Am I the youngest man in the world with BPH?

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If you are reading this, I would like to say Thank You in advance. I am trying to express 10 years of my experience in a concise, detailed,  chronological order. However, my mind is reeling a bit from hours of typing/remembering, and Im not sure how succesful i've been in keeping focus. Please bare with me..

I started having Prostate problems/symptoms of BPH at age 17. 
There would be instances where after urinating, I felt as though I had not completely emptied my bladder. I would stand/sit over the toilet as long as 30mins straining to squeeze the last bit out. There would be a burning sensation at the tip of my penis. Eventually what came out was a cloudy discharge, a bit thicker than normal urine. I believed this to be a mixture of semen and urine. At this point I was still a virgin, so I did not suspect an STD. 
When I told my Father about my symptoms, he said "Its probably your Prostate sad" I said, "What the hell is a Prostate?"
(My Father had BPH in his mid-20's)

When I was 19 or 20 I went to Urologists at University of Michigan. At first they told me my symptoms were "In my head", but I insisted they investigate. A DRE confirmed that my Prostate was indeed "Pronounced". They then inserted a cytoscope (I think thats what it's called..) which showed no significant strain or blockage of my urethera. I was diagnosed with "Non-Bacterial Prostatitis" and given antibiotics. I took the antibiotics and returned to the doctor with no improvement. They told me I would basically have to live with it, which is what I did. I had researched the conventional medicines and surgical procedures available and decided the possible side effects were not worth the risk, especially for someone my age. I just tried to ignore the ever present "dull ache" and sense of fullness that waxed/waned in intensity, with no discernable triggers or patterns.

at around age 24 I began hearing those radio-ads for "Super Beta Prostate" and decided to order a bottle. The bottle came with a little book called "The Natural Prostate Cure" by Roger Mason.
I read Roger's book and another one by him called "Zen Macrobiotics for Americans" (Which he has since changed the title to Zen Macrobiotics for Everyone)
At the same time I also read a book called "The Master Cleanse"
I decided to follow the information presented in these books.
Before converting to a "Macrobiotic Diet", I dutifully executed The Master Cleanse. I carried a backpack around with me, full of lemons and a cutting board/knife so I could prepare the cayanne lemonade fresh, as to avoid loss of its enzymatic integrity. I was desperate (and still am)
I did not eat for 10 days. 
I did the saltwater enimas morning and night. (Nothing weird ever came out)
When I started eating again, I ate only Whole Grains and Vegetables.
I cut out dairy products. I took most of the 20+ recommended vitamins.
None of this seemed to help EXCEPT, I believe, cutting out dairy products. (I had been drinking a lot of Milk mixed with this most likely terrible for you stuff called Muscle Milk. I had been weight training and wanted to get buff.)
Since cutting out most dairy, my urine has cleared up, and there have been fewer acute "Attacks". However, I still have all other symptoms. There is still the mysteriously waxing/waning dull ache/sensation of fullness. I've done the Master Cleanse twice over the years. I have gone on and off the Vegan/Macrobiotic Diet as well various times.

I've had my hormones tested multiple times revealing no abnormalities.

I took counsel from a guy by the name of "Faceless Fat-loss" who had me trying things like coloidial silver. He did however bring to my attention the existence of the Aneros Prostate Massage device, which is definitely helpful in increasing my sexual sensitivity.

I travelled to New Jersey to have my body "scanned" electronically for various ailments. (Ever since my prostate started hurting, depression and anxiety symptoms have been present and steadily getting worse.)  This machine did indeed pick up on an abnormality of my prostate. It also told me I was Zinc deficient. They gave me a Zinc supplement, along with an herbal tincture containing your standard Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, Stinging Nettles etc., I took these for a while with no improvement.

I read a rather redundant book called "A Headache in the Pelvis" which is written empathetically which is nice, but I havent really explored much of the specifics suggested in the book. I think it requires going to a costly seminar to learn the "Stanford Protocol". Its on the back burner.

I quit caffiene for 2 1/2 months. Read a book called "Caffiene Blues" No notable improvement. (with this I was more concerned with depression/mental fatigue, lack of concentration and low energy levels, although these symptoms are undoubtedly largely connected to my 10 years of prostate pain.)

The most recent book I have picked up is called "Healthy Prostate" by a guy named Ronald Bazar. To my dismay, this book relies heavily on a concept of "Energy Testing" with a Pendulum in order to determine what one is supposed to eat/what supplements to take. I bought the damn pendulum but it doesnt seem to want to answer my questions.

The newest thing I am trying is to increase my Zinc intake through actual food rather than supplements. I am making Pumpkin Seeds into a kind of pesto so I can eat a larger amount faster, and I bought some Brazil nuts for the first time, too.

