Amlodipine hot burning tingling hands??

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Anyone else experience any weird hand or foot issues? I have had hot and tingling feet and now my hands are doing it. I am active, eat well and now this developed. I am so sick of this drug.

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    I am 47 year's old and perimenopausal. Was put on a contraceptive pill to regulate prolonged periods then my anxiety levels shot up causing high blood pressure and I was put on this med. Its only day 4 and I have the worst anxiety I have ever had! Feeling nauseas, aching legs and dizziness. Going to see my doctor tomorrow. I know your post is old but are you still taking this medication?

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      Hi Lisa - Your post caught my eye & I thought I would respond to it - At 55 I was put on Amlodipine 5 ml, I had just entered menopause & had been the sole caregiver to my parents & my stress level was through the roof.  It wasn’t until about a year later that I started experiencing tingling & electric shocks in my hands & feet & flushing.  During this time I was diagnosed with “Rosacea” & was still unclear why I was experiencing these odd symptoms.  My B/P kept getting elevated & I was put on IRbesartan Htcz in addition...I started getting so many weird symptoms like heart palps, anxiety, blurry vision, burning body parts etc & etc.  B/P remained elevated even on 2 RX’s then my Dr raised the Amlodipine to 10 ml & all hell broke lose - couldn’t get out of bed, feet & ankles swelled & my lethargy was unbearable.  That’s when I found this forum & was convinced after taking Amlodipine for 5 years that this was the problem.  I weaned myself off this drug & had bad side affects.  I have been off the drug for 14 months.  I am still on the Irbesartan & oddly enough my B/P isn’t ideal but remains lower than what it was when on the amlodipine (weird eh?). I could never figure out what was causing all my symptoms & this is what I believe to be true from my experience.  The tingling, electric shock, burning body parts, hot flashes/flushing, vertigo, anxiety, blurry vision, blood sugar issues etc. are all Peri/menopause symptoms caused from imbalanced hormones, when you throw a toxic drug (at least it was for me) into the mix it really amplified the symptoms.  Looking back I blamed amlodipine for ALL the symptoms, but now I know after talking to so many woman on the menopause forum that these are symptoms of menopause it’s just that Amlodipine really ramped it up for me.  After coming off amlodipine, I am calmer, my flushing which was so intense is less & my anxiety is a bit more controlled. You should get your hormones tested, cortisol level checked so you have a baseline & understand what these falling hormones do to our entire body & yes hormones play a part in elevating your B/P, glucose & cholesterol.  It is a “not so fun” journey, but understanding the causes tends to put things in perspective.  If you think the amlodipine is the issue, than by all means ask for a new RX, but before you take a new one, make sure to read about all the side effects of the drug, something I never did with the Amlodipine & sometimes I wonder if I have permanent nerve damage from it - Good Luck!

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    I was 38 when this saga started. For some reason, my blood pressure blew out to 210/110. Went to the ER and it calmed down to 160/90.

    Doctors couldnt find a reason for this and after a month, my doc put me on blood pressure meds. First one was Olmesartan (a water pill). Brought down the blood pressure nicely but then a month and a bit later, started having issues with anxiety, eye twitches and my legs felt weak and unreliable.

    After my situation did not improve, I went back to the doctor and asked for another medication thinking it was doing all this to me. I was then prescribed Amlodipine. This is when the party started.

    I had a brief respite from the unsteadiness of the leg situation before it blew out again and my resting heart rate started being at 110 when waking up first thing in the morning.

    I then went to the doc and expressed concerns that I might have a magnesium deficiency and the first blood pressure medication was known for reducing magnesium further. Doc didnt have a bar of it and prescribed me Metropolol (spelling? but it was a beta blocker). This got my racing anxiety under control but still didnt fix the unsteadiness of legs.

    I then found this forum and saw so many symptoms people were encountering with Amlodipine. I even developed a bursa on my left heel which made it super hard to walk.

