Am I sick or just anxious...? :(

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This is a really long story. I've posted on here about similar problems but right now I feel so depressed and I don't know what is wrong with my body.

Long story short. I live in a country where anxiety and depression IS NEVER talked about. Its not a thing here.

I started a new job about 2 months ago. I had a hard time adjusting. My boyfriend has been so supportive which has helped.

My bosses didn't give me health insurance. Despite having it written in my contract. I started to feel sick and wanted to go and get tested (for me its really reassuring when a doctor tells me I'm okay - anxiety sucks!)

But without insurance it will be really expensive. They kept delaying which has caused me more and more stressed.

I was having panic attacks daily. Constantly on edge. Sore throat. Diarrhea (mostly just loose - sorry for giving too much information) shaking and recently I've started feeling faint. I've been trying to drink more and more water and it seems to be helping.

I left my job last week. It got too much. I felt I couldn't do my job anymore. So I will lose my visa and return home.

I plan to return home this coming week. I'm scared if flying. Its a 12 hr flight. I'm scared that I'm going to faint and I have bad stomach pain. I'm scared that there is something really wrong with me. It's probably all just anxiety. But my mind wanders and constantly worries.

To top everything off. My ex bosses are trying to sue me over the entire situation as well as telling lies to immigration claiming I'm trying to leave the country illegally.

I just want to return to the UK and get better. I'm so depressed here. The constant nausea, stomach ache and fuzzy head feeling is just making me feel so depressed. I have been sleeping for about 12houes on average but still feel exhausted.

Im just scared. Can anyone give me some advice?

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    Oh, honey, it sounds like you've had a rough few months. If you have a history of anxiety then it is probably why you are feeling so bad now. It is such a shame that you were unable to get your initial worry checked out and dismissed. I know it's not easy but do breathing exercises and try to think about your plans for coming home. The flight will be ok, I am quite sure the flight attendants have first aid training but you won't need that because you'll be fine. Just keep reminding yourself of the things you'll do when you get home.

    hugs to you

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    Hi there, Hannah,

    First of all, your ex-bosses will get nowhere because you can prove that they offerred health Insurance and then didn't provide it. So cross that off your worry list.

    Second, I'm a nurse and your symptoms are all anxiety. Don't worry about the plane flight. If I'm wrong and you have a health emergency whilst on board, the flight will divert to the nearest place with a hospital. Flight attendants are VERY good at calming anxious passengers, so TELL the flight attendant when you board that you're anxious. She'll keep a special eye on you then.

    Finally, when you get back to the UK you can see a doctor for nothing and find out if there is anything actually wrong, or if it is severe anxiety. Whichever it is, your doctor will treat you for it. I'm putting my money on Anxiety, as you didn't have it until things went wrong with the job.

    Please let us know how you're doing once you get back to Blighty


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      Thank you so much for your kind reply. Yes, I will tell them. I think if I tell them, then I won't feel as alone.

      Also, the more anxious I get the more my throat starts getting soar. It also feels as though my throat is closing. Is there anything you can suggest that will help me relax my throat? I'm worried that it will get so bad when I fly, then I will have a panic attack. I think I'm just building it all up in my mind.

      - Hannah

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    I have the same problems you have physically and my doctor told me it's anxiety. I live in the USA and anxiety is talked about alot here. Hopefully the symptoms will subside when you get home.

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    Hi Hannah,

    I don't know which country your in but a country which doesn't talk about stress and anxiety prob isn't the right place for u to be right now.

    Must be real scary having all this to deal with right now esp ur ex bosses trying to sue u and make up stuff. Idiots.

    Ur anxiety is getting to u and showing itself as nausea stomach ache and fuzzy head.

    The water is gud hav u tried chamomile tea and rescue remedy for the anxiety?

    Are u exercising too?

    I bet once u have braved the flight home u will start feeling a lot better in yourself.

    U did a massively brave thing uprooting so far away for ur job. I've never done that. Hope u don't feel bad on urself.

    Hope this helps


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    it's probably just anxiety?  sweety NOT is anxiety.  sounds like you're in a terrible situation.  your symptoms are common anxiety symptoms.  i used to have panic attacks to the point of being debilitated; i couldn't drive or felt as if i could walk or even leave the house.  i would just stay in bed all day long.  it's good you're getting sleep...yes feeling feint is the tough part but you're body is exhausted of being on high alert or in flight mode constantly.  this is normal.  find someway to relax and distract yourself if you're able.  try a long warm bath or listen to music...any distraction helps.  look up relaxation technique on youtube...whatever it takes.  i find breathing in slowly for 4 seconds...holding for 4 seconds then exhaling helps.  also rolling your shoulders up and rotating forward then backwards releases tension in your neck and shoulders.  likewise, my stools are irregular due to my anxiety...the more anxiety i am...the worse it gets...almost like sludge (sorry for being descriptive) but figured you'd prefer it to relate.  good luck...try to not care and have a screw your bosses and work situation'll help.  worry above all is the root of anxiety and depression.  the more you worry...the worse it becomes.

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      Wow. This makes me feel so much better. Sometimes anxiety can make you feel like you're so alone.

      It's nice to know that other people experience this too.

      I hope you are doing well. smile

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