Amlodipine Original Brand or Generic....?

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I have been on Amlodipine for a year now and I have seen that people are asking about the efficiency of generics.

The thing is I have a Phd in chemistry and not long ago I have the same discussion with my cardiologist who was furious about the subject and warned about the dangers of generics but because of the economics logic behind it no one wants to hear about the subject!

The fact is blood pressure is a villain sleeping monster who can wake up any moment causing serious and life threatening damages to make sure this monster is sedated all the time the original laboratory who created Amlodipine has to overcome a problem which is to ensure regular diffusion of Amlodipine dose through the 24 hours. to make sure this happens the original medicine is contained in a special envelope with other chemicals which are added for that purpose.

It is more expensive this is right but as well more effective and safer for the patient. This truth is a reality and no one absolutely no one can argue with this.

It is true that you can take simple generics  medicines like Paracetamol and other comfort medicines but for serious conditions it will be like playing Russian roulette game.

I just want to underline that years back I watched a panorama BBC program about fake generic medicines imported from India that were used by renowned hospitals all over the country and how people died in hospitals. Nothing were done about it and never will be.

It is very difficult to predict the future of health services in the near future. Heath is a costly sector which is not a priority given the number of patients and other social factors and at the end of the day every single decision is based one statistics and risk factors and as long as we do not go beyond the acceptable loss we are fine. The only problem is that acceptable risk is expandable giving other factors.....


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    Hi Haroune...thanks for your very informative information. I know different countries have different laws, but here in Canada, a generic medicine MUST carry the same medicinal ingredients as the brand name. Fillers may be a different story, but the bottom line is..if there's certain medicinal ingredients in Norvasc, those exact medicinal ingredients must be in the Amlodipine. Again, thanks for your information.
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    Can you tell me why Amlodipine is banned from use in the Netherlands and only used on animals in other countries and yet is dished out willy nilly in this country. My husband's memory noticeably deteriorated since being on Amlodipine. I personally wouldn't touch it with a barge pole!! My GP took me off it immediately when my ankles and legs became swollen but strangely, would not admit it was the Amlodipine.


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      Nannylynn...Amlodipine may be banned in the Netherlands..but it's widely used here in Canada also. I know quite a few people who take

      Amlodipine. My cousin has no problem with it, neither does a friend..yet others have not experienced any benefit by taking it. It has not lowered their bp, & they've experiences swollen ankles/feet, especially with a 10mg dose. Swollen ankles/feet is a VERY common side effect, & is usually top of the list on pharmacists printout of the drug.

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    mike is right Amlodipine is very tricky and the tow common side effect that I have experienced and still do to date are; swollen ankles/feet and hot flashes with loss of balance sometimes; mind you I am on 10mg.

    But since you mentioned the memory loss I mess confess that I noticed that as well.

    In reality I think that we need to admit that there no chemical compound (because this is what Amlodipine is)  without risk; and those risks differ from one body to the other.

    Once we cross the line and go to the use of chemicals to treat our sick bodies we are only trying to balance between  a supposed health hazard and  the best quality of life we can have.

    I wish I did not have to use it at all but my cardio ( who is a friend) did not let me go without it giving the readings!

    As per why Amlodipine is forbidden in the Netherlands I do not know I will check but some countries are more strict on certain medicines that others even with simple one like paracetamol with codeine!

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      Thanks for the information on Amlodipine, which I had to give up because of the bad side effects I am still suffering from 6 months later.

      You mentioned about India, during research on another member of my family’s shortage of medication I found a lot of the UK drugs are manufactured in India, I don’t know the true percentage, but I can guess that about its about 50% of the UK supply.

      I must say I have no research or evidence to back my comment, its only a generalisation

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      Dear Paul,

      The subject of Indian drugs is one of the most guarded secrets in the UK and guess why?  This business generates billions over the years and where there is big money there is wrong doings and when I say wrong doings means corruption to the highest level. As I said before it all comes to the standards (the acceptable risk ) set by the legislator. I believe that when you think about what Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw did (putting their own interest before the national interest just because they think that 67K is not enough and that they are entitled to more) gives a very clear example how fare some are prepared to go to earn more.

      The only illness that cannot be cure no matter what drug you treat it with original or generic is GREED!

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