    I have weaned myself off both blood pressure meds and my blood pressure at rest is in the 130's over 80 which I am comfortable with.

    The leg situation has greatly improved but I am having reoccuring issues with my right leg which keeps getting weird feelings running through it. I also have some mild fluid retention in the ankle as well which I am waiting for to disappear. So not really a burning sensation or tingling, the best way to describe it would be that feeling you get after you have sat on a leg for awhile and then you move and then you get blood flow back to your leg. I am also sometimes still slightly unsteady on my feet but that has been decreasing lately.

    While I have no evidence to link all this back to Amlodipine, all of this started after being on the drug. Also I am annoyed that all of this could have been avoided in the first place if I had kept my magnesium levels up. (I used to drink heaps, not have a great diet and exercise a lot which resulted in me sweating heaps).

    I am happy that this drug works for some people but for me it totally destroyed my quality of life for a few months.

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      hi again NEDSKI - So, you are off all B/P Rx's & you did this by taking magnesium supplements? how many milligrams & how often? I still have reoccuring slight swelling in my right ankle as well.

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      I should add some context that I started the blood pressure medications in June this year. I stopped having the full dose of Amlodipine 3 weeks ago (5mg) and went to 2.5mg for a week then stopped.

      I have a blood pressure machine and have kept an eye on my BP and my resting blood pressure is in the 130s over 80.

      As for the Magnesium, I got Magnesium Chellate as its the best absorbable apparently. The brand I got had on the bottle 2x1 pill a day with food for cardiovascular assistance and 2x3 a day for muscle spasms. Ensuring you take it with food.

      I took my blood pressure a few hours ago after a gym session and it was 135/80 which still needs improvement but im happy with that without meds.

      Magnesium supplements arent a cure all, I have also been eating magnesium rich food like spinach, dark chocolate and almonds.

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    oh my goodness NEDSKI - while taking AMLODIPINE, i developed two huge extended bursa heels on each one of my heels. i went to the orthopedist & he diagnosed it as achilles tendonapathy. i can no longer wear regular shoes. all my shoes have to be "slip ons" and for a woman, that tends to limit your choices. No one in my family has it, so i knew it couldnt be genetic. One day i was reading an article that claimed that calcium channel blockers can cause this defect in people. i am so angry about this, because not only is it unsightly, but it has really impaired my ability to walk long distances without getting extreme pain in my achilles heels. something should really be done about this yucky drug.

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      Yeah I have one bursa on my left foot. I was reading a study where someone on Amlodipine developed tight calf muscles and bursas when taking amlodipine. The scientists took him off it and the symptoms went down. They then put him back on it (all this was with the mans consent) and the symptoms reappeared.

      It used to make my left foot really tight in the morning but the physiotherapist had given me some exercises.

      However what is really bothering me is my right leg. I have no weird sensations in my left food or leg which has the bursa, however my right foot gets these weird feelings in it sometimes. I have good days and bad days where I think my right foot is not walking properly.

      But I am also slowly becoming more steady on my feet. I went into full on anxiety mode with this whole situation as I thought I had MS / MND / Parkinsons.

      I also had some pretty bad anxiety today at the end of the day but my gym session cleared that away for a bit.

      Maybe it is linked to Amplodipine or maybe not. But wouldnt be surprised as the calcium channel blocker does alter your physiology to lower your blood pressure, probably some other stuff going on as well.

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    HI Nedski - Thank you for replying - That is rather impressive that you have lowered your blood pressure that much...keep up the good work - i do take magnesium & beet root tablets, but what i really need to do is loose weight & exercise. After being on Amlodipine for 5 years, now off for 13 months, i am just now starting to feel like i could exercise again, i just had so many weird symptoms like anxiety, dizzy spells, feeling nauseous, random pains etc. this has been a stressful journey. i am hoping i am at the end of this nightmare & on the road to recovery - Good Luck!

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