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Ok, so March time i had this PS problem & the pain was unreal i thought it was just like a lump from where i had been wearing tight bottoms & obv sweated but 2 of my work colleagues (both women too) told me to go to the Docs coz it got the point where i could hardly walk or drive & I did & he gave me those antibiotics.............. It went down, pain stopped..

NOW, its returned, i now have a tiny single hole that is just below this lump (yet i have zero pain). I noticed that i would bleed after doin a poo... got me scared...... its annoyingly strange!!! Also on like 3 occasions i had pus coming out of the hole (not sure whether its good or bad)

Went back to the docs & now i gotta have the surgery in Sept!

I think i may pass out, hospitals and me and pain dont mix. I am literally terrified but SO glad i found this website, i thought i was the only non overweight female who works in an office with this \"man-fied\" problem!

Please tell me that the surgery is ok & its not as bad as i am thinking it is........

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    Hi Lozza,

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this, these pilonidals are a darn nuisance!! I'm also a women that is not overweight by any stretch of the imagination, I've lost count of the number of dr's who've said, oh this usually affects the men . . . !!

    The hole you described that is draining blood and pus is a sinus - I had one before my first operation, in a way I saw it as a good thing as it means that the cyst will drain there instead of swelling up and becoming infected and needing painkillers. I ended up taping a piece of gauze over it when it was draining.

    Have you seen your surgeon yet? Do you know what procedure you'll be having? Surgery will definitely be better than coping with it at the moment!!

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    I havent seen the surgeon or anyone. I dont know how long i will have to be off work. Im hoping only like a few days but i think im underestimating the whole operation.

    The Dr told me to put something on it but i totally forgot what he said... whoops.

    I just hope it doesnt return afterward, although i have no pain its slightly embarrassing and annoying!!

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    Well you'll have an consultation appointment with the surgeon or one of his team before the surgery, so then you'll be able to find out about healing times and time off work, etc. The chances are you'll need at least two weeks off work. If they stitch it up, it'll have a shorter healing time, but a higher chance of infection, whereas if they leave it open, it'll have a longer healing time (and you'll need wound packing by nurses each day) but less infection risk. Make sure you ask your surgeon everything you want to know, I made the mistake of assuming my surgeon knew everything and now heading for my second op with a surgeon I researched this time!!

    Yes it is embarrassing and annoying too - I've ended up just telling everyone I have a cyst over my coccyx that needs to be removed, so they call it my 'back' problem now!

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    I have only told a handful of people the truth but i think with work and especially my manager - im going to tell her that i have an infection or something near that bone too. Its less embarrassing.

    Two weeks?? I will go insane. I have to work!! I have never had stitches before, having said that i have never had any operation before!! Its terrifying! I hope they knock me out with the anasthetic, i dont want one where i am awake, but i think i will be because its not major surgery! I would love to go Private, im para that ill get MRSA!

    How long do you think it would be (from your experience) until i can start driving again?

    I am so glad i am not alone! Thank God for this site!! We're all in the same boat!

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    Hello again smile

    Two weeks is about right for a closed excision, if you have an open one (no stitches) you're looking at a few weeks, maybe even a couple of months. A good website to get lots of information is - they explain all the procedures so you're aware of your choices, as well as recovery times, etc. I had my operation on the NHS, and it was under general which to be honest is the best way, they knock you out, it's like going to sleep, when you wake up it's all done and over. They won't do a pilonidal excision without a general, don't worry about that! smile

    Hope this helps a bit? Nat x

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    Oh God, i do not want months off work!! I think i am going to invest in one of those cushions for that area so it takes the pressure off! Not cheap though!

    Im countin down the days, worst of all, my parents go on holiday the DAY i have the op.... ill be home alone recovering! Hope i dont profusely bleed.

    I think what im most scared of is the needles, the ambarrassment and the aftermath pain. Do they not give painkillers???

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    A coccyx cushion is an excellent idea! The cheapest place I found was Argos, it's about £15 there and I use it all the time. It's a shame that ur folks go on holiday the day of the operation - but if you speak to you GP practice, they can send out a district nurse to your that will do your packings/dressings each day. That'll make sure it's done correctly and means someone will be keeping an eye on it for you. It's all free on the NHS.

    They do give you painkillers so don't worry about that, the embarrassment is pretty minor by then, when you're in hospital you're not an unique case, they've seen it all before so jus remember that smile The aftermath pain isn't too bad either, you're more achey than anything from whatever position they put you in for the surgery. The needles are ok too, I promise. It is worth getting some stool softeners to take after the operation though, as your first bowel movement may be a long time in coming - the painkillers often cause a bit of constipation, but I found lots of fresh fruit and water helped, as do stool softeners. Don't worry, the whole thing will be so much easier than you're anticipating!!

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    What position do they make you lie in? Like knees up to your chest?

    Also, where do they stick the needle? Im 22 and i know i shall be crying!! A friend from work is going to drive me there & back, i am actually dreadin the journey home. The pain!

    I just want to know everything before i go in there. I am really scared. Hospitals are not my favourite places! Im hoping ill go home the same day too, sort of like an in & out jobby!

    Im startin to feel pain from it now... like when i put my weight on it!! Fantastic. I hope to God this doesnt come back again!

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    I think the position they put you in dependsd on the surgeon and where your pilonidal exactly is, but I've been told it's a jack-knife position, i.e. ur bum is in the air, which makes sense I guess! :?

    They'll put a wee needle in your left hand, it's pretty small and you probably won't feel it, then that's it!! I was worried about the journey home too, but the best way I found was to lie face down on the back seats - it's comfy that way and you don't have to try sitting. It probably will be a day surgery one too, mine was, in and out on the same day, although they do ask you to take pyjamas in just in case they want to keep you in overnight.

    Don't worry about the pain too much now, you can just look forward to getting rid of it!! :D

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    Oh my God, bum in the air?? I think i dont want the op now! Thats more embarrassing than ever! Id get cramp or start aching. What if ya cant feel that part of your body though?!

    How long does the surgery take?? Please tell me like 20 mins!!

    Im dreading it more than ever now! Its worse than child birth & i havent got that far yet!

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