Am I ill enough to go to a&e for treatment

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I had a flexible sig over a week ago and it showed moderate/sever colitis in my last 10cm of colon.

Currently I'm taking azathioprine, octasa both oral and rectal,maximum dose, and Prednosolone oral and rectal, this was my dose before the flexi sig.

So basically they are talking biologics but I have to wait.until 7th October for an appt to eve discuss treatment.

I'm so exhausted and feel like crap and I'm still losing blood,I'm working full time as well.

So can anyone say if me going to a&e might mean I get some treatment faster or if I should just wait until the gastro appt? 2 weeks just for a discussion feels like a long time with the way I feel. I'm ready to drop.

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    Really sorry to hear you're so poorly.

    I really feel for you. I've had it 16 years and the last 4 its been a living nightmare.

    Iv ed had a beautiful little healthy girl through it all. But I used to work full time and gave it up due to being so ill.

    I joined the NACC National Association for Chrons and Colitis. Very helpful. Id talk to them, because ideally you need an IBD nurse, which are extremely few and far between. All to do with money and cuts.

    My Consultant is amazing and my GP. I nearly died from 2 PE' in mg lungs, more Tha likely caused by the UC.

    I'm on warfarin for life now. Sad that it took near death to take notice.

    Every hospital is different sadly.

    Id do what you feel you need to, don't take risks.

    I his my UC for a year and it nearly killed me. Too embarassed at 16.

    Go to A&E if you need to,that's what they are there for.

    Don't hesitate.Or get your GP to move it on..

    Hang in there but please don't take chances..

    Let us know how it goes.

    We all understand your pain

    God bless.

    😃 Claire

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    Hey sage so sorry to hear your having a bad time ...

    I have had UC for over ten years so feel your pain... I am also a paramedic and I know what a + e is also like and you could be waiting there for hours to be seen by a doctor .. But you definitely need to be seen if symptons are not subsiding.. My advice would beto contact your own GP explain the amount of blood loss and pain and fatigue your experiencing they should contact your local hospital gastro ward by letter/phone and get you in to a ward to be monitored, you might have to make your own way there, as you will prob need IV fluids and poss IV steroids to help get symptons under control and with fluid loss your electrolytes will be out balanced so you do have to be seen.

    i have been admitted twice like that and had a bad flare through my pregnancy where I was in hospital but I have just finished my course of drugs now and baby is ok and due in 7 weeks... So try and stay positive.. hope this helps.

    take care

    claire x 

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    Hi there

    Yes u are but be prepared they may keep you in i suffered my flare for 9months was admitted to hospital 3 weeks ago as I was so bad I needed an ileostomy they pumped me full of steroids the first week and iron and numerous iv drips to get me under control as I was going 20 times per day just pure blood then a week later they operated.. I'm not going to say it's been easy because it hasn't but after surgery I felt a weight was lifted life is going to be different but no more feeling like crap and running for the loo I am now home resting and cannot wait to enjoy my baby boy and family.

    With a bag its different but u can cope and no more feeling like rubbish anymore if you want any more advice let

    Me know x

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    hiya. sorry to hear you are in such a bad way. i suffer from colitis, ibs-d, fructose malabsorption & bile acid malabsorption, all currently controlled by meds & diet. If you go to a & e it could go 2 ways; they may admit you to ward & give you iv etc like claire said, or they may say go away & see your gp to have gastro appt brought forward. So if you feel you need to nothing to lose. You could go see your gp, she may see if gastro can see you urgently with a view to admitting you to ward. You are obviously in a bad way if you are on azathropine an immuno suppressant + steroids & still suffering. You could ask if there is another immunosupressant they could try you on before moving to biologics so you have so you still have biologics up your sleeve for future if needed. I was nearly put on mercaptopurine 18mths ago,but managed to avoid this with other problems diagnosed & all treated with correct meds, but i did look into mercaptopurine. it is supposed to have less side affects & easier to tolerate & as is often said one med doesnt work for some people but another can be very successful, so you could ask about trying mercaptopurine. The other thing of working full time-if you are going through a severe flare you're gp should sign you off work!!! You need to rest to recover!!! Take care, & hope this helps. x
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    Hi, So sorry you are having such a bad time. Did they find UC in the last part of colon because they coulndn't go up any further as too painful? I have written loads on here as my son had severe UC diagnosed in Oct 13, and went into A&E having life threatening symptoms as he was trying to stabilise at home on increased meds after an emergency appt with Hosp Consulatant. He was too stubborn to go back in but had to as he was at point of collapse, bloody bowel movements 15 to 20 times a day, fast transit of food so he wasn't absorbing nutrients, very anaemic, lots of pain and feeling awful. He was told by doctor that he was close to his organs closing down and good thing he hadn't waited 2 more days. So do go to A&E where they will do blood tests and probably give IV meds.

    Take care, you know your body, response to meds and progress of disease varies patient to patient.

     Beware all IBD sufferers , DVT and PE is upto 3x more likely to occur than normal, look at symptoms on line and be prepared.

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    Hi all, so sorry for late reply! Thanks all so much for your supportive words. I called my gp who told me that I should not be working full time and has signed me off for two weeks so I can rest and stuff. The gp tried to call the gastro specialist but they 'are moving or something 'and so noone can get back to the gp until later this week.

    With regards to meds I was previously on ciclosporine so we know that thoseare two that haven't helped my uc.

    I'm trying to just drink shakes to give my stomach a rest.

    The thing I'm most bothered about is about how this is affecting my career- I'm on a 6 month secondment into a job I love and I really don't want them to bot extend my contract

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      Oops pressed post to early.

      So I'm struggling more mentally than physically at the moment.

      I am getting up in the night to pass blood now which is worrying. I'm going to keep a log today of how many times I open my bowels so I can see how bad it is.

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