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Ulcerative Colitis

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  • Marie4Ruth 1

    No flares, clear colonoscopy 4yrs after appendecotomy - now what?

    My daughter was diagnosed with UC at age 4. Takes Lialda and Imuran, which kept her in remission.  She is a teenager now and had her appendix out about 4 yrs ago.  She was given a round of Cipro and Flagyl right after because she had a very high fever before removal.  She recently had a colonoscopy (10...

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  • carol34824 3

    How long can a flare up last during colitis

    Hi..i was on this recently about my 18 year old son who was recently told may have colitis, but only thing was he wasnt loosing he long can a flare up worried sick for him as he is a talk healthy lad and now this is having a horrible affect...and Im helpless as a mother...please...

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  • aiz 2

    Streak of blood in stool

    Hi, I'm a Male - 27. I've had episodes of constipation during my entire life...but things used to get resolved quickly. For the last 2 year (2015-2016) My constipation has been slightly alleviated, which could be the possible result of a bad diet and Alcoholic tendencies. I've had a period of time(weeks)...

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  • robert46762 1


    so i havent been diagnosed with anything yet. i have a doctor appointment in a week. but for the couple years ive had occasional blood in my stool. i talked to my doc about it before, but at the time it seemed to me like it was cause by dairy. and for the most part only affected me when i had a lot of...

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  • helen78278 2
  • betty97434 1


    Hi I was diagnosed 6years ago for the past 12months I have had constant blood loss I have no diarrhoea I use colifoam but really need a break

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  • lynne 44266 2
  • vijay 14203 2


    I have been diagnosed with UC in may 2017 On meds prednisolne, Mesalazine, predsol enema on meds for nearly one month getting better slowly, lost 8kg weight. Changed diet to low fibre, no alcohol Only drinks water, coconut water , tea , herbal tea zinger turmeric, also on Auyur meds ( herbal)

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  • bjwwil 2

    Persistent bleeding

    I was diagnosed with proctitis Xmas 2015 and after my initial diagnosis and treatment, I was stable up until January when I started to bleed again. Since then I have had steroid suppositories, oral steroids, mezelazine suppositories and had my oral mesalaxine increased. But my bleeding is on and off...

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  • lea58819 1

    Med advice

    Hi everyone, I have just joined and wanted to say hi and ask a question please. I have a fairly new diagnosis of ulcerative colitis and have been taking @Pentasa for a few months, things have become worse with bleeding and my specialist has put me on 50mg pred a week ago. Blood tests suggest things are...

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  • Flare1 2

    Advice please from others who may have been through this

    Hi, I've had rectal bleeding and diarrhorea since Jan. My GP saw a haemorrhoid so referred me to colorectal. By the time I saw the Consultant I was much worse with bleeding, mucous, pus and constant toilet trips. The Consultant told me it was not down to piles but couldn't see anything on Sigmoidoscopy....

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  • angela2728 1

    Infliximab Tingling toes !

    Hi, My Husband has been on Infliximab since December results have not been great and now after having antibody and trough levels checked our consultant has put him on 4 weekly infusions. He has managed to come off steroids (which is a great achievement) and he is feeling great with currently no stomach...

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  • Guest M

    Ok, does anyone out there have any worries about having ...

    Ok, does anyone out there have any worries about having a permanent colostomy or one for a short period of time?? I had mine for 7 months, just about got used to it, then I had a reversal operation. Now - 100% better... The thing is when I went in to hospital I was so ill, I lost approx 2.5 stone and...

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  • cjb106 3

    Hospital admission for IV steroids to treat UC

    I’m seeking advice from anyone who has had inpatient IV steroid treatment for UC at a UK hospital. I am in a very bad flare and oral meds are not working. I am currently faecally incontinent and have barely left the house in weeks because bloody diarhhea is running out of me almost all the time. The...

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  • jenny39132 2

    Due to start humira?

    Hello people hope everyone is keeping well, ive got uc, and have had a bad year with it so far cant seem to keep myself in remmission so now they wana start me on humira! Theres alot of mixed reviews about it and one min im ok with it then one min i dnt wana start it?? Any advice on the drug? Good and...

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  • cjb106 3

    Progression of UC after colectomy?

    I apologise if this sounds like a silly question but I am trying to understand the possible progression of IBD if one has the colon and rectum removed. I understand the Crohn’s and UC are related diseases, that the former can affect anywhere in the digestive system from mouth to anus whereas the latter...

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  • deanna47674 2

    Constant C. Diff diagnosis

    Hello All, I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I am continually getting diagnosed with c. Diff. This time I was not in the hospital and I was not on any antibiotics and I once again have been diagnosed with c. Diff??? I don't understand how I keep getting this and the doctors have no...