This pain is the heaviest weight on my spirit. It has damaged my confidence and self-esteem. If Clinical Depression is real, then I most likely am a sufferer largely in part to my Prostate ailments. I suppose I feel inadequate as a man. I do not have ED, but certain positions affect the quality of my erection, and there is definitely a threshold of discomfort I must push through in order to begin to feel what diminshed sensation I am able to during sex. I have gotten used to telling women about it, and they have always been understanding, but there is still a great deal of anxiety surrounding the issue for me.

I don't know what I am looking for on this forum. I just feel frustrated and alone, like my youth has been stolen from me. Nobody ive come in contact with in physical reality has shared my problem. 

Thanks for reading, if you know something helpful that I don't, please tell me.

Thanks, Jeff

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    You've tried all crank cures now it is time to go back to a urologist. Have you had your PSA checked?
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      Thank you for your response. No, I have never had my PSA checked. I have read from multiple sources that the PSA test in unreliable, including a supposed quote from the inventor of the test. However, I realize the internet can be full of sh*t. Maybe I should have the test. I am also curious to have an ultrasound to get a physical profile of my prostate. I'm not sure how this would benefit me other than satisfying my curiosity to have a visual of this enemy/friend I have been hosting for so long. What drove my Father to have multiple Turp procedures in the Air Force was recurrent bladder infections. I have had zero bladder infections so far..
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      There are newer PSA tests that are more reliabe. The readings don't always mean much as big prostate = high PSA. Mine was 5.1 when my BPH was first diagnosed and went to 9.1 as my prostate grew.

      I'm surprised that with your symptoms that they did not do an ultrasound at the same time as the cystoscopy.

      You are by no means the youngest with BPH. We even had a lady post here about her 21 year old son who has prostate cancer.

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    I agree with derek76.  You need to see a really good urologist and go from there.  All the over the counter stuff will have minimul effects.  But they will not solve the problem. 
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      Thanks Chuck. Yeah, I have tried plenty of supplements that have not seemed to have had any beneficial effect. I never had much faith in them anyway, just felt the need to be trying something.
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    Man, you have really been thru the mill. There are several accounts in these forums that address really strange symptoms. A few of them are addressed successfully by strict elimination of any food containing wheat or rye, i.e Gluten.

    It is worth a try and is certainly won't hurt you like several of the quackary routines you have done so far.  

    Derek and Chuck, earlier posters, are regulars here and have given you good advice, see a urologist. I would expand on that a bit by recommending one who is on the staff of a major University teaching medical center, this is where you will find the latest knowledge and best Urologists. I would suggest Johns Hopkins or the Mayo Clinics, or New York Presbyterian Hospital all among the best in the US. They don't have any hacks on their staffs.

    Whatever solution you find to your problem keep in mind that this forum is read throughout the world and it may take a while before your case is read by someone with exactly your symptoms but stay with us here, you'll find a lot of help eventually. Your example can help many others. Good Luck and keep us advised.


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      Thank you Ron. Yes, I will indeed give the gluten-free approach a try. I have been doing pretty much the exact opposite for years without any benefit. Eating mainly brown rice, beans and lentils. Grains. Under the council of Roger Mason, the developer of Super Beta Prostate.  He actually e-mailed with me a couple of times, he seemed to actually care. However, he seems to be a controvesial character from some of what I've read on the internet. Of course, I will keep everyone posted on my status and anything that has helped me!
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      I also read a book called Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy, written by Dirk Benedict- the dude who played Starbuck on the original Battlestar Glactica. He supposedly "starved" prostate cancer out of his body with a macrobiotic diet while isolated in a cabin in the woods.
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    You know Jeff,    Derek, Chuck and Ron are all really well informed and steady Guys and they are recommending,  as am I,  that you go back to a Top Urologist.   But I don't see in your responses to them that you are saying ' Yes,  I will do that '.  Instead you come back with more wacky -isms.   Why ?   You are appx. 27.   You need to can the quackery from this point on.   Having a Genitourinary issue,  whether it is largely psychosomatic or not,  is not a way of life.  And now,  you seriously need to get one or you will be of no use to man or beast or especially,  woman.

    Can you imagine where all this introverted,  neurotic and obsessive behaviour is going to end up?  And at what cost both financially and emotionally to those around you ?   Come on Mate ... It's time to Man up.  

    As as you can see I'm largely with the University of Michigan's take on this.  If only your Father hadn't said :  ' It's probably your prostate '.  When it reads more that at the time, it might well have been masturbation-related,  which He as a Parent probably didn't want to contemplate.  And hopefully that is not a contributing factor now.

    I'm sorry if this is a tough read for you.  No disrespect is intended.

    Do something sensible and grown up about it.



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      Hello Dudley.

      I take no offense. I greatly appreciate your input. I initially read your post on my Iphone, which somehow caused me to miss the majority of your response. Now that I am revisiting this discussion on my laptop, I see you had more to say. i apologize if this seems redundant, or is TMI..

