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Well having come off this drug because it caused such fast, horrible side effects - I am trying to reduce my blood pressure through diet and exercise. This means no salty foods/added salt, very limited caffiene or none at all, beetroot juice, bananas, and a sour cherry concentrate. all of which seem to be doing the trick - but most importantly I have NO TERRIBLE HEADACHES, NO SWOLLEN ANKLES, NO BRAIN FOG, NO ACHES DOWN ARMS AND ANKLES AND I CAN SLEEP!!! I feel absolutely fine. Please try this before you take any medication - I can say the sour cherry concentrate tastes great and works immediately. I hope this helps someone as the blogs that I have read about Amlodipine (and there are MANY) are unbelievably scary!!

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    I agree with you. Mine was 5 mg of amlodipine per day my doctor increased it to 10 and I have told her time and time and time to take me off this medicine put me on something else I have aches and pains on my right side of my ankle on my left side of my ankle on the bottom of my feet my legs feel uneasy with my legs makes me feel like I can't keep them sturdy and stable I feel achy all the time I'm going back to my doctor and I will demand take me off of it I'm going to eat healthier and try other things I can't live like this anymore

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    Thank you Jacqui for the great tips - I knew about most, but not about the sour cherry concentrate.  Interesting while I was on the horrid drug I had an insatiable craving for cherries...I would eat them frozen by the handfuls...maybe my body was trying to tell me something!

    Thank you,


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    Hi Jacqui  . I hope   you are successful Amlodopine are a dreadful medication. I too was on them for a couple of years suffered side effects . I pleaded with my dr to change them but it was hard because he couldn't see anything wrong with them . I told him I wasn't going to take them anymore so he relented. He put me on Rampiril. And I'm still having side effects with these . I've discovered that they are virtually the same med . I'm dreading asking my dr for another change given the run in I had with him last time . I feel like a zombie I've lost all interest in anything even my love of sewing etc . Everything seems so much trouble I can't concentrate my memory seems to suffer too . I'm anxious all the time I suffer from over heating I feel like I'm in a world of my own I have difficulty making decisions. You say you suffered from brain fog . Could you tell me your symptoms please as I feel perhaps it's only me as most people who have side effects suffer from different symptoms from me . I would like to hear of your ways of what you do to reduce your BP . And perhaps you could keep us up to date . I think a lot of us would be interested how things are going . Good luck Sue

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      Hi sue ...

      From your write ... you are suffering the same side effects as the rest of us ....are you saying that right now u are off Amlodipine but I'm rampiril? How long have u been off Amlodipine?

      The common mental issues are brain fog and memory loss .. bad moods and lost of interest .. zombie days and feeling ill...

      The more physical issues include muscular aches and softness or tenderness... digestive issues and GERD.... and that's on top of the more common swollen ankles and rashes ...


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      hi sorry for delay replying to you . yes i'm off Amlodopine and been for just over a year now , been taken Rampiril since , i've been told they are both pretty much the same meds , i've always been a busy person i like to think young for my years . at least i was up until i started BP meds , i'm 64 now but feel like 104.  now all i want to do is sit ir sleep , everything seems too much trouble its as if i've lost interest in life , i sit looking at the dust collecting around me in my home , i dont care if i eat nor drink , i lost interest in my hobbies ie Sewing and crocheting , i cant think straight i cant concentrate my memory is crap , i find it hard to concentrate its like its too hard , i feel like i go through motions of life like i'm in a world of my own , i get drpressed through it and suffer from anxiety real bad , i put it all down to when i first started on amlodopine and its carried on with Rampiril , i wondered if anyone else is affected like myself , i am also up in the middle of the night for a wee , also hot flushes more now than through the menapause , i just hope thid might help dome one else out thete knowing that thetes other suffering from same thing with these meds , Sue  xx

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    Thanks very much for your replies ladies. I'm so sorry you are all suffering with these awful side effects. I really have read nothing good about Amlodipine and I can't believe it is still being prescribed. I just couldn't take another day on it as it made me feel so unwell. Sue, the brain fog was like being spaced out and having to think really hard when I was chatting to people about what I was saying - if it was making sense (I was previously on Citalopram to relax me and this made me feel the same way - so came off that too). I was losing my confidence and it scared me. Also was very forgetful. I started getting really hot flushes which I'd never had before (and haven't had since) and went very red in the face (not like me). I felt like I was heading for a stroke or something (when that was what the medication was supposed to prevent) but I feel good as new now. Forgot to mention that it made me feel very sick too.

