Amlopadine side effects

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After a recent visit to my dentist he pointed out that my gums were swollen and on checking my medical records pointed out that one of the side effects of  amlopadine was swollen gums! On checking the other side effects I discovered I was also suffering from swollen ankles,palpitations,sore joints,breast enlargement(to my partners amusement) weight increase,tingling limbs and sleeplessness,I am now convinced  that all these side effects are a result of taking amlopadine for the past 5 years and am going to make an appointment to see my go ASAP. be very wary when taking amlopadine!

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    Hi nigel30680..if you scroll through a lot of the comments in this forum regarding Amlodipine, you'll see tons of complaints. I too have what I strongly believe is a side effect of the Amlodipine..burning feet, burning legs, etc. However, I stopped taking the Amlodipine as of Friday morning, & already see a great improvement. It's still early days, & hopefully it won't take much longer for that nasty drug to completely leave my system. Having been on it for 12 months, it won't vanish in a hurry, so I have to be patient. It makes sense to my why I was feeling 'offish' on Saturday, & worse yesterday..but as of this morning, I was feeling much better. I'm blaming 'withdrawal'. although I was told by my pharmacist that I could stop the Amlodipine without weaning. Again, it makes sense that my body would react somehow, just that it wouldn't be dangerous.

    By all means get back to your doctor...& ask for something else.

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      You will need to detox to further rid your body of this drug. Try soaking in some epsom salts. I do this every night for approx 10 to 15 minutes. And Ialso take an oral supplement. My Dr also put me on a 21 day detox as well. I'm also on oral supplements to heal the nerves. Liquid Balance to increase the blood curculation. Specific exercises and stretching. Atleast I can walk now. After coming off this med I coul dbarely walk the shooting pains were so bad and my muscles were so weak. My arms suffered the same. I will NEVER take a pharmacutical again!
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    These are definately side effects of this drug. I now have nerve damage, muscle, tendon and tissue damage due to Amlodipine. I've been off for almost a year now and still suffer the burning, numbness, tingling and cramping in arms and legs. I went to a Chiropractor Neurologist. he said this is something I will be dealing with for quite some time. Good luck
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      Hi michele 20247. Wow! You certainly became quite a victim of Amlodipine!!!! I'm so sorry you're dealing with so much. Even after being off the drug for almost a year, you're still suffering burning, numbness, tingling & cramping. As for the burning...does it feel like a sunburn? Did the skin flush just as though you truly had a sunburn? This is what I've been experiencing, but as you may have read in my post, I came off the Amlodipine 4 days ago, & already I'm experiencing a drastic improvement..the burning has greatly subsided to practically nothing (fingers crossed here). 

      Good luck with your treatments.

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      Hello Mike,

      Early on the burning was about a quarter inch below the skin surface, and never turned red.  Now after almost a year, it's now on the surface and yes it turns bright red and fiery hot with some swelling. The burning isn't constant. Too much activity or pressure makes it flare up. I  was on Amlodipine for a little over 3 yrs. I got sick immediately with these same symptoms and my dr ignored them. I also had extreme muscle weakness. I was also on Simvastatin at the same time and the FDA has a red flag in regards to these 2 meds being prescribed together. The sad thing is that I don't even have HBP or high choresterol. Perhaps if she had listened and taken me off when I was so sick the nerve damage may not have been permanent. I'm glad you were able to get off sooner. Hopefully you'll have better results. I know I'm sick to dealth of this. Totally changed my active lifestyle to next to nothing.

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      Hi again, Michele20247..I may have 'spoken' a little too soon. I was having another great day, then late this afternoon, I felt the heat & burning, although the skin didn't turn red. The burning wasn't intense, just swelling. I'm blaming it on the fact that I was on my feet a lot today, & had coffee with my neighbour, & was sitting with my feet flat on the floor for about 1 1/2hrs...which I shouldn't have done. We'll see what tomorrow brings. I'm a little disapponted about this afternoon, but will not let it get me's still early days after coming off the Amlodipine.

      I saw a Chiro this morning who also does accupunture. I had my 1st treatment, but of course, I can't expect to see any results so soon. She also suggested I take a warm bath for 10-15min. with Epsom Salts. She's suggesting I take CoQ10 as well, which I bought...& also to take some Omega-3. 

      Thanks for sharing. If there's anything else you'd like to share...I'd appreciate it very very much!!!

