Amlodipine 5mg after what Amipril did to me, do I even want to touch the new prescription

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Hi, I was prescribed Amipril several months ago and the dosage went up to 10mgs about 9 weeks ago.  two weeks ago I decided to stop taking the tablets because my hearing had deteriorated so badly and tinnitus was screeching in my right ear permanently.  I kept a record of my BP readings in the meantime, and they were only slightly worse that when on the medication.  However, I was also tense, quick to blow, felt depressed though some of that could be work situation.  I am on sick leave at present and feel so much better although precious little improvement in hearing has taken place.

I now have a prescription for Amlodipine 5mgs and after reading messages on here, I am very reluctant to collect the pills.  apart from it all costing me a lot of money, I dont think I could cope with the side effects that have been identified.  What advice can anyone give me?  I am certainly going to discuss with GP as I told her I would research before taking pills.


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    Hi Kathryn 

    I can only speak for myself but I have been taking 5 mg Amlodopine for 2 yrs and like you was terrified of all the side affects I had heard about. I can honestly say I have no side affects at all. I was also put on 4 mg Perindoprol 4 months ago and again so far no side affects. My GP did say I may develop a bit of a cough but luckily nothing. Obviously everyone is different and I was also scared to take them. Not everyone gets side affects 

    Best wishes

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      Angela, I'm so happy to read that someone didn't have all the side effects.  You've made me revisit what's going on with me.  I needed that.  Thanks!

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    Hi Kathryn,   I have been on 5mg Amlodipine for 4 years, a few months ago I realised my Tinnitus and rhinitis had got considerably worse, so in June after a discussion with our Practice Nurse I stopped the Amlod for 4 weeks.  My tinnitus has not improved but the rhinitis did. However my BP started creeping up so last month  it was back to try something else. This time I was told to try a water pill, INDAPAMIDE by name. AS a result I got severe dizziness so bad I dare not drive , then after 6 days severe Sinus, my right cheek went numb with it. So I stopped taking it. 

    After another week I was given Ramipril to try, one of the ACE drugs. This was even worse, I got bad gut pain, blisters in my mouth and bleeding gums, my BP started to climb, I think because I was so stressed over it all.

    I still have half a pack of Amlodipine left, so have restarted on my own accord.  I feel much better now. I am going to accept that I will have rhinitis, but can not see myself suffering to try something else.  Amlodipine does work well on my BP, it is slow to start but stick with it.  You may be perfectly ok on it.

    Good Luck

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      Hi Anne.  

      You just reminded me of the fact I was getting a lot of ulcers whilst on Ramipril and palpitations.


      Is it Tinnitus alone, any hearing loss as well?  I think the noises can can cause so much stress, its like an alarm going constantly. 

      However in the meantime whilst off work, i have been out doing brisk walks, sleeping well (I stopped sleeping through when I started the menopause (out the other end of that) and have rarely had more than 3 hours at a time, often only getting 6 - 7 hours sleep in total) so a full stretch of 7 - 8 is a wonderful development.  My eyesight is still blurry but my hearing is slightly improved, I still need subtitles on the TV but my partner can speak at normal volume now which he is so glad about.

      But the best thing is that I just checked my BP and it was back in the normal zone.  Yay!  I do believe work stress is a factor in my high blood pressure.  I am so relieved not to have to be there, but of course it is only temporary.  I need to rethink my work prospects I guess.  I am glad that my company offer Health Care as I will be able to tap into some support and be able to talk about work problems in a way I can't with my manager.  Maybe I can come up with a plan from that.

      Just to be on the safe side, it is garlic in our evening meals and I am snacking on celery lol.  Red meat is next to go I reckon.  

      I have hip pain from an injury and was taking Ibuprofen to ease it.  I didn't realise that Ibu could make side effects of tinnitus and deafness even worse.  So am not taking pain killers now.  Again being a bit more active away from my desk at work has actually eased my hip.  

      One thing I have learned is that GPs don't necessarily know the full story about the pills they prescribe. It is our responsibility too to research what we might experience and make informed choices.  I know there is lots of different opinions and what suits one person may not be right for another.

      I do know that through talking to other people, there seems to be more people having problems than not with medication side effects.  But then I guess satisfied people aren't doing research to check their beliefs out about their symptoms and causes.

      I am seeing my GP tomorrow so hope my BP is good then.

      I am keen to hear any advice.


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    Hi Kathryn,   The Tinnitis is annoying but not dreadful,and I do have slight hearing reduction.  I am 65 and have had BP problems for 4 years. It was caused by the stress of looking after my Mother who has dementia. She is now in a Care Home and my Bp has improved but it is not entirely stable. I walk a lot with my young labrador and I do a lot of gardening. I consider I have a good diet, plenty of fruit veg, nuts,and I do eat red meat which has other vitamins in it. Do take care what you emit from your diet as My Aunt did that without proper advice and gave herself severe anaemia in her mid 70;s 

    I have found out that it is difficult for women who have BP issues to stabalise without Meds.

    It sounds as though both of us are unable to take the ACE drugs.  You may be fine on Amlodipine,chat to your GP or Nurse Practioner, also try drinking beetroot juice, this does work, google the trials of it. It worked for me but made IBS worse.. I also practice deep breathing with a Resperate Machine, good if you can remember to take time out for yourself.

    Good luck, I am afraid ageing is not without its trials.


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