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Pilonidal Sinus

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  • teccy 1

    Could it be Pilonidal Sinus?

    Hey all.  So so a bit of back story first, I had a boil come up about 2 months ago which I got checked out within the week by a nurse since it hurt and didn't seem to be getting better, the nurse said it was an inflamed pimple and gave me antibiotics to treat it and pain killers. It ended up draining...

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  • Guest M

    rhomboid flap procedure for pilonidal sinus

    Hello,is there anyone on this forum who has had the rhomboid flap procedure to remove a pilonidal sinus?I've been told by my surgeon that this is the final solution to cure my sinus as i've already had the wound excised but unfortunately this has not worked for me..If anyone out there has had this procedure...

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  • MarcusA222 1

    Pilonidal abscess surgery

    So I'm 26 years old and for the past 5 years I've suffered with what I was aware was called a pilonidal sinus, all I can say is I wish I had done something a lot sooner than what I did. I had this open sinus that was everyday leaking out puss and blood which I was (somehow) coping with but whilst in...

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  • teccy 1

    Could it be Pilonidal Sinus?

    Hey all.  So so a bit of back story first, I had a boil come up about 2 months ago which I got checked out within the week by a nurse since it hurt and didn't seem to be getting better, the nurse said it was an inflamed pimple and gave me antibiotics to treat it and pain killers. It ended up draining...

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  • jeff96528 2

    Surgery coming

    ive had my cyst for 14 years. I was originally told it would eventually go away by my late 30s. I'm now 40 and I am totally fed up. I have surgery in 4 days. I am totally confused how there is so much difference between healing times and pain management. Every doctor and website is different. I realize...

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  • celine34394 1
  • Mugrad1991 1
  • jodie05475 2


    I'm 22 years old and have been convinced I had a lump at the bottom of my back for years (I exercise a lot and it aches incredibly when I do sit-ups) anyway, it was a Pilodial Sinus. I have a small hole above my bum (sometimes looks small, sometimes looks bigger if this is possible?) I have enquiried...

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  • channa54352 1

    blood clot

    i just had pilondial cyst surgery a week ago. been changing my dressing every husband pulled out a blood clot yesterday morning.i am still in extreme pain get nauseous easy and light headed.i just want this misery gone and back to work any suggestions

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  • ikym38502 1

    Recently discovered pilonidal abscess

    I recently discovered I have a pilonidal abscess and I went to an urgent care and saw a nurse practioner. She said it's a good thing we caught it in it's early stage and she put me on antibiotics. It started paining me for three days and then I went to see her. I'm worried though from my research that...

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  • skyy 2

    Days before knowing If I need surgery or not

    In a few days my Doctor will let me know if I need surgery or not. To be honest I wish I wasn't, but I have a feeling that I may need it. I am not bleeding anymore, but when I sit it hurts after be seated a few hours, and I kind of notice a bump (circle) which I do not know if it is pus but its close...

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  • skyy 2
  • anthony26294 1

    Is the Fistula supposed to be removed during the operation?

    Hi Guys, I had a Pilonidal Sinus removed at the Beginning of Feb this year. I've been trying to figure out if the surgeons are supposed to remove the Fistula during the operation because my surgeons hadn't and it has caused an Immediate recurrance. Unfortunately I'm not sure which technique they used...

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  • jean77315 1


    Hello, Here is a summary of my story with this damn cyst and my questions: I was operated in 2009, the surgeon had sutured the wound at the time (which generates a great risk of recurrence) The first two years were carefree. In 2012, I started experiencing atrocious pain especially in a prolonged...

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  • rodney37173 1
  • manish93583 1
  • lily2020 1

    Possible pilonidal cyst?

    Hi, everyone. I'm a fifteen year old girl, and I believe I have a pilonidal cyst on my tailbone. I started having pain in the area a few days ago, so I checked it out, and discovered a small circular area that was bleeding. Ever since then, a lot of pus came out, and now it's back to bleeding. I haven't...

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  • charlotte65187 1

    I've started having complications after surgery.

    I started having problems with pilonidal abcess's in around March last year, throughout the year I was having operations every 8 weeks (as soon as the previous one healed it would come back) as we got to December time it was around every 2/4 weeks I was requiring an incision and drainage. After months...

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  • briannacl 1

    Pilonidal Cyst

    I had this pain on the tail of my spine several months ago and i am a student, so im sitting a lot for several hours. after about a month it started draining on its own and i would have to change my pants and underwear almost three times a day. after a while it would stop then start up again. Here recently...

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  • gh1217 1

    Pilonidal cyst above anus?, not sure. Very worried please help

    Hi,  I'm a 20 y/o male.  I'm honestly freaking out, please read and help  about two months ago I went to nearby city for a 12 hour party where I consumed mdma.  Towards the end of it I left and got on the train. The drugs made me super paranoid that there had been discharge  from my anus as I thought...