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  • carrie303 3

    Sun Cream reccommendation for UC Sufferers

    Hi All, I am completely paranoid about going in the sun.  Although i am not on the medication which means you should not be exposed to sun light, i take Pentasa (mezzalazine). Just wondering if anyone can reccommend the best sun cream for UC sufferers? Thanks in advance. Carrie x

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  • Cleo1313 2
  • Poppy28 1

    Ulterative Colitis ?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me to reravel that my recent report from a sigmiodoscopy means thanks: Level reached decending colon. Colitis probably UC Appearance :with contact bleeding, dull erthema and congested, blurred pattern. Continuous extend at the rectum. Haemorrhiods. Biopsies taken...

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  • bustergut1 3

    Op 7th February now Monday 13th

    Hi all, I'm progressing well. Yesterday during my routine obs my pulse was noted to be too fast. Had it checked over a period of time & then had to have an ECG. The outcome being nothing to worry about I just have a fast pulse. Which got faster with worry! Lol Managed to changed Stanley the Stomas bag...

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  • michelle34409 3

    Confused with diagnosis

    I've posted a few times before but I ll briefly tell my story .Ive suffered with intermittent rectal bleeding and mucus without bm since July last year , I had a sigmoidoscopy in November and was told I had proctitis and sent away with a prescription for asacol suppositories. 2 weeks later I had a letter...

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  • deanna47674 2

    UC Flare always ends up as C.diff as well

    I have had quite a year. I was diagnosed with uc in January 2016.  I went in for Hemmroid surgery in SEptember and ended up in a flare and in the hospital for 22 days.  I was going to the bathroom so much that my anal stitches broke opne causing a third degree burn in my anus.  Talk about painful.  Needless...

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  • jevans2 1

    Normal Flare Up?

    I've been reading a lot of posts on here and I was wondering what everyone's "normal" flare up length and symptoms are? I have UC and severe anemia, so once I get into a bad flare up, my iron levels drop and I get even sicker. I've been in the same flare since about November - it's gotten a little better...

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  • jason29304 2
  • suzanne2383 1

    Lesion on liver is it related to my colitis?

    I've recently been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Last week I had a ct scan and they have found a 1.4cm lesion. I am booked in for an ultrasound but I'm worried sick about what this could be. I've heard that colitis can sometimes cause problems with the liver and was wondering if anybody else has...

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  • salsline1493 1

    First time with humira injections

    On Thursday I started the injection x4. They hurt really bad in my thighs, but the ones in my belly didn't hurt to bad. I felt neausos after and headache. Next day felt off and with a headache. Today Friday I woke up with a severe back pain, and took some tylenol. Overall I felt sluggish and tired all...

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  • Darasdad1 3

    Rectal Stump Removed

    Going home today after having glamorously named Rectal Stump removed 18 Months after initial surgery to remove my Colon. Having felt significant improvement after the original surgery I'm hoping this puts the spectre of UC once and for all. Feeling positive.

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  • pamela2016 4


    Just came out of a flare in Feb bad one now here I am again starting to flare again can't do this I hate all of this. I've had water dirreah for days now and now I'm bleeding hardly eating cause when I don't eat I don't run to to nip this before it's out of hand any suggestions at all appreciated...

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  • Sbgoodguy 2

    Constant uncontrollable watery stools

    After a 6 month flare up and anal fissures I had a second bottom injection which cleared the pain. Pred tabs and enema seemed to have slowed the flare up but now I am left with an odd need to rush to the toilet for a small amount of liquid stool. It comes on without warning and rarely has much solid...

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  • jenny39132 2

    Colitus flare again

    Hello guys just got out of hospital today after 12days in due to flare, ive had colitus for 8years now and am on mezalasine tabs and foam enemas, i did try azathroprine but kidneys didnt react well to it, they keep talking about bio logics but ive read some horrible stories about that and have 4 kids...

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  • DanLabGray 2

    Nicotine therapy to Counter Ulcerative Colitis Flare

    I am a 32 year male ex-smoker with mild to moderate left sided Ulceraive Colitis, diagnosed 3 years ago. I gave up smoking a while before symptoms appeared. I've recently gone into a flare, and did some reading about the different options out there. I stumbled across a forum discussing nicotine and Ulcerative...

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  • Gerr1 2

    UC & Smoking

    The last few years every time I gave up smoking my UC would flare up but only at these times. Then I'd start smoking again and I'd be in remission again in a few days. Has anyone else had this close link to smoking? I smoke 20 Marl lights a day. This time I am determined to not smoke and push through....

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  • 2daloo 2

    Advice Please

    Hi Guys, Has anybody had the operation to have a colostomy bag fitted? I am getting to the end of my tether with all the flare ups i keep having and am seriously considering having it done. This colitis has put me out of work because of going to the loo so many times. So advise please guys! is it worth...

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  • MrsP10715 2

    'Just' Proctitis? Trying to look after a baby from the toilet...

    I was diagnosed with 'just' proctitis last year half way through my first pregnancy (my original consultant's own dismissive words). I had a limited sigmoidoscopy when pregnant to confirm the UC, as in they didn't go too far up. Symptoms were bloody diarrhoea with mucus, left sided pain, and complete...

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