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Namaste Everybody,

So a little intro to you all. I am a 19 years old turning 20 next month. From October, my Abdominal Issues are constantly worrying me. First i waked up slightly nauseous one day( i think the 1st of October). I took a Pantoprazole and went to my college. I didn't felt hungry till Afternoon. But I didn't paid much attention to it. But from that day onwards my appetite has gone very much disturbed. Throughout these 2.5 months i have sometimes felt hungry enough but most of the times it's binge eating. Occasional bouts of Upper pain and heartburn have also showed up but nothing much to discomfort. Doctor prescribed Appetizer and Liver tonic for the 1st month. With no improvement he did an Endoscopy, Complete Blood Picture and Liver function test everything normal. He didn't seem much concerned and again just gave a vitamin syrup and pantoprazole. I also felt relieved after the endoscopy as my primary concern was Stomach Cancer as i sometimes also felt full after eating small. But since Appetite is still not improving i am again getting worried. Now I am extremely panicked about Liver or Pancreatic or Bowel Cancer. My parents just scold me and say you need to go to a psychologist but inside i know it's not in my mind. I constantly remain desperate and cry in isolation that maybe now the disease could have metastated. How much days i will survive. Please help anyone. 😞😞

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    Hi , first you r test results were good , no abnormalities . you stated you eat in binges so , im assuming the foods you eat are probably not very heathy ? Your stomach upset can be caused by the binged eating , instead try to eat 3 meals a day ,healthy foods and slowly eating these meals without a rush .. In will take a little time but your stomach will get its flora back into the swing of things , feeling and functioning normal . Overthinking bad situations can make you feel sick as well . The doctor didnt find anything bad ,like cancer , because cancer is not there ! Enjoy life , enjoy eating , and enjoy NOT having cancer !

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      Thank you so much buddy. Your reassuring words have given some sight of relief to me. Yes now I will eat smaller meals thrice a day and will try to not think of it. Lets see for this month. Hopefully everything goes well.

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    You could get another opinion from a gastroenterologist and you could also consult a registered dietition or nutritionist to work up a daily menu for you.

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    I think you are worrying a lot and you may need to see a counselor to help you with your health anxiety. Lack of appetite can be caused by worrying and stress. Stress aggravates gut problems and can cause them.. College can be very stressful; it was for me. If your doctor was really concerned, he would have referred you for more urgent tests which he has not done. This is good news for you. Your liver function test was normal. If there was something wrong with your liver, it would have shown in the test. Tests are very accurate these days. When I was waiting for my abdominal pain to get diagnosed , I jumped from one health anxiety to another. I too was desperate and thought I had something serious that had been missed and it was too late to do anything about it. What helped me was making lists of my worries and asking my doctor to disprove them one by one, Perhaps try that and ask to be referred to a therapist.

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      Hello everyone i am thinking of getting tested for H pylori infection. But here in my hometown( Delhi, India)Breath test is not available for it. Only Stool test and Blood test are available. Can having these 2 tests give a reliable diagnosis. Because my 2 symptoms of appetite loss and heartburn seem similar to it.

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      An endoscopy is the most reliable test but I had a stool test which was negative and this was a reliable diagnosis for me. I don't know much about the breath test. However, to ensure accuracy, you need to be off antacids including PPIs for at least two weeks prior to your test. To be honest, tests are highly accurate these days, so I wouldn't worry about that

      Your symptoms could also be related to gastritis or simply stress which you are suffering from. I would go back to your doctor and ask to be referred for therapy for your health anxiety to see if that helps your symptoms and ask if an h pylori test is necessary. Stress really irritates the gut.

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      Yes i know Endoscopy is the most reliable test but since 10 days back it was done but the gastroenterologist didn't find any sign of infection or inflammation. So i am thinking of having a stool test to rule this out. Any idea why endoscopy didn't find anything. Does the bacteria is hidden.

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      These are the endoscopy report. If someone has any knowledge of it.image

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      You have had the most accurate and reliable test and it shows no inflammation or infection was found. This is likely because you are negative for any abnormalities. Doctors wouldn't be doing these tests if

      they were inaccurate.It tells you in writing that everything was normal. So you should accept this result because your doctor is the expert and you have proof that nothing nasty is present in your gut. Since nothing has shown up, the simple reason is that there is nothing there. Your doctor will have explained this to you. While the pictures mean nothing to me because I am not a doctor, , it clearly states in words what the images mean.So I can understand that your endoscopy was negative. I imagine your specialist would have taken biopsies for h pylori. Since no inflammation or infection was found ten days ago, this very good news for you and reason enough not to worry about anything else and it should also demonstrate that further tests are unnecessary.

      Try to relax and accept the word 'normal' in your endoscopy report. I would still ask your doctor to refer you for therapy to ease your health anxiety and in the meantime try distraction techniques such as a hobby or light exercise. You could also try meditation.

      I had trouble accepting negative test results but I listened to my doctor and trusted his,reassurances.

      uch as a hobby

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      Correction: ignore 'uch as a hobby' The line jumped when I was typing.

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