Amlodopine problems.

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I'm on Amlodopine and am sure it's the cause of the absolute mad itch l have round my neck/head and other parts of my body. I also take Candastartin 4mg for high blood pressure, but l still think it's the Amlodopine to blame as these were the latest med for the bp to be prescribed. I also take Bisoprolol for a very fast heart rate and that also has nightmare side effects. Am anxious most of the time, feel l can't breathe properly, nose constantly stuffed, feeling of impending doom. Not very pleasant and this has been on going for months. Am making appointment with the Doc this week and hoping to be taken off Amlodopine at least because the itch is driving me crazy along with everything else. Has any one else on here experienced anything similar?

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    Christine, I sympathise and empathise having been through the same all-over body itch/rash due to BP meds......twice!

    It's a difficult problem when you take two different meds finding which one is to blame.  It could even be a combination of the two, ie either one may be ok on its own but add in the other and itch arrives.

     A skin biopsy  last Autumn pointed to one of my BP meds so we stopped the last one to be added (Doxazosin) - the itch resolved.  However, at that time in order to control the BP, the initial (remaining) BP pill (Losartan) was doubled in dose.  That was 6 months ago, and just two weeks ago the all-over itch returned.  Have now reduced back down to 50mg of the Losartan and the itch has again resolved.  BP is not under control but, having tried multiple BP meds now, my renal consultant who treats my BP has decided to leave it as it is (172/87) for the time being, but will have to re-think if the BP goes to greater heights.

    Have you checked to see whether Candesartan or Amlodipine have itching listed as a side effect?  A pharmacist should be able to help you here.  Otherwise, it is a case of just stopping one and seeing if that solves the problem.  Good luck! 

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      Hi Mrs O-UK,

      Thank you for replying to my question. I'm sure both of my bp meds, Amlodopine and Canderstartin state there could be skin issues, but because l only started itching really badly since prescribed the last one which was the Amlodopine can only assume it's the culprit. My reading was 124/71 so not as high as yours, but it does go up and down a lot. And also the betta blocker l take helps with the bp too. That in itself is a nightmare as I've said before. Am still trying to get Drs appointment but they are full for over a week so will have to suffer some more am afraid.

      Wrong wording l know but am glad someone else is experiencing this crazy itch and it's not all in my mind, it gets you that way, especially with all the other horrible side effects going on. I wish you well with your bp and hope it starts coming down for you before they stick you on some other drug.

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      "Am still trying to get Drs appointment but they are full for over a week so will have to suffer some more am afraid."

      Don't they have emergency appointments each day.  Although at our surgery, we can wait 4 weeks for an appointment with a popular GP, we can always get an appointment for that day if we ring at 8am - the world and his wife are also ringing so we can expect to wait 15 mins to get through though!

      Whilst you're waiting, you could try using Medrol 500 both as a shower wash and after-shower moisturiser.  Not a cure but it can help - expensive though.

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      Mrs O,

      Just to let you know l have managed to get an appointment for Tuesday next, with the lady doctor l have been seeing previously. I am also going to tell her of the swollen ankle (at night) the flushing l get at 4 and 10 o clock (precisely)the lowered moods and thining hair. Not to mention the breathing problems, so l really need to see the one who has been dealing with me for the last year.

      Thank you for your concern, it is much appreciated l assure you. Also the fact that someone believes in what l am saying about all these weird and wonderful side effects and knows what l am going through.

      I'll keep you posted.

      Best wishes.

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      No thanks needed, Christine.  It does help to know we're not alone with these horrid drug side effects.  They do say that "misery loves company"!!  Good luck with the appointment.

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      Mrs O,

      Just to let you know that I saw my Dr. today and she was quite adamant l stay on Amlodopine but when l persisted she agreed l could halve the dose,from 10 to 5mg. Have to check my bp in a month and if it's gone up to go see Dr again. Will see how l go. Still feeling dead inside,no matter what l do.

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      Hi Christine, well done for persisting.  Let's hope that you start to feel better after a week or two on the reduced dose.  If not, then your GP should either investigate further to rule out any other cause for your symptoms, changing the medication if no other cause is revealed.  Good luck!

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      Thanks Mrs O for words of encouragement. Today still feel unwell,but can only carry on as before. See how it goes.
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    Early days yet, Christine.  If you don't feel better after the next week or two, then query the other meds.  Doubling my dose of Losartan (within the same category as Candesartan) caused my most recent itch.  Now back on the lower dose, the itch has gone BUT I'm really wondering whether the constant UTI's I am unusually experiencing this year are due to Losartan (they started within a couple of months of doubling the dose) - urine infections are listed as a possible side effect!  Back to the drawing board.....if I can get someone to take it seriously.  I have reported it to the MHRA and handed forms to GP but haven't got her to 'play ball' yet!!

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      One thing after another on these tablets eh? Hope you get the water infection sorted and under control soon, you get fed up wondering what's going to pack in next.

      I had another bad night,flushing and heart rate fast again. Wondering if it's due to halving the Amlodopine, but this is only day 3 so will keep calm (hopefully ) and carry on. I didn't feel this ill at the start of my rapid heartbeat, so why should that be the case now I'm supposedly having the 'right' treatment for it. Have a hopefully nice day yourself.

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      Thank you, Christine!  Not holding out much hope re my UTIs as investigation a couple of months ago led to an op for removal of a polyp from my bladder and stretching of the bladder entrance which the urologist thought would resolve the UTI issue.  Now 7 weeks post-op, yet another UTI.  My main worry is the infections and the ABs hammering my sole, reduced kidney function, hence the need to get in quickly with the ABs but at what cost?!  As you say, one thing after another - alas, the problem of getting older, but don't much fancy the alternative, so we'll plod on and try and keep our glasses half full, eh!

      Christine, the fast heart rate could be a continuing side effect of the Amlodipine, even perhaps temporarily due to having stopped the drug.  I had a similar experience when switching from Bisoprolol to another BP drug because, as my kidney consultant explained, Bisoprolol slowed the heart rate whilst the new drug sped it up!  However, you really need to get it checked out to rule out AF (atrial fibrillation).  The very best way for this to be confirmed is to call the paramedics whilst the fast beats are going on.  Hope you have a relaxing day planned, with a catnap to make up for loss of sleep last night.   

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      Thank you Mrs O.

      I was told at the beginning of my fast rate that it wasn't fb but sinus tachycardia. I'd had the paramedics twice as l thought l was dying. So,they sort of put it down to a panic attack,taken to hospital where they gave me some tablets. Didn't ask what they were,stupidly. Couple of months after that l saw a cardiologist who prescribed Bisoprolol. Was fine for a few months then the nightmare began. Whether this clashed with the Amlodopine, ( side effects, fast heart rate) l don't know but looking back l suppose that's a strong probability. Whatever,it's horrible and every day,no,every hour,l feel some different feeling, mostly impending doom. Especially with the blocked nose. I didn't take my 3 tablets this morning until 9.30 although was up at 5.30 . At first l felt lousy but as the morning went on,felt not too bad. And surprisingly my heart rate was lowest it's been on a morning since l don't know when. Weird.

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      Well at least that's a plus knowing that AF has been ruled out.  I hope every day soon becomes a better day.  

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