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      Hello Mike,

      Yep....that's pretty much how it goes. Just when I think I'm making progress, I'll start to do more. Than comes the burning. You are right on about the CoQ10. Just make sure it's Ubiquinol, not ubiquinone. And it's key ingredient is from Kaneka. Get your Omega, 3-6-9"s. Also 100mg's of vitamin C. You will need vit b12 and b6. Make sure they are the ones that are easily absorbed. I'll have to go back and find out the exact form and get back to you. I also use the Rebuilder machine to retrain the nerves as they heal.

      This is nerve damage that you are dealing with. Nerves take 9 to 12 months to heal 1mm. You just came off the drug so hang in there. I've had to deal with this for a year, and it's been a difficult one. I think you'll do pretty well considering you took it for 12 months, and it's not all over your body and the rest of you seems to be feeling ok! I had a month of full blown withdrawal. Poked, burned, chilled and NO sleeping.

      This drug changes how your cells function and also changes your bodies own time clock to put it as best I can. And it's toxic. So make sure to do the Epsom Salt and if you have to do a complete detox to try and get as much of the drug out as possible.

      Take Care, today was a burning hot day for me as well so your not alone!


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      Hey Michele..

      I just checked the label on my contains the Ubiquinone..but this is what the practitioner recommended for me. 

      I suspected that I may be dealing with nerve damage which is why I've started accupunture treatments. She told me the 'pins' work on the nervous I'm hoping it blocks the negative things that are happening. 

      Tell me please..what's the key difference between the Ubiquinal & the Ubiquinone as far as performance goes? Thanks, Michele.

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      Michelle - am I reading this correctly?  Are you saying that Amlodipine caused/causes nerve damage?   One other patient on this site said the same thing several weeks ago.  How many other people have experiened this?

      I tried Amlodipine for one week and dropped it straight away.

      Also - what CoQ10?  And the ubiquinol?  

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      Hey there Mike,

      The difference is how the body utilizes the CoQ10, and the quality.Look on your bottle and see if its main ingredients are derived from Kaneca (sorry if thats spelled wrong). I found another formula that includes the CoQ10 thats derived from calamari, includes the Omegas we need and reversatrol. I might give it a go. As far as the B12 and B6, the same applies. It has to be pharmacutical grade for your body to be able to use it at a theraputic level. B12 (Methylcobalamin) B6 (Pyrodoxine) B1(Benofotiamine) also R-Alfa Alpoic Acid helps with the increase of oxygen to the nerves with helps with relief of the burning. You can get this formula it you google neuropathy pain relief. I'm not allowed to tell you here or they will delete it. I used it for quite some time but my body couldn't handle the large dose of vitB12. It made me too jittery and couldn't rest. But I also have alot of muscle and tissue damage as well and it also effected my memory and ability to sleep. I can't even describe all the damage this drug coupled with the Simvastatin did to my body. I just read that Amlodipine is listed in the 68 highest drugs that shouldn't be given with Simvastatin because of the damage it causes. Wouldn't it have been nice if my dr were as smart as GOOGLE. I've missed almost 4 years of my life because of her stupidity.

      Ask your Chiro if they can sell you some Liquid Balance. it has what you need for the increased blood flow as well as other things you need to heal. It has benefited me alot. You may have to google it as well so you can tell them where they can get it. It's made by Apex. But you have to be under the care of a provider to get it.  Let me know how it goes.

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      Yes louise, that's exactly what I'm saying. There are thousands of us out here who have suffered from this and other toxic drugs as well. Mine were compounded by having been prescribed Simvastatin as well. The two drugs together is why I had such damage. Glad to hear you got off quick. Wish I had done the same.
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      Hi there Louise21984...I can certainly understand 'why' Michele is blaming the Amlodipine. I have been having burning in my toes & shins which spread upward to just over my knees. Sometimes the skin would flush a light pinkish colour, sometimes it wouldn't. It was more like a sunburn..a mild one, but very annoying to say the least. I did not have pain or swelling. For several months I was complaining to my doctor about this, 'til finally he said that he strongly suspected the Amlodipine was the culprit because I had a sensitivity to it in the past (swollen ankles, legs). He also said how we could tell would be for me to come off the Amlodipine. While I was experiencing all of this, I found a forum that discussed Erythromelalgia, a disorder that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. I had the symptoms...some of the triggers..& I certainly had the answers to what it took to get relief...cooling, elevating, etc. HOWEVER just last week as of Thursday, I visited my doctor yet again, & I came off the Amlodipine. I was given a prescription for another medication to replace the Amlodipine because we don't want my bp spiking. I must say...& it's only been just over a week now..I see a tremendous improvement!!! The burning has subsided to the point where I hardly notice it at all. There has been a day or so thus far that I haven't even experienced any mild stinging. It feels as though my legs are starting to feel normal again. I'm also seeing  Chiropractor/Accupuncturist who I'm sure will help. She said the accupunture works on the nervous system, but we probably won't see any difference after just one treatment. It may take a few or several.