    I try to have a good walk most days and drink lots of water (I am on Indapamide 2.5mg - this has no side effects for me and I feel fine but as it is a diuretic I need to drink plenty of fluids)

    Debra - the sour cherry concentrate is great, though can be expensive. Holland and Barrett sell it around £16 for a large bottle, £10 for smaller bottle and £2 for a little sachet. You just dilute in water.The sachets would be good to try as you could take it when your blood pressure is showing high and see if it works for you.

    Chris - yes you must talk to your GP about it and if you get no joy go and see another GP. I know they are there to help you but if they haven't experienced these side effects then they can't really understand. I started to feel so old really quickly and I'm sure I would have become very depressed very quickly too if I didn't stop taking them. It's your body so you should be in charge of what you put into it. I'm sure your GP will be more sympathetic next time you see him.

    Please take care ladies and good luck x

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    Hi Sue - I know exactly what you are describing regarding the feeling old & depressed with anxiety.  I thought once I was off the Amlodipine (82 days off) that I would feel terrific again, I feel better but not great.  Today out of the blue I woke up and was so sore from muscle aches you would have sworn I moved an entire household by myself. The other day I had horrible jaw aches that I was certain my teeth were coming loose.  I suffer from constant anxiety & would describe myself as being way more irritable, than ever before.  The doom & gloom has lifted, but I am no way my old self.  I find it difficult to walk up a flight of stairs & before I thought nothing of going for a 5 mile walk - it just sucks what this drug has done to all of us & I only hope it isn't permanent damage.  It just seems like everyday I wake up with a new ailment, couple weeks ago it was horrible GERD for a week - so over it! I am 60 years old & this is the time of life that I should find enjoyable, but everything seems overwhelming because I just don't feel so great - it concerns me that you have been off this drug for a year & you still feel this way, oh no! The current drug you are on is not a Calcium Channel Blocker, so I wouldn't think it would have the same side effects, but what do I know...sounds like all the B/P drugs are bad with side effects, it's finding the one with the least amount of side effects - good luck!

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      Hi sue and deb .....

      All drugs are poison synthesized by humans ....

      All side effects are present in different drugs to different degrees......

      The mechanisms and side effects are not fully understood by the drug companies .. send doctors that prescribe the meds are just more learned interpreters than the patients....

      If you are off Amlodipine and the bad effects do not fully wear off .. we got to accept that the other meds create residual side effects .. and it is not the case where Amlodipine was stopped and no other meds were taken .. in short .. we do not know the mechanism of the other meds with Amlodipine ... it is all too complex ..

      First it is important to establish that by stopping Amlodipine.. there are changes and relief from the very bad issues .... so the problem is declining .. VERY IMPORTANT.

      Secondly .. if there are residual effects .. it could be due to the other drugs .. or due to the previous interaction with amlodipine ..

      Thirdly.. stopping Amlodipine may in turn lead to new muscle ache issues and GERD and bloat .. these are reported....

      Finally .. it is too complex to keep the attention on all these and wonder if it will ever stop .. so .. we got to try to move on .. by exercise .. diet changes .. life matters .. and "trick" the brain to forget these issues .. it is difficult ... but is the new medicine !

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      Hi Chi000 - Thank you for being our cheerleader.,.i do so appreciate it!  Yes, it did come to mind that maybe the Irbesartan 300/25 is just perpetuating my symptoms etc.  Today with all my muscle aches being so bad, I looked into maybe there is something else going on and I stumbled across an article about menopause & how hormone levels can create severe muscle aches etc.  So, bottom line there are a lot of factors going on & you are correct we cannot subscribe to this mindset of not feeling well.. we have to push through it.  Since I felt so bad today, I chose to drink a boat load of water, and eat extra magnesium and I am actually feeling some relief.  I have scheduled an acupuncture  appt & I am not letting these side effects take over my life anymore!  Thanks for the Pep Talk! 

      We can be healthy again!

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