Amlodipine and palpitations/increased heart rate

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i have now stopped taking Amlodipine after 6 weeks after originally being prescribed it for high blood pressure, alongside Ramipril 10mg, which I have been taking for years.

a couple of weekends ago I developed palpitations/fast heart rate after having a few units of alcohol, my heart rate rose to 180-200bpm, VERY SCARY!!

i have had smaller episodes since then, but not only does the heart rate I crease but I felt light headed, cold, shivery and jaw/neck stiffness and cold hands and feet, felt like something bad was going to happen. my GP stopped the drug immediately which I did on Monday. Apparently, it takes approx 11 days - 14 days to be completely out of your system!!

has anyone else had the same side effects as these, and if so, do the palpitations disappear when drug is out of your system. I'm hoping these frightening symptoms are reversible once the drug has been flushed out!

i'm scared to have even one drink of alcohol now! 

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    I've been off this drug for 10, days now, I still have palpitations, stiffness in the neck and light headedness at times. It will also cause sexual dysfunction. I only just worked out that I've been on this horrid drug for approximately 8 years after I suffered what i realise was a very scary episode while having minor surgery to a nose problem. I had never had high BP until then, I suffered a cut or rupture to an artery causing severe blood loss, my BP went haywire and i ended up in the cardiac unit, my late wife was also contacted and advised to get up here quick. They never found the reason for the BP problems, I was and still am, healthy, fit, have a healthy diet. i was tried on several BP tablets and eventually on to Amplodipine. I only realised how awful the stuff is following a few months of though and research about symptoms I associated to living with her condition. She had 8 years of cancer and we have 2 young daughters. When I dug deeper and got involved with forums I was horrified, angry, distraught, that the medication was the problem for many of my feelings/symptoms. I'm trying out Beetroot caps 3 times a day as it's a proven BP reducer, a bit more exercise. I was on 5mg Amlodipine, it has a half life of 33hrs, which is quite long so you can work out a time scale on how long it takes to clear. 14 days is a probably about right though it'll keep clearing for longer. Hope this helps and that you get back to normal asap.
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      After reading the forums about what people have been going through with this drug, it's making me more and more angry as to why this drug is being left on the market! When people are having their quality of lives taken from them by ending up with more complications than they started with. I am relatively fit and well, eat healthily, take daily exercise, don't smoke, alcohol occasionally, etc, I just hope the palpitations/ fast heart rate are reversible, they only happen when I have alcohol, even only a small amount, never had these before. I hope only taking them for 6 weeks is in my favour! Do you find the palpitations worsen after alcohol?

      keep me posted!

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      Jillysteve, the main problem I experienced with Amlodipine was severe swelling of my ankles and legs.  A rash developed on my lower legs and this was diagnosed as varicose eczema.   When I discontinued the Amlodipine, it took about 3 weeks for the swelling to completely disappear.  

      I know there seem to be more complaints on this forum about Amlodipine than any other BP pill but perhaps that could be because it is being more widely prescribed.

      I do know a few people who are taking it without any problems, one being my hubby.  However he did collapse with total heart block about a year ago and I fel very suspicious about the Amlodipine.

      I once read that a renowned hospital in the US was against prescribing Amlodipine for women in particular because of a risk to their hearts.  However, one of my consultants said that nothing further came out of this.  Perhaps there are just some people for whom it is not suitable for some reason.

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    Hi Jilly, i don't notice much difference with or without alcohol, I only really took notice after visiting my doctor to try and get to the cause of the palpitations. It was following this visit 4 weeks ago and when back home i started to give it more thought and suddenly remembered I'd had this going on for several years, it may sound as if I wasn't paying attention but I simply assumed it was me being anxious about my wifes cancer etc,,, but now that she has gone and I'm still having all the symptoms, research has shone on the dark Amlodipine cloud and I'm not pleased at all.
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    Hi Jill,

    When I was on Amlodipine my pulse rate rose from a healthy 75 beats to 95 beats a minute. I am now taking Lisinopril pulse rate still high but I don't have the swollen ankles or the aches in the back of the legs. I am still not happy though. I have been taking the grape seed extract for two weeks, my blood pressure is fine but the cough (side effect) is driving me insane. Has anyone else ever taken Lisinopril?

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    I took 2.5 mg of amlodipine for almost three months for pre-hypertension bp levels. My systolic was between 130-140 and diastolic never over 68. 

    After nearly three months on amlodipine, I also developed heart palpitations that were diagnosed as "harmless" PVC (premature ventricular contractions) and elevated pulse. My doctor suggested I also take a beta-blocker to stop the PVCs instead of acknowledging that palpitations are a common side effect of amlodipine. I asked to switch to a diuretic for bp control, and stopped the amlodipine that day. The PVC palpitations subsided in about 12 days. My bp stays below 120/65 on the diuretic which seems to have fewer side effects, but I still want to decrease the 25 mg dose. I also had some mild anxiety on amlodipine which disappeared in a few days after stopping the medication.

    I read that the amino acid taurine is helpful in preventing heart palpitations, and started taking this and a magnesium supplement daily. Not sure if that helped stop the PVCs or just quitting amlodipine did the trick, but I will continue taking both supplements. The side effects of this drug are terrifying, and I don't want this to happen again.

    I hope your symptoms improved soon after your post. Sorry it took so long to reply, but I just found this site recently.

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