      She suggested I start taking CoQ10, Omega-3 which I am doing, & to also take a warm bath with 2 cups Epsom Salts. Apparently this helps flush the system. With the vast improvement I'm experiencing so far, I'm thinking more positively & hope I've found the answer to 'why' I was bothered so much with my legs. YES, I too will blame the Amlodipine. I was starting to live in fear of having the Erythromelalgia considering what I've read about it, how people suffer, etc...but now I don't think I have/had that at all. I'll ask the question...If it wasn't the Amlodipine, then why have I had such a drastic improvement??? See what I mean?

      I SAY IT'S THE AMLODIPINE. My doctor did say that we'd try coming off, which we did..but we MAY have to go back on it if things don't work out the way we hope. Well, I will never ever take that medication again, regardless of what he says. I'm a person who follows doctor's instructions to the letter, but I will not follow any suggestion whatsoever about going back on this medication.


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      It's extraordinary that so many people are having severe symptoms on Amlodipine and main stream medical practice seems to be ignoring them all.

      It's a bit like Statins.  At the University of California, San Diego, Professor Beatric Golomb conducted the biggest longitudal research study and presented the paper at one of the big symposia there.  One finding was that statins can affect cognitive performance, especially in older people - in fact, the risks outweigh the benefits for people over age 65.  But we never read about that.   

      Ah well, at least you don't have the deadly Erythomelalgia and you're getting better.  

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      I've been on this drug for almost a year. Im a non smoking/rare drinking male in my early 30's with no family history of high blood pressure. I was on 10 mg of Lisinopril for a month, which caused a full body under the skin itch. Then I was on Losartan for a month which caused the same symptoms.

      Then I was switched to Amlodipine which was less miserable for a while but its getting worse. The symptoms I've been having mimic Paresthesia-at least from my research. It can be full body attack of under the skin itching in every possible place on my body without rash. Sometimes it feels like my feet get really warm. Other times I will feel a poke like a single needle or bug bite anywhere on my skin from my back to my toe-could happen anywhere on my body. Sometimes it feels like a tiny bug is crawling on my skin and nothing there.

      Im so annoyed. These symptoms can be caused by anything from MS to lyme disease, mercury poisoning, and an array of other systemic diseases.

      Its very frustrating because last year when I went to my doc he said that the medicine probably isn't doing it. Then what is?

      It feels like some kind of nerve damage. Lately, for the past 4 days, its just my face,,,itching. So, from the looks of it, I get to spend a lot of money having a bunch of other tests done, get off this medicine only to be put on another one with other side effects, because I have hypertension for no apparent reason.

      I dont buy it.If I have hypertension, there is a reason...I want to know the actual allergies, wheat, preservatives, etc.... I dont know.

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      Hi chris 27929...Do yourself the biggest favour. Don't go reseaching anymore. You can drive yourself crazy with all the symptoms. There are so many things out there with the same symptoms. Take a page from my book..don't do it. You mentions "Paresthesia"..which is abnormal sensations. A single needle poke. These to me sound very much like "nerves". I'm currently under the care of a Neurologist. My feet get VERY warm & red along the bottoms..then I can also get a pins/needles sensation here/there on the lower legs. Yoiur doctor should do an extensive blood testing, INCLUDING ENA, ANA, & the ESR. All my bloodwork came back absolutely fine. Oh, I forgot to mention..your vitamin levels are important too..especially B12. The doctor should have that checked when ordering the bloodteset. I was asked if I was sure there wasn't any inflammatory conditions in my family to which I replied "No, there isn't". IF the doctor is stumped,it's HER job to find out why this is happening to me. She said she "thinks" it's a sensory nerve problem. Nerve Conduction & EMG came back normal. To be honest, I'm at wit's end with this thing.IF your doctor should prescribed Gabapentin..I would strongly suggest you start off with the minimal dose. Remember, medications only mask what's going on, it's not a cure. If the meds kill the discomfort, you may not be able to ascertain if it has spread to other parts of your body. This is my dliemma. I am NOT taking the meds. I hate taking meds if I don't need them. (The pins/needles I'm experiencing are very tolerable)'s the skin-burning sensation I have that bothers me most. Oddly enough, the medication never calmed that down,but if I put on a little Solarcaine..I have instant relief. Go figure.

      Get back to your GP. Don't let this go on any longer than necessary. Neuropathy cannot be cured, but you can halt it if you can find the cause. 

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