Am I having withdrawals from just one tablet?

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I took one dose of mirtazapine on Friday night, I had a severe reaction and was told to stop taking it.

I only had that one 15mg tablet but it's now Wednesday and I feel awful, jumbled thoughts, my itchy skin is worse than ever, I feel like my brain is rattling around in my head and my nasal passage is really dried out as well as my eyes.

I was upset earlier because I feel so ill, was crying but my eyes wouldn't produce any tears.

The doctor says it's not possible, the pharmacy said it's probably still in my system but it's not withdrawal after one dose but I have never felt like this before in my life, any advice please? Thank you.

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    I'm no doctor but just by taking one Mirtazapine tablet, even if you have had a bad reaction to it last Friday, by now you shouldn't still be feeling this way.

    Your symptoms sound similar to Sjögren's syndrome (pronounced Sho-grens). Have a look at this link:

    My mother in law suffers from this but it can be managed.

    Hope you find some answers.

    Take care,


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      Hi Robert and thank you for the information, I will bring that up with my doctor the next time I speak to her.

      The pharmacist did a detailed calculation of how much mirtazapine would be in my body day by day and said that there is still enough to be causing some issues, I am having the most awful and disturbing nightmares that I have never suffered before but I have to say my head feels a bit 'clearer' today and my eyes feel a little more moist.

      I think my existing anxiety is making this situation feel a lot worse too, I am already a bit of a nervous wreck so anything on top of that sends me through the roof.

      My daughter is also complaining of flu symptoms so knowing my luck I am probably coming down with a virus on top of everything else.

      I will be back to see my doctor soon in any case, I need to see her about my anxiety so I will then have a chance to speak to her about the syndrome you mention, I think everythng is worth investigating at this stage.

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    I think it's just the reaction you've had. It may take a few days for your body to calm down and go back to normal. Won't be withdrawal

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      Thank you, I thought withdrawal was unlikely after just one tablet but was worrying like crazy, hopefully it will all be over soon.
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    It is the Mirt for sure, for now, rest assured that this will pass.

    All of those symptoms can be read with side effects to Mirt, unfortunately, and I know its hard, the more we worry about it the worse the symptoms get, they are exacerbated.  So trying not to give it too much credence is key, focus 100% on what else is going on, or rest, don't let your feelings take control and send you into any fear.  It will pass.

    Do you have some anti histamine tablets?  What you might take for a wasp sting, animal fur alergy, over the counter tablet you can get from the supermarket - this will mop up the itching - Mirt' carries a huge histamine block and this has triggered the itch reaction in you - damn stuff !  I would take them for about a week, check with your doctor.

    Oh yes, don't expect your doctor to know too much about any side effects of AD's or how to take/taper ... mainly they are best at giving them out,

    Hope you feel well soon x

    Wishing you well.

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      Thank you so much, I had honestly started to believe I was going crazy and imagining the whole thing, the doctor I saw today tried to tell me it was just new anxiety symptoms but I know my anxiety and it doesn't make me itch, lack tears or feel like my brain is rattling around my head.

      I am resting as much as possible, I can't do much else at the moment because I feel so unwell with it all.

      The doctor did suggest an antihistamine so I will ask my husband to pick something up from the pharmacy if I can't get out myself tomorrow.

      The worst part is the feeling confused, I feel almost detached from my surroundings and keep forgetting things people have just said to me or that I have just done, it's horrible.

      I so hope this is all over soon, I thought anxiety was bad but this is on a whole new level x

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      can you use an antihistamine with valium dose you are in.ask the pharmacist if you attempt that. How are you feeling?
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      Hi, the doctor said I can use one but my trust in doctors is zero at the moment, I will definitely check with a pharmacist first.

      I feel absolutely awful, still itching, weak, really intense nausea and like my brain is still floating around inside my head.

      I have never felt so unwell in my life, I'm too scared to sleep and am dreading the morning too, I can't even walk to the bathroom alone because I feel like I'm going to collapse.

      The pharmacist said the half life tends to be longer in females too so I think I have a while to wait yet sad

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      Hope you're feeling a little better maybe ?

      That detatched feeling is also a well know side affect  ggrrrr .... horrible you should get this after just one tablet.

      There is a test available now, you will have to search the internet for details, but the idea is that your doctor should be able to test you to see which AD could work better for you.  Get Googling, good luck  x

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           I'm still feeling strange, weak and itchy but my mind feels a lot clearer today than it did before, the pharmacist said to be careful with using an antihistamine because I am on the diazepam and they do interact with a slight possibility of hallucinations, I don't want to risk that again so I will just ride the itching out.

      I had an awful nightmare again last night, I don't usually have nightmares especially such intense ones like that and the pharmacist said it's likely to be the mirtazapine.

      Thank you for that information, I will look into that test, I am definitely going to need something to help with my anxiety but hope I wont ever have to go through anything this awful again x

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    When i tried my first dose it was something like that, but i got terrible tremors i found out that wat they are called. We thought i was having mini sezuires. We were so afriad it was going 2 trigger a real sezuire. Plus i was doing thing's that were just crazy. I would stay far away from that med and some pharmacy name it as remeron. Becareful. I didnt get withdrawls just that terrible side effect. Most professional doctors need to read everything on these meds yes everyone is different but as ive seen here most the ppl here all have that side effect. What are you feeling can u describe it all or mayb better?

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