      I believe I can say with 100% confidence that these symptoms are not psychosomatic. 

      I will see a uroligist as soon as I can afford to. I have no insurance at the moment, but getting coverage is now high on my list of priorities.

      The doctors at U of M told me to live with it, which I did for years. I saw at least one other Doctor even before U of M. None of the doctors suggested to me that my problem could be related to masturbation. They never really brought it up. I suppose I could/should have considered that on my own, as I learned how to do it at a relatively early age, and engaged in it rather frequently (shame..). Hell, to be completely honest, all these years I must admit, I have continued to masturbate regularly. Frequently perhaps. Even during times when I had a girlfriend, I would engage in sex with them often, and still do it on the side. I never felt guilty about it, nor did I consider it as a possible contributor. Only recently have I begun to consider the need to cut waaaay back. I recently went 17 days without ejaculating. That period of abstinence ended with me getting laid, which sparked the "Chaser Effect", and I returned to my old ways. 

      I just considered the problem my genetically inhereted fate, since my Dad had had problems at an early age. 

      My first step toward trying to "man up" and do something to help myself was to take supplements. The Super Beta Prostate bottle came with a booklet called "The Natural Prostate Cure" which suggested that changing my diet could help me. I was desperate and open minded, especially since doctors were unable to help me before. Eating like a rural Asian seemed to be worth a shot, as it was the easiest and most financially viable approach I had found. I figured that healing though diet would take a lot of time, so I gave it a lot of time. I didn't want to consider it "Quackery" untill I had tested it out myself.

      A little over a year ago, I visited another actual Medical Doctor who had been recommended to me. I believe at one point he had been a Urologist, but has been functioning as a Hormone Replacement Therapist. I had tested certain hormones before, but this was to be an all inclusive sweep. Of course, the results showed that my testosterone and all others were in healthy range. I told him that I was considering an ultra-sound, because I wanted a physical profile of my situation. His response was that it would be pointless to do, because it would just cost me a bunch of money, and that no doctor would be willing to operate on me at my age.  He perscribed me generic Flowmax, and some shots that would trick my balls into producing more testosterone, even tho I was in healthy range. He also was going to give me a trial of Viagra, but I refused. I researched Flowmax, and of course found negative reviews complaining of sexual side effects.  

      The possible complications from drugs/surgery did not seem worth the risk to me over all these years. What seemed sensible to me was to exhaust all other "alternatives" first. I know now that its time for me to see a Urologist once again.

      I have indeed considered where all of this could lead.

      Thanks again man,


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    I had a 25% to 30% loss of stream overnight at age 25.  I had to stand and wait for the urine to start.  I went to two different urologists and had a complete urodynamics test that showed the constriction at the bladder neck, right where the prostate is.  I puit up with it until I got into my 50's when either the prostate styarted growing again or my bladder was begining to weaken.  They put me on FLOMAX which actually works.  They problem continued to worsen even with the FLOMAX and so I had a CTScan to see if my prostate was actually oversized and it was.  By this summer I turned 57 and was just about unable to pee at all.  I opted for a new procedure called a Prostatic Arterial Embolization (PAE).  It's much less invasive then the older surgeries and the recovery was a matter of three weeks.  It has helped a bit so far but may take a while longer for the prostate to shrink some more.  There are others on this forum who have had the procedure and results seem to vary.  I completely agree about the none medical advice and frankly quackery treatments with herbs and such.  See the best urologist you can get in front of and get all the diagnostic testing there is so you know whats going on.  If your prostate is too big and it's bnlocking the urine flow, consider the FLOMAX and then tell the urologist about the PAE procedure.  Many urologists have never heard of it because it is no performed by them.  It is done by a diufferent doctor called an interventional radiologist.  They specialize in snaking catheters through artery's and have been doing these types of procedure for decades.  The procedure with the prostate is a new organ to use an old technique on.  Stay away from the alternative medicine nonsense.  Go with the pros and guide them through a troubleshooting process to determine exactly where the blockage is, then go after removing that blockage in the least invasive and damaging way you can.  Good luck to you.
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    Agree with posters that say "see a urologist". You need to see the face of the enemy before you can combat it effectively. Assuming a diagnosis of BPH, they will probably start with drug therapy which works very well for many people. If so, then problem cured. If not, they will explain some surgical options. But given your age, I wouldn't jump on a surgical option if you didn't have to because no doubt within another ten years there will be better procedures (fingers crossed on that).

    So see that urologist and please report back what they find. I very much doubt a gluten free diet will do the trick but, hey, a lot of people are trying it for this and that.


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      True, gluten-free probably won't work but for those with gluten-sensitivity it has performed nothing short of miracles. Maybe there is a test for gluten-sensitivity, that might be a better way to approach it. Researchers are actually recommending gluten-free as well as sugar-free for Alzheimers patients! 
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