch ended I was with my other friend a (girl) and I think he saw me ,he was looking forward but when I waved he waved the second time around. Not really sure what's going o

      Then when I was walking to the buses I saw him and he waved to me and I was opening a soda and I spilled a little and then he smiled and then waved again

      Also today at school I saw him and he wave and I wave but he was looking at the ground. But did wave to me. Then later on I saw him still looking at the ground but still wave to me. Then when I was heading to lunch I saw him and his friend walking their go to a another class when his friend was getting his lunch my friend decided to go with him ,so I wave to him it took a few times for him to response ,still looking at the ground but did wave and I high fived him. Then the last class of the day ,I wave to him and he waved to me ,he was kind of looking side ways but did wave a few times

      Hi I waved to him and he waved back and I high fived him and he did it back to me and when he was walking up the stairs and when he got to the top he look back down and then look away and went to class. Then later on I saw him he was walking and rubbing his eyes and I wave ,a few times and then he wave and he wave and said hi and the feeling I got he was excited.

      ,Now yesterday  I saw him ,I wave to him and he waved back and I high five him and he did it back and later I saw him I wave to him he waved back but had a smile on his face ,which he was trying to hide ,he was looking on the ground and  I said hi and he said hi back. Then later at the buses I waited for me ,(just to see his inaction) I wave to him and he waved back ,I did the bunny ears over a teachers head and he look over and smiled at me and then I wave back and he wave bye.

       I came in late for school and i went to see him in the hall when the ball rang and I wave to him and I went up to him and gave him a high five ,he got kind of close to me when he did it and kind of look down at me. Then later on at lunch I saw him I wave to him ,when he was walking I went toward him and we wave and then someone was in the way I high five him ,he high five back ,he pause. Then after lunch I saw him he was looking fast but I manner to catch up to him and wave to him and he wave back and kind of pause and I went over and I wave to him and he wave back and high five ,then he walk slowly after I left

      Why would he act like this for ?

      Then Friday I saw him in the morning I wave to him and he wave back and I high five him and he did it back and then later that day I wave to him and he wave back. Then I was not pay attention he walk by and then I caught him I wave to him and I was signing to come her and he smiled and point straight and I went over to him and high five him ,he waited and then when school was over ,I waited for him I had a coffee and I said shh ,cause we are not allow to have coffee in the halls but I was school was over ,I don’t think it was really breaking the rules. Anyways he smiled when I did that and then we high five and when I was going out he decided to go out the same door as me but he was looking straight and but when I stuck my hand out for a high five he gave it and that’s was it

      Then I saw him I waved to him and he wave back with both his hands and arms

      Then we high five

      Then later I saw him walking and I went to see him ,took him a few mins to see me but I finaly got his attention by going boo and he saw me and look up I wave and he waved as well

       Then today I saw him he had his hand in his pocket so he he saw me he took it out and we high five and then later I saw him I wave and he wave back by looking at me and then I high five him and he look at the grounds and walk away

      Yesterday  it seem like he gave me the cold shoulder but when I wave he wave back to me and high five but it seem like he was trying to avoid me or something


      Today it went okay ,I was walking around and he happened to come around the Conner not sure if he saw me or not but I saw him look over and he was walking fast ,I wave to him and he waved back the second time. 

      then i saw him and first he saw me and he took his hand out of his pocket and waved and i waved back and then i saw him at lunch i waved to him and he waved back and then i saw him glazing over at me a few times ,not sure if he was looking at me but i was looking and then he stood there for a good 5 mins and he took off looking straight and 

      Okay so Friday I put a test to something I waited for him to wave first and he did wave first and. I did this two times in a row and he did it two times first.

      well today also i saw him and the second time he waved to me first and then at lunch i got there first and he saw me and i wave to him and he waved back and he sat down a table ,alone ,i left to go get something and when i got back he was gone


      Then I saw him and I waved to him and he wave  back and without look at me directly and he was waving very quickly and seem to be in a rush

      does he miss me also we are both males


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      Whoa that was a Lotta waving n high but no worries. Hey it's like a couple who aren't sure if they're broken up or what.

      Are you just buddies? Are you straight, bi or gay? No offense, I'm just asking because it sounds like you two are kinda awkward around each other for some reason.

      Why not just catch him after sch alone or something and maybe try n talk? Find a topic so it won't be awkward at first.

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      What if you composed yourself, leave the emotions on the back burner and wrote your friend a simple letter. State clearly what is worrying you but also, don't give him any ammunition and don't be gushy. Just say "I've been wanting to talk, but this letter seems less awkward. Maybe he feels the same and will answer with a letter. You both seem very shy and neither of you know what to do. Make sure not to scare him away. If you want to know how to scare a guy away, we probably can tell you. 
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