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  • bethany71909 1

    Pilonidal sinus problems

    I had a abscess removed May 2015, a really deep one. I was given an open wound surgery and left for it to heal. That failed and i was left 9 months with a huge hole in my back. I had to have another surgery, Feb 2016, which involved stitches to remove the sinus all together apparently solving the problem....

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  • denholm08765 1

    Recurring pilonidol cyst

    Had one last year and had to have surgery under anaesthetic, woke up today with a sore lower back and a new yellow looking sore and itchy bump. Not too sore I can still sit just niggling, do you think it's come back or just having a flare up? Cannot get into my doctors for a change

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  • Matty7 2

    Will the Pilonidal Cyst go away?

    So the doctor told me that there is small hole there near the top of my buttocks, and he said it wasn't infected and that the wound may or may not close? It still bleeds from time to time and itches, is there anything I can do to help the wound close itself?

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  • bobtails2 2

    Pilonidal sinus

    I started on Thursday with a sharp pain in my right buttock, by Friday  it started to get worse, by the evening it was excruciating so my hubby rang 111 in the meantime I had to go to bathroom and it started to bleed it had burst the doctor booked me an out of hours appointment so I went late evening...

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  • rachel56647 1

    Hello. I have 18 year old twin both wirh sinuses

    Both my sons are waiting to have surgery the have been suffering on and off for about 2 years now with the sinus always bleeding and leaking. Just wanted any advice how to best deal with wounds when they come home. Also best advice for cleaning area Thanks

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  • Matty7 2

    Is this a pilonidal sinus

    For about 3 months now I have noticed bleeding near the top of my buttocks, and it just won't go away. It bleeds whenever I poke around the area, also there is a slight discomfort when I'm sitting around that region, however I've never seen any pus, only blood?

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  • Guest M

    Has anyone else had a fistula?

    Hi im a 29yr old female and i had a sore bum and could feel a lump on my bum, when i pressed on this lump pus oozed out of my anus. lovely i know! the doc prescribed me antibiotics which seemed to calm things down a bit. Three weeks later i had a hard day at work and the lump had swelled and was very...

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  • neha9in 1

    After 7months of pilonydial sinus

    Hi my sister got her pilonydial sinus surgery done in august 2016. She says the pain really never got better even after surgery. She has done her MRI of that area and of the spine as well and all is clear. She has even taken physiotherapy for the SI joint area and area around the butt area but says the...

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  • abbas76384 2

    dept went from 0.5cm to 7cm

    i had surgery in november my doctor clean it up and left it open, there were two wound one on my lower back and one on my butt cleft, i had a home nurse come in every day to pack both of my wounds, by January my wound on my lower back healed from inside and wound closed, but my bottom wound which my...

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  • Dbeach 1

    So many issues...

    I had my cyst removed in July of 2015. I am still experiencing incredible pain and discomfort, and after bouncing from surgeon to pain management to PCP to rheumatologist, finally figured out that I have arthritis in my tailbone, and fibromyalgia, and the scar tissue is consistently pressing against...

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  • shiniah22 2

    Pilonidal cyst surgery tomorrow

    Well I'm a 23 year old femal and have been having issues since I was 18. I had to have it lanced two years ago and I would have a flare up around every three months. And let's just say it's PAINFUL stuff! I am currently worried about having children since this is an ongoing infection, so I finally decided...

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  • dave2702 2

    Waiting for Operation

    Hi all,       I've been diagnosed with a pilonidal sinus and have a date 14th March for surgery.    Doctor has taken me off antibiotics, but still blood and pus appear daily.    Very painful, especially at night.    Is it advisable to use painkillers?   Would a doughnut cushion help?  Any advice most...

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  • Hannah2468 1

    Nearly a year since surgery

    Just wondering if anybody could help me? I had pilonidal sinus last July and it was left with the open hole to heal inside out. It healed fine in about 3 months and hasn't bothered me since. But in the last few weeks I've noticed that my left bum cheek keeps going really numb and starts to tingle and...

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  • ron1228 1

    Drainage 6 weeks after

    I had what I thought was a pretty minor pilonidal cyst (absolutely no pain in the months leading up to surgery) removed about 6 weeks ago and had the incision closed with stitches. There was slow consistent drainage until all my stitches were removed about 2 weeks ago, then the drainage stopped for a...

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  • groovynana 2

    I'm horrified at pilonidal cyst

    I've only recently discovered my youngest son has a pilonidal cyst. I had three brothers and 3 sons and did not know anything about this. My son has mild/moderate autism and quite a high pain threshold and he wasn't aware about it. I believe he must have had it a few weeks before I discovered what...

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  • tathagat92680 1
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