Am I rebounding?

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Hi guys,

it has been a while since I've posted here. It has been a tough time lately, and now I am starting to think it's because I am having a rebound. here's a run down of everything.

Got mono in may 2018, was very weak and sick that whole summer, symptoms lessened throughout the year and finally in summer 2019 I felt up to 90% better, yay!

then in September started noticing more fatigue again. I specifically remember a day where I randomly woke up feeling super tired for no reason- my sleep had been very good. I felt off and had to take a nap before my class in the afternoon. Didn't think much of it. but now recalling that incident, ever since then I have had more fatigue. I would sleep 8-9 hours but still woke up feeling tired which didn't happen in the summer. My anxiety/depression has also been slowly getting worse over the winter months and especially so in the past few weeks. it is really mimicking the same type of feelings I had the first time. I also have trouble sleeping again just like the first time I got this virus as well.

has anyone else had an experience like this? it has been almost two years since it all happened, i'm just pretty sick of it. I was feeling very good in the summer and I was quite active. maybe that was too much? I just thought it would only be up from there for sure. Just hoping for any insight or advice.

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    Hey Dominika!

    I am not a doctor so I cant give a medical advice per say but I somehow relate to what you experience with my symptoms too.

    I was diagnosed with mono in November 2017. First year after diagnosis was a nightmare and then slowly getting better. In my second year I started experiencing some symptoms all over again like swollen lymph nodes, sore body and throat most of the time. I think its the nasty part about mono virus that its napping inside of your body and it just gives you kick even if we dont longer expect it.

    I noticed on myself that if I don't watch for my daily routine to have a good quality time of rest, vitamins, i am getting tired easily and some of the symptoms reoccur. I many times feel like getting flu but its just terrible tiredness.

    Do you go to immune system doctor? I do have one and I was retested for mono in October 2019 and blood works showed its still in my blood in some active form. So its on and off with symptoms many times but its definitely getting better with time and with doing what best works for you. For example I found that for me yoga is some kind of remedy too to give my body relaxation.

    Don't you have more stressful days lately? Maybe school or work? I think for me stress makes stuff definitely worse.

    Keeping my fingers crossed so you feel better soon. I think what you are experiencing is somehow normal.

    But I am sure it will get better. Just listen to your body and don't overdo anything.

    I hope this helps little knowing that you are not alone in this.

    Have a great day!

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      Thanks for the reply!

      I do not go to an immune system doctor but I am going to make an appointment with my family doctor to request some blood work. This thing can be so confusing- the first time around the only symptoms I had at first were horrible panic attacks and anxiety so we thought I had just developed an anxiety problem. And we did go to a doctor and found out I had low iron which made sense that it may have been causing the anxiety, but I was not anemic only iron deficient, so when I got very weak we saw that that was not the main problem. Everything gets so tangled up and intertwined so it is hard to tell exactly what it is sometimes which makes it difficult. I do not have any real stress in my life and in fact there have been a lot of good things happening lately so I was very confused and sad as to why I was feeling not like myself. It sucks to deal with the random anxiety but atleast since it is the same type of feeling I had before I do believe it is the mono and It will get better again.

      did you ever deal with very bad anxiety during the illness??

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    Hi Dominika,

    I have started to think of EBV as a chronic issue that will likely randomly flare up over the course of my life. Perhaps it is slightly active again for you? Or perhaps these symptoms have nothing to do with EBV-it could be stress, nutrition issues, lack of or too much exercise, alcohol, hormones, etc.

    I started feeling off at the end of 2018 and then things took a turn for the worse around February/March 2019. I still don't feel 100%. I still get fatigued easier if I overdo it on the weekend with working out and running lots of errands, etc. Especially the week before my period sometimes I still even get achy (joint paint, nausea, a couple months ago I even had some tingling again).

    I first had mono 19 years ago in college. I am now 35 years old and I don't think it ever totally went away. When I look back on it-I think I have likely had random issues because of this virus from when I first got it and last year it just flared up more than ever, hence all the crazy symptoms I had.

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      Well I either think it is 3 things: The virus flaring up again, low iron, or just anxiety issues developed from the fear of the whole experience.

      For a couple weeks now I just thought I was truly traumatised from getting sick the first time because my anxiety has gotten so bad, worse than ever and along with it depression. But I see now that I also have physical symptoms that I had before, and these past couple months I will get the random panic attacks I used to get right before the onset of the virus the first time. Panic attacks that come on for no specific reason. and prior to september 2019 I hadn't had a panic attack since the last september in 2018.

      So now it seems likely to me that even if i do have an anxiety issue, the virus and the low iron are egging it on.

      I don't have any real stress in my life; i am a part time student and i live at home, There have been many good things happening lately yet I still feel unhappy and off lately.

      I definitely think it is a chronic issue as you mentioned. I got 90% better but never 100%.

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    Hi Dominka,

    I have times where I get the mono feeling, after illness or times of stress, it does get better each year. I think when you finally recover you start resuming normal activity and then you go through a bit of a downtime, maybe the body is just trying to re adjust after the virus, I take vitamin D and that helps especially during the winter months.

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      Hi, thanks for the reply,

      This could definitely be due to stress as I have been struggling with some anxiety lately. I feel the same kind of fatigue as I did before but not as intense.

      I think I just forgot that not long ago I was still dealing with fatigue and i just began to feel a lot better during the summer; the weather and the sun probably helped this. I know for a lot of people it takes even a couple years to fully recover so I suppose it's just about patience and rest.

      How long has your recovery been?

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    Hi Dominika,

    I'm so sorry to hear that you've been struggling with fatigue again this last while, it really is awful I truly empathise. This definitely can happen during the first 2-3 years of recovery from mono, you will go through some dips and periods where things feel like it's slipping again, but my experience definitely was that these turn out to be episodes which become less intense and less often as time goes on.

    Just wanted you to know I was still thinking about you, still rooting for you. I haven't been very well myself lately so not really been up to posting much on the forums, but let's keep trusting in God that things will get better. I truly believe you will get through this setback Dominika and back to FULL health again. Hang in there, I know it's tough, there will be better days.


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    I still after 2 yrs have trouble sleeping and sweats at night sometimes. I like you are 90%+ better. For most of the journey I truly believed i would never get better so...i will just deal with my minor setbacks still. All through the journey EBV tried every way to skip around giving pain to our bodies and doubt with fear to our minds. We just need to relax and let this play out because we got our foot on EBV's throat now and soon it will be just a memory for us. Stay positive

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