Amitriptyline causing possible acid reflux, what should I do?

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Ever since I started taking Amitriptyline I have been getting a burning sensation in my throat at times. It is often the morning after a night when I drank alcohol.

Should I take over the counter medication for acid reflux? Or is the problem likely to be chronic? If it is chronic is there regular use acid reflux medication that you recommend?

I would really rather not stop taking Amitriptyline and I would really rather not stop drinking moderate amounts of alcohol a couple of times a week too. I would rather not visit a doctor, hence me asking here.

I guess my main hope is that there is some kind of medicine for the acid reflux (assuming my guess is correct), which is healthy to use maybe 4 or 5 times a week? I have never had it before so I have no idea what the options are, but a quick search on here made it sounds like some people become dependent on medication for acid reflux.

Thank you.

edit: after more research it looks like Tums antacid is probably worth a try first. Will give them a try later.

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    I wonder why you take amytripline in the first place. It has been fantastic in treating my own anxiety related reflux. May I suggest you go off the alcohol for one or two weeks and see if something changes? i know alcohol is a trigger for reflux.

    The best option by far is to see your doctor.

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    Gaviscon Advance after everything you eat is first step. If that doesnt work you can try Nexium bought from Amazon , which is 20mg Esomprazole, this is a ppi and is what your doctor will prescribe anyway.

    keep with the alcohol, it shouldnt do your reflux any harm. is the amitryptaline a 10mg dose for visceral hypersenstivity in your throat ?

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      Tried Gaviscon liquid sachets yesterday and it helped after eating. They weren't cheap though, so I will just use until I can find a more permanent solution.

      Thanks for the Esomprazole suggestion, will look into that. Tums don't seem to be available where I am, but will ask some pharmacies. Yesterday I showed a photo of Tums and the pharmacist thought it was a candy, lol. I am abroad and don't speak their language.

      I have noticed people saying carbonated drinks are bad, which is how I drink alcohol. I don't drink soda ever, unless as a mixer. So I will try vodka with a non carbonated mixer.

      A cafe had Kombucha yesterday so I tried that, but realized it is probably not a good idea and it seemed to make things worse (although some people have said it helped them). I have noticed some people saying probiotics are good, so will try some pills I have and Yakult.

      I don't take amitryptaline for my throat or anything like that.

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    Hi Matthew, Drinking alcohol(which is a depressant)& taking Amitriptyline(an anti-depressant) kind of defeats the purpose & there are risks mixing the two, if your anti-depressant is causing side effects or not working, so you need alcohol...let your DR know...OTC meds are still drugs & can have side effects & interact with other meds & alcohol, if your DR says its okay to use OTC meds....there are antacids like Tums(neutralizes acid), some like Gaviscon are foaming, creating a barrier to prevent reflux, h2 blockers like famotidine(reduce/neutralizes acid) ppi like omeprazole(proton pump inhibitors, stop acid from being produced...not meant for long term) ALWAYS follow directions & a probiotic can help reverse/prevent problems due to stopping acid production w/o effecting reflux...this is why for long term treatment, it is best to let your DR know you are drinking & having reflux, so you can get on a plan that HELPS treat your symptoms w/o causing further medical issues!Good Luck hope you get everything sorted out...BEST WISHES💒🌈☮♾🐾🎶

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    After a search on YouTube I saw many had success with apple cider vinegar, so I am trying that first, often with lemon. Seems to be helping but hasn't stopped it completely yet (it has only been a few days).

    The thinking is that it boosts the stomach acid which stops the flap above your stomach opening. So I may actually have stomach acid which is not acidic enough. It also has other health benefits for me, so I think this is a good thing to try first before becoming dependent on medication.

    I will try to remember to post an update here when I am more sure about whether apple cider vinegar fixes it. For those commenting on visiting my Doctor, taking Amitriptyline and drinking alcohol- I appreciate your advice, but please see my original post as to why I am not replying.

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    Just an update in case it happens to anyone else. Apple Cider Vinegar worked well, but got bored of the nasty taste.

    Tried baking soda (teaspoon with water) which only gives temporary relief. Needing it very often may be bad as it tastes salty.

    Also tried some bagged ginger tea which doesn't do much- might just settle it a bit for a while. Boiling up actual ginger will be more effective but will taste bad like the apple cider vinegar.

    Going back to the apple cider vinegar for now as I was awake with throat pain in the middle of the night, after drinking beers yesterday. Alcohol carbonated or not isn't good for it.

    Need to lose some weight so will do that and hope that fixes it. If not, will have to switch from Amitriptyline to another anti-depressant. I travel often so need something available everywhere and need something that effects serotonin to stop me being tempted to abuse other stuff that would cause complications.

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    Acid Reflux became unbearable, so I stopped the drug. Have been trying Mirtazapine instead, but it also seems to be giving me acid reflux.

    Any ideas why, or if a certain type of other anti depressant will not cause acid reflux?

    I know I should just visit a doctor but I want to ask here first. I have been slipping back to my narcotic so I need to get a good anti depressant soon before I get hooked properly again (almost already hooked). My narcotic cannot be taken at the same time as an anti depressant, hence me wanting to get on one- to both block substance abuse and help